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Browns player press conferences - Randall, Schobert, Ward, Zeitler

DB Damarious Randall:

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers and challenges facing him:

"I faced him my rookie year. A very, very smart, very, very smart quarterback. Something like (Saints QB) Drew Brees with the way he likes to get the ball out of his hands. Just kind of looking forward to the matchup."

On if there are opportunities to intercept Rivers:

"I feel like every time the ball is in the air is an opportunity. Obviously, that is what we look forward to in being a very, very good defense is attacking the ball. Obviously, we are going to be looking for those opportunities."

On DB Denzel Ward's performance this season:

"Outstanding. A playmaker. Made every play that came to him. Just looking to see him keep developing into the player that he is."

On is Ward is as quiet on the field as he is off the field:

"He is actually not quiet on the field. He is a pretty exciting player to play with."

On if Ward talks in the defensive huddle and on the field:

"Yes, definitely."

On how Ward's on-field personality shows:

"He is very quiet in the locker room. I think he is a very quiet guy in the locker room, but on the field, he is probably 180 [pounds] but he plays like 195-200 pounds. He will throw his body in there hitting. He is a complete corner."

On if Ward's performance as a rookie is surprising:

"I was honestly expecting him to play like this. Just watching his film out of Ohio State, he went No. 4. He has all the intangibles and skills to be an elite corner. I am just glad that he is able to show it early in his career."

LB Joe Schobert:

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers:

"I think he is unique. I think his throwing motions is unique. The way he kind of commands the offense, gets them set up and kind of sees what the defense is in and checks into situations that he will have an advantage in is unique. He is going to be a future Hall of Fame quarterback so it is another guy we got to bring our A game against."

On facing multiple future Hall of Fame QBs in the early part of the season:

"We have had a few. We have had a little gauntlet of them. We just have to keep playing well and doing our best against them."

On how much Rivers' checks at the line of scrimmage impacted last year's game:

"They were pretty good. He did a good job. A lot of times just calling out our coverage that we were in before the snap. We just got to do a better job of bogeying and disguising and making it harder for him to do that. I think being at home this year, where it will be harder for him to make checks if we have a loud crowd, will be an advantage to us. It will be harder for them to change every single play that will be perfectly what they want. I think that is hopefully an advantage that we will have this year over last year."

On Rivers calling the Browns' coverages and how often that occurred last year:

"Yeah well he can see them sometimes. I do not remember exactly [how many times]. I can just recall him doing it sometimes."

On if the Browns defensed check out of its play call immediately after Rivers recognized the defense:

"It depends on what we are in, if we can still feel we are in good leverage situation. We still played a good game overall mostly against him. Kept him out of the end zone quite a bit."

On the Browns developing a home field advantage:

"Yeah, definitely. I think when I have to look over at sideline for signals instead of getting the headset communication on defense all of the time, it definitely has an added advantage. Just a loud crowd. Everybody there, the energy that is just in the stadium definitely just been a little bit uptick this year."

DB Denzel Ward:

On if he played special teams at Ohio State:

"Yes. I played all special teams at Ohio State."

On how many blocked kicks he recorded at Ohio State:

"I had a blocked field goal and I had a blocked punt."

On being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week:

"It means a lot. Special teams is just as important as playing offense and defense."

On ability to block a FG off the edge and if that is how his collegiate FG block occurred:

"Yes. It takes really all 11 guys. Really, it is those guys on the inside that came hard and were able to free me up on the outside and get the block."

On timing his jump to block field goals:

"It is really just keying the ball, and once the ball is snapped, just trying to get off the edge as fast as you can."

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers:

"We just got started with them so I can't really give an analysis of Philip Rivers yet."

On if the blocked FG provided a lift to the Browns special teams:

"Yeah, I think we all did. I think we are all getting better on special teams, and I think we all have to continue to improve and show that in this next game, as well."

OL Kevin Zeitler:

On confidence growing within the Browns:

"I would say that it is definitely nice. Each game that we have played, we have played tough. We have been in every one. You could argue that one thing could have gone this way or one thing could have gone that way and maybe we have more wins than we do. I think that it shows that we are competitive this year. It is really nice to have that. It makes you work harder. It makes you chase it more. I hope that we can keep this going."

On what winning does for everybody on the team:

"It is big. It proves that we can come down to the wire. We were able to get some things done. It was not always pretty, but we finally got it done. That really just says, 'Hey, keep it going. Listen to the coaches. Let's try to get better every day, and hopefully, it keeps going.'"

On QB Baker Mayfield:

"Baker is great. He is making great decisions. He is making plays with his legs and arm. He can do it all right now. If he keeps getting better, it is going to be scary to see what he can do."

On Mayfield extending plays by moving in the pocket and how that impacts the OL:

"That is nice. Anytime that a QB can extend the play, that just helps. Something crazy can happen, but he can come out and make a big play, just, 'Yeah!'"

On how the OL has come together:

"I think we are getting better. I finally got back out there. I have been getting my reps. Des (OL Desmond Harrison) has been getting better every week. (OL) JC (Tretter), (OL) Joel (Bitonio), (OL) Hub (Chris Hubbard), whatever had been happening, I think that we are getting to a better place and getting things done."

On if he thinks about competing to win the AFC North:

"You can't think like that. It has to be week by week because if you take care of it week by week, then things just automatically happen."

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