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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Peppers, Perriman

DB Jabrill Peppers

On his pre-snap adjustment on his sack:

"I was supposed to wrap around to the opposite A [gap] over the ball, but they were using that protection a lot. Offenses say certain things, they said something and I kind of acted like I was going over there and then shot back out to where there was no one there. I came through and just had to wrap up because I missed him earlier on in the game. That is really it. Just listening to the offense playing the game and then just finding little nuances that help you win."

On earning his first career sack to help secure a Browns win:

"It was dope, but I should have had one earlier so I was mad about that one. I did not realize when I hit him how slippery he was so that is why I tackled him like that the last time and made sure that I did not miss him."

On if he is gaining a sense of what a winning Browns team can be for the organization, city and fans:

"Absolutely. I have had those vibes since I got here. We know that it is a football town. We just have to start winning. Now that we are finally getting the ball rolling, giving the fans something that they can actually be excited about, it is definitely a good sign."

On if he was thinking about making the sack prior to the final pass rush:

"Absolutely. Once they brought the tight end down, I saw that (Broncos QB) Case (Keenum) and the line did not account for me. Case thought I was in man coverage. Once they slid the protection away from me, I knew it was going to be a sack. I just had to beat him before he got the ball out. The low snap helped us. I do not think that he really saw me before it was too late. It was ball game."

On if he picked up that tendency from film study and if he has always been a player who studies film frequently:

"Absolutely – well, not to this degree. Last year, it was more of trying to learn the defense and trying not to mess up. Now, I fully understand the defense, why (Head Coach) Gregg (Williams) calls what he calls in certain situations, and it allows you to study things that you would not study if you did not know those things, such as protections, what they like to do with the back, his depth, where he lines up and just things like that definitely make you a better player."

WR Breshad Perriman:

On if he realized it had been two years since his last touchdown:

"Actually, I didn't until after the game when I had an interview and someone asked me the same question. Once he brought it to my attention, it made it that much better. That and we got a win so it definitely makes it a better blessing."

On his excitement for next season:

"Definitely. I am very excited. Just excited to be here, be a part of this team and to contribute anyway I can. Just being around this group of men, it has just been fun."

On QB Baker Mayfield's pre-snap adjustment prior to WR Antonio Callaway's TD:

"It is crazy man. Baker, I believe he is one of a kind. Just his experience and from him to keep pushing through whatever comes his way is just crazy. He has a great understanding of the game, and we all just basically go as Baker goes."

On if it is startling when Mayfield has a lower completion percentage in a half, given Mayfield is typically extremely accurate:

"I never really thought about it like that. It is football so things may not be how they always have been. You shoot to be perfect, but you are not always going to be perfect. Things happen, but I never really thought about it that way."

On if his TD catch was one of the best catches he has ever made:

"I do not know. I am trying to think of all of my catches. I do not know. I guess it was a pretty tough catch, but I feel like Baker put it in a perfect position. I feel like it was really my ball or no one's ball. I feel like it was just a great ball by him."

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