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Browns player press conferences - Landry, Randall

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he expects this week to be similar to the Week 5 Ravens game:

"I hope so – as long as we are on top."

On if it will be a similar 12-9 game:

"Who knows? I know it is going to be a playoff type of atmosphere with those guys having the opportunity to go into the postseason. For us, like I have been saying, we want to win these games, regardless of what lies ahead for us."

On if he would enjoy eliminating the Ravens from playoff contention:

"I just take enjoyment in winning, period. That is it."

On the Browns' development this season and how QB Baker Mayfield's progress has impacted it

"We constantly are growing. We are constantly figuring out who we are. I think we did that. I think we have an identity of who we are. Like I said last week, a lot of guys touched the football. We were very effective on offense. I do not think we had a turnover either last game. If we can minimize turnovers, that will be good for us. It all starts with the quarterback – the first guy touching the ball. He is doing a great job. Baker is doing a great job of leading us and making sure he does not turn the ball over but also gives us the opportunity to make tough plays and trusts in us enough to make those plays. It is something that we overcame, and we are making plays now."

On if there are rookie mistakes Mayfield was making that he has overcome:

"No. This is the National Football League. Everybody gets paid to do their job. There are a lot of great players in this league and guys are going to make plays. Regardless if we all do everything right, guys may still make a play. You understand that, but obviously, we want to limit those as much as possible."

On the Ravens defense now compared to Week 5:

"They were great the first time we played them. Obviously, it was early, but they were great the first time we played them. The numbers do not do anything for us. That does not mean anything to us. Obviously, we respect our opponent, we respect their defense and we respect their team, but at the end of the day they still have to go out there and make the same plays that they have been making against us. We hang our hats on that."

On the AFC North:

"It is a tough division. Defenses are playing at a high level pretty much week in and week out. You have a lot of your great players in this league and these teams up here. Those guys make plays for their teams and put them into a position to have an opportunity to play in the postseason. I think we have two teams out of the four that have the opportunity dependent on the things that happen Sunday"

DB Damarious Randall:

On impacting the Steelers' playoff potential:

"I am just going into the game and approaching it as we are trying to finish 8-7-1. Whatever results of that, it just results of it. I do not really think about if we win, we are helping Pittsburgh or if we lose, we are helping the Ravens. I really do not look at it like that."

On challenges Ravens QB Lamar Jackson presents running the ball:

"He is a very elusive runner. He is a very tough runner. He is a very difficult cover. Obviously, you have seen the have been the No. 1 rushing offense since he has taken over at quarterback and they are 5-1. He is a great, great quarterback and just kind of looking forward for the matchup."

On if Jackson's ability to pass and run makes it feel that the Ravens have 12 men on offense:

"Typically, in a traditional NFL offense, the quarterback normally is not used as a runner and typically they are not used as an extra blocker whenever you can have your running back be an extra lead blocker. Typically, that kind of hurts the defense because that is not easy to cover. You have a quarterback that is able to take hits just like a running back, that is just like having a Wildcat quarterback."

On Jackson's passing ability:

"I feel like he is a capable passer. I feel like he can make all of the throws. I feel like he can do enough to keep you honest. With that scheme that they have, their offense is very, very tough to defend."

On if the Browns defense wants to it is as good as the Ravens defense:

"You just have to outplay them the way we did last time. Last time we played them here, the score was 9-12. I think it is going to come down to same type of football. Whichever defense can make that play in the fourth quarter, I feel like that is who is going to win the game."

On what has been built for next season during the second half of the season:

"Consistency and just starting a winning streak. That is something big for us. To finish out this strong with the way we started with a lot of the close games we lost, some players we loss and just a bunch of other things that we lost through the way, for us to have a chance to finish 8-7-1 is a really big stepping stone."

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