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Press Conference

Browns players press conference - 5/18

RBs Isaiah Crowell & Duke Johnson Jr.:

On looking forward to how Head Coach Hue Jackson will use the RBs, given how he used two RBs in Cincinnati:

Johnson:"I know I am, especially just seeing the way he has used them in the past and splitting them out wide and getting the best out of them and using their strengths in every way he can. I am excited to see it. We are off to a good start already, but I am just happy to see how far and how in depth we go with the offense."

On their reaction to the Browns selecting many WRs in the draft and zero RBs:

Crowell: "That is just a confidence booster. I feel like me and Duke both have what it takes to be a big threat on this level. Really, it just showed me that he [Head Coach Hue Jackson] has great confidence in us. We want to go out there and give them all we've got." On if the Browns running game's success late in the season made the year more difficult, given the team ran the ball more:

Crowell:"I wish we could have had more of that during the whole season, but we are off to a good start now. We just have to erase the tape and move forward. I feel like Hue will do a better job so I am just happy about that."

On if they can offer the Browns a similar duo to Bengals RBs Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard:

Johnson: "We are here to give him whatever he wants. We don't really have a name for it, just whatever he wants. Split out, running the ball, whatever coach wants, that's we are here for."

On how eager they are to get the Browns running game back on track, given its success late in the 2015 season:

Crowell:"I am very excited about it because I know Hue likes to run the ball. I feel like running the ball is a very important factor in winning and losing. I am happy about it."

On what Johnson wants to do better after posting strong reception totals:

Johnson:"Everything basically. There were a lot of opportunities that I had last year that I didn't make that I want to make sure I capitalize on this year both running the ball and receiving. My main thing is always protecting the quarterback first. That is something we always preach a lot here, just making sure that we do our job as far as protection and then we get out on our routes because protecting the quarterback is the first thing."

DB Joe Haden:

On how he's dealing with the setback of having surgery in the offseason after the season he had last year:

"I'm dealing with it really well. I've got a really positive attitude. The new coaching staff, (Head) Coach Hue Jackson – him being here, having faith in me, trusting me and definitely just believing in me knowing the type of player I am, not really feeling like I have to come out and prove to him what I can really do. Just him having that confidence gives me a lot of confidence in myself and doesn't make me feel like, 'This is a whole new staff. You've got to prove yourself Round 1.' We've played against Cincinnati before. He kind of knows what I can do."

On having defensive coordinator Ray Horton back on the coaching staff:

"I'm super excited about that. They always talk about they sent me to my first Pro Bowl. That was my first year I made it to the Pro Bowl when him and my same DB coach, Coach Lou Cioffi. Just having that familiarity with those dudes, it feels good for me."

On if the Browns want the same success the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently experiencing:

"That's not even a question. You know the answer to that. I actually saw that 'Believeland' thing. I saw you on there, Tony (Grossi), doing your thing. I embrace Cleveland. I feel like I am a part of Cleveland. When I was in Maryland, I didn't really have a football team to really support. Just being able to come here, seeing how the fans are, seeing how much they really, really love and support the team and they just want a winner. They stay behind the Browns even though we keeping taking all these Ls. I feel with the team that we have now, with the coaching staff we have now, it's an opportunity. Everybody has an opportunity to change that, to make this thing special. If we can make the football team win out here…I talk to (Cavaliers F) Tristan (Thompson) all the time. He knows if the Browns were winning like the Cavs are, it would be a whole different vibe. Not to knock it at all, but it just is what it is. Just being able to know how much love that they show the Cavs and how the fans are still supporting the Browns even though we haven't really given them anything to be proud of, it just shows that when we do flip it around, it'll be special. We know that. We honestly, seriously know that."

On his level of optimism that the secondary can surprise people:

"I think our secondary is a sleeper right now, but I feel like we can be special. With IC (DB Ibraheim Campbell), people don't really pay attention to him as much. He's a really, really smart player. Like Coach said, we've got (DB Jordan) Poyer, we brought in (DB) Rahim (Moore). It's just opportunities and competition, and that's going to bring out the best in people with myself, (DBs) Tramon (Williams), Justin Gilbert and K'Waun (Williams). I think K'Waun, honestly, is one of the best nickels in the league, just being able to put hands on people and do his job as far as blitzing and handling the slots. I think we're going to be able to surprise a lot of people, No. 1, because we've got a lot to prove. It's just all grind. We feel like a lot of people are counting us out. That chip is what's going to make us a whole lot better this season."

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