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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Taylor, Landry, Joseph

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On a quick turnaround with a Thursday night game following a loss:

"I think you have to have a short memory in general in this league. Of course with the short week, you definitely have to get things switched to the next opponent. Learn from the things in the past game but move forward and get ready to prepare for the team that is coming in and looking to beat us."

On preparing for the NY Jets, who he played multiple times in the AFC East:

"Definitely familiar with the team. Of course their defense, confident group, a young group, a fast group. They have been playing well on defense this year and in the past couple of years that I have faced them. Definitely a great task for us, an opportunity for us to get better and go out there and win at home."

On if playing the NY Jets before is beneficial:

"Yes, sir."

On if not having a win adds more pressure to win this week during a primetime game:

"Every week has its own pressure. As a team, we focus on getting better each and every week. We could easily be sitting 2-0 right now. A couple of errors in the first two games and we are sitting at a tie and one in the loss category. Something that we have to clean up and get better at."

On if there is a feeling the Browns have to get a win soon:

"Of course, every week in my mind as well as the team's is a must-win just because you know how important each and every week is. Definitely an opportunity for us to erase the feelings that we have had the past two games. Close games in the first two weeks did not go out way, but we have an opportunity in this game in front of national media, as well as everybody watching the Thursday game, to erase that taste."

On his message for the team for a primetime game:

"Stay in your routine. It is easy to kind of get off of it in a short week. Continue to keep preparing the way that we know how to prepare. Continue to keep putting in the focus in the classroom, as well as on the field. A lot of things this week are mental so we have to be on top of it and make sure that your attention to detail is very high."

On how he was mentored as a young QB:

"I learned each and every day from my coaches. I had a couple of different coordinators throughout my time in Baltimore, as well as learned from (Ravens QB) Joe (Flacco) and his approach each and every day, as well at the veteran leadership in the locker room. As a rookie, walking into a locker room with (Former Ravens S) Ed Reed, (LB) Ray Lewis, (OLB) Terrell Suggs, (NT) Haloti Ngata and (WR) Anquan Boldin, there was a lot that I could learn from and picked up a routine form those guys. More importantly, just being beside Joe and watching him each and every day – how he went about business, how he watched film, how he handled himself on and off of the field – definitely was something that I paid attention to and took away with me when I left there."

On if he was aware of having to fight for a position given he was not a top-round pick:

"Absolutely. My whole career has been a true testament to that – fighting and proving people wrong, I guess you could say. When I first came into the league, people told me that since I played quarterback, I would not be a starter. Looking at it, eight years from now, definitely proved a lot of people wrong. Going to continue to keep doing so."

On if the Browns offense needs to play more conservatively as it develops:

"Like I said this past game, each week is going to bring its own challenges, and we have to attack the gameplan differently each and every week. For a new group, each one of us is learning from each other and learning about each other, and in a game-like atmosphere, there are going to be times where it is conservative, I guess like you say, or there are going to be times where it is complex. I do not really know the difference as far as view. We have to go out there and execute is what it boils down to."

On where the Browns offense grew in Week 2:

"I would say in the last two series for us to take the ball down and score in a critical moment, and that is to get the ball back down the field for a chance to tie the game up, there was definitely some growth. We outgained the Saints, I would say by close to 60 yards. It was not like it was a dominant performance by the offense by any means, but I definitely think that we took a bunch of steps from the Pittsburgh game to the Saints game."

On if the final drives of the Saints game builds his confidence in the Browns offense:

"Ultimately, you want to end it on the winning side. It was not everything, but there were definitely some areas of growth there and there was definitely some stuff to walk away from that game encouraged by it. It is our job to continue to keep getting better. Situational football is definitely something that we have proved that we can be good at. We just have to continue to keep building on it."

On his gameday schedule for a night game after being accustomed to playing in the afternoon:

"With the short week, of course, there is still time for preparation during the day. It is kind of similar to like the preseason schedule. Of course, this game is more important than a preseason game, but as far as playing in a later game on not as a traditional week, it is definitely something that we can continue to keep preparing throughout that day. Of course, still staying off of your feet because we had just played a game 48 hours ago. It is a balance of both getting mentally prepared, as well as physically prepared."

On the NY Jets defense:

"It is a great group of guys that are confident, a fast group. Of course, they are young, but they do a good job of stopping the run up front, as well as they have guys that compete on the back end of their defense. Our challenge is definitely in front, of us and we are looking forward to it."

On if he was worried Callaway was not going to reach the 45-yard TD pass:

"No sir. Can't throw the ball worried, that is for sure. Trust in our guys' playmaking ability. He said in the huddle if you get a chance to get it off to put one up to him. He made a great play, and that was something for us to build off of as an offense. It is something you can build off of as a player."

On opportunities for Callaway and his development in the past few weeks:

"Just his focus and detail. Of course he realizes his opportunity. Even when Josh was here, he realized he could be playing more, but of course, that role has definitely stepped up and it has gotten bigger for him now. He welcomes that opportunity. As you see, he is a natural playmaker, and it is my job to get him the ball."

On the play call on fourth-and-5 play call in the fourth quarter as 'dangerous':

"Do you want us to be conservative or complex? (laughter)"

On it being 'out of character' to go for a big play in that situation:

"At the same time, you do not want us to be conservative."

On not making a judgment that the Browns were not conservative:

"Sounds like you are. You have to give the offense a chance to make plays. Of course, we had stuff that was underneath, but we also had a shot called in it, as well. We got the defense that we wanted and were able to make a play."

On knowing Callaway was an option when seeing the defense:

"Yes, of course, you understand the situation, but if you get the right defense for the call that we had selected, you understand it got us one-on-one with the DB. You have to give him a chance to make a play, and he went out there and did something."

On if there was a chance the Browns could have run another offensive play with eight seconds remaining:

"I think it was too risky. Of course, we had to burn a timeout after hitting Jarvis across the middle. The last thing I think you want to do is to run a play and not be able to kick the field goal at all. I think the right decision was made. Just have to be able to execute those when the opportunity presents itself."

On understanding the potential challenge for K Zane Gonzalez to attempt a game-winning FG after misses earlier in the game:

"Yes, I understand the pressures of this game. Each and everyone in this locker room understands that. That is part of the game. It has been that way since [I was] a kid, of course, and the NFL level, it is a little bigger in some moments. It is part of the game."

On long scoring drives providing confidence for the Browns offense's potential:

"Yes, like I said, we made a lot of progress in that game and moved the ball up and down the field at times. We just have to be able to close out certain drives and understand how to finish games and finish the game with the ball in our hands."

On his confidence throwing the ball to Callaway on fourth-and-5:

"We understood the situation. We needed a play at the time. Coach called a phenomenal play for the circumstances and we were able to go over the top of the defense. Any time you get a guy running full speed at a corner who is kind of trying to middle play two receivers, give them an opportunity to make a play, and Callaway went out there and did that."

On what Callaway's speed can do for the offense:

"It can open up the offense for sure. He is an incredible talent, and the opportunity is here for him to grow and for us to grow as a team, and we are going to need his playmaking ability to definitely step up for us to be successful as an offense, as well as everyone else. He can definitely run, and we are going to need him to do that well."

On if limiting turnovers and not taking risks will be a strong emphasis, given the NY Jets' takeaways this season:

"Of course, protecting the ball is definitely something that helps you win in this league. With that being said, you still have to be aggressive. Take your opportunities when they present itself, but it is also understanding the situation throughout the game as well."

K Greg Joseph:

On his tryout:

"Felt like I hit the ball well. I just came out here and focused on hitting my ball. There was obviously some great competition out there, but I did not watch them. I just focused on me. Ecstatic to be here. Ready to give it everything that I have and ready to have a great time here."

On what he was doing on Sunday when he got the call from the Browns:

"I was just living the South Florida life. Hung out by the water with some buddies, relaxing and watching some games. Nothing crazy."

On what went through his mind during Sunday's games:

"There is always that you think about it, but I was just relaxing and enjoying. It is a small kicking family so you never want to see someone [fail]. I do not pray for anyone to fail – any kicker, period. When your opportunity comes, you have to make it work and do the best that you can."

On if he expected he may get a call from NFL teams after watching Sunday's games:

"No, I like staying level-headed. I do not get my hopes up. I do not get my hopes down. I sort of stay right in the middle. I was ready for it to come, but I was ready or it not to come, as well."

On if he is ready for the NFL after playing at Florida Atlantic:

"Absolutely. I have been working a lot. I have been busting my butt. I am ready to give it everything that I have. I know there is still room to get better, and I am aware of that. That is something that I am keying in on and definitely looking to improve my game out here and keep elevating it."

On his preseason with the Miami Dolphins:

"I believe that I did well. I played in all four preseason games. My film is out there. My stats are out there. I learned a lot about me, the athlete that I am and the competitor that I am. I am ready to bring it here and keep elevating."

On what he learned about himself with the Dolphins:

"Just what works for me. I learned from players and coaches there to become a man of routine. That has worked for legends that have kicked in this league. Basically, just stay that way and, like I said, stay in the middle. I learned that there, too. If I make three kicks in a row, I am not going to get too high. If I miss a couple, I am not going to get too low. I am staying right there in the middle."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the importance of capitalizing on defensive takeaways:

"That is the essence of football, truthfully. When the defense gets turnovers, we have to make it hurt. The only way to do that is [score], whether it is three or six. Obviously, we want to score touchdowns. Regardless of the fact, when we get short fields, we have to get points."

On the Browns offense sustaining longer drives in Week 2:

"We spoke about it after the game, we had three or four drives that were 12 plays or more. That is always good as an offense but also keeping the defense off of the field after the takeaways that they have been creating. For us, obviously, just executing and finding ways to execute, especially in the short fields when we get short fields – I think that there were times when we got a sack; we did well penalty-wise – things like that, we just have to find a way to get past and have positive plays."

On if playing a Thursday night game on a short turnaround helps move on from the Week 2 loss:

"We can't dwell on it anyway. It is a long football season. The two games that we have played before this are tough, but we can't dwell on it. We have to move past it. By having a short week, I think the biggest thing for us, the biggest concern is making sure that guys are healthy, making sure that guys are ready to go for a short week, getting the gameplan and being ready to go and get it."

On if WR Antonio Callaway is ready for more opportunities following the trade of WR Josh Gordon:

"Absolutely. He does not have a choice (laughter). He is definitely a guy that we are going to count on and we are going to lean on. Obviously, we know he can make plays. Sunday was just a prime example of that. Given more opportunities, I am sure that he will make more plays."

On what a long TD can do for the confidence of a young player like Callaway:

"It does everything. It does a lot for obviously the guys around him, but it does a lot for the coaches and it does a lot for 5 (QB Tyrod Taylor). That is something that as an offense we need. It is awesome."

On if the trade of WR Josh Gordon 'shocks the WR room':

"These are the guys that we went into OTAs with and training camp with. I am sure that 5 is comfortable with them, as well as upstairs."

On if his leadership role changes at all following the trade:

"It has been the same. Just continue to be myself and continue to be a helping hand to anybody that has any questions for me. Make plays, that is it. That is what I am here to do."

On the NY Jets, who he played against regularly in the AFC East:

"Those guys have been together. They have grown together. From (NY Jets S Jamal) Adams, to the guys on the outside, adding (CB) Trumaine Johnson to their lineup, it makes their defense that much better. Obviously, the front is really good. We are going to have a challenge, but we are ready for it."

WR Antonio Callaway:

On if he has to be able to take the top off of the defense following the trade of WR Josh Gordon:

"All of us can. I was blessed with my ability to use my speed. That will be a help."

On NFL stats noting he clocked the third-fastest speed this year on his 47-yard TD :

"I did not know that I was running that fast. That was just out of a burst because I saw the ball."

On concentrating to get both feet in bounds on the TD near the end line with his speed:

"I knew that I got my feet down. Got more than enough. I knew that I was going to get my feet down once I knew where the ball was."

On feeling pressure to help fill a new role following Gordon's trade:

"Yes, sir. It is the National Football League so you have to step up."

On playing his first NFL primetime game:

"Just another game. Take it step by step, day by day."

On surprises transitioning from college to the NFL:

"I would say that you really have to be dialed into the gameplan and you really have to know your assignment and know what you have to do. That is really the important thing that I see transitioning from college into the NFL."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On the impact of trading WR Josh Gordon on the Browns' skill position players:

"I do not think it will have a difference on us at all. I think we always had that kind of next man up mentality, regardless of who it is or what position it is. It is always about the next-man up. I am just hoping for whatever reason that he is OK with his life or whatever is going on with him. I hope he finds his way."

On if he has talked to Gordon since the trade:

"No. It is a lot going on. He has got to figure it out. He has got to figure it out."

On if he will continue to keep in touch with Gordon:

"For sure. For sure. I definitely will stay in touch with him."

On if he feels he could do more to help the team win with more touches:

"We have to wait and see. I know I am kind of part of the plan and just patiently waiting to figure out when we will start. So far so good for me mentally trying to push through and affect the team in different ways. If I do not have the ball, then make sure I am pass protecting, blocking down the field or anything or if the need me on special teams. Whatever it is, just trying to help win."

On if his number of touches may be part of offensive coordinator Todd Haley learning more about the personnel and how to best utilize everyone within the unit:

"It could be. It definitely could be. I think that is something that happens when you go from coordinator to coordinator, just trying to figure out the players, who does what, their skillset and just the best way to get them the ball. Like I said, just pace your way."

On if he knew going into Sunday how many snaps he would play:


On if he has talked to the coaches about playing more or getting more touches:

"No, that is not my job. My job is to perform, play football and be a player. It is their job to figure everything else out."

LB Joe Schobert:

On if the Browns defense is confident it can continue its success:

"Yeah, I think that we have taken steps in the right direction as a defense. We will keep building on it. The confidence is there. We will keep growing in that confidence. If we can keep putting out performances like we have, I think that we will be alright."

On if this game is a 'breather' facing a rookie QB:

"No, I do not think that any game in the NFL is a breather. We just have to come prepared. It is different with the Thursday night game. It is a short week. There is not much time to prepare so you really have to get after it. The Jets have shown some good things on film the first two weeks so we have to get ready for it."

On if this game is 'crucial for the organization,' given it is a primetime game following two close games :

"We want to get our first win of the season. We have been very close in the first two weeks so getting a win this week is obviously paramount. We are putting all of our effort and energy towards it."

On if Week 3 is a 'showcase game' for the Browns defense to prove its ability to the NFL:

"I would not say so much that. We just have to keep proving to the rest of the league that we are for real and that what we have done in the first two weeks is not just a fluke. We just need to keep building on it. One game, either good – like six turnovers – or zero turnovers does not make or break it in the NFL. You have to put it on consistently every week. One game is not going to do it in that sense. We are not putting it on like that. I think we just have to take the next steps at home."

On facing a former teammate in NY Jets RB Isaiah Crowell:

"Crow is definitely a fast and explosive runner. He has good balance. He can hit that one cut down hill, and if he gets that open space, he is hard to track and hard to bring down. Just have to make him stop his feet and not get a head of steam going."

On if Crowell will be 'fired up' to play his former team:

"I would assume so. Hopefully, you are fired up to play a game in the NFL, especially coming back against a former team. They will probably try to prove a point. Both sides know each other so we will both be ready."

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