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Press Conference

Browns players press conference - 6/12


RB Duke Johnson Jr.**

On signing his contract extension:

"It feels good. Finally got it over with. Now, heading into the season focused and getting ready to start the season."

On what it means having the Browns committed to him:

"That is a good sign on my part. I have been going out each year and doing my job – whatever that may be at that time – and proving to the organization that I am a consistent guy that is going to give you his all, game in and game out."

On if he has found his true identity as a football player:

"I am still trying to find that groove, but last year was definitely a good start. I am just trying to figure out what I want to be in this league – what kind of player. Moving forward, last year is just something I can build on."

On offensive coordinator Todd Haley's new system:

"I like it all, to be honest with you. I just know that it is a lot for me to have to learn. I have to learn multiple positions, a lot of different checks and a lot of different things. It is a lot on my plate, but I embrace it. I am ready for the challenge. I am ready to come back after these three days to training camp and really show what I can do."

On his mindset going into minicamp:

"At the end of the day, it is just about getting better. You will have time to prove yourself during training camp, and in preseason games. But right now, we are just trying to get better and try to go out on a good note."

On how good the Browns offense could be this upcoming season:

"I talk to my family and my brothers all the time about how on paper, we have a solid team. A very good team on paper. But again, we have to come out and perform. Everyone has to be on the same page. Everyone has to know what we are doing, game in and game out. We just have to make sure we prepare like we want to win."


WR Jarvis Landry**

On if he feels confident with the offense following three weeks of OTAs:

"I feel like I am finding myself here, especially inside of the offense with the guys – J.G. (Josh Gordon) and all of the other receivers. I think it has allowed me to be comfortable."

On WR Josh Gordon saying that the Browns have the best receiving corps in the league:

"He ain't lying. We are playing to our strengths and playing to our ability to have (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) back there. And obviously, (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley calling plays. The things that Josh can do and (WR) Corey (Coleman) can do. We have a young cat coming up as well, (Antonio) Callaway. We are just really showing a lot of flashes. I think the capability of what we all can do is endless. We can only, obviously, beat ourselves at this point."

On Gordon's personal journey:

"Listen, not being here but obviously being tied to sports, you heard about Josh and the things that he was going through. Now, having the chance to get to know him, and hang out and talk to him, it is crazy how the perception of an article or what people say about a person can be misconstrued. Having the opportunity to sit with him and learn from him, he is a stand-up guy. To have him for a full season, that is really good, too. Not only for myself, but for the organization and for this crew here. I am excited for where it goes next."

On if there is any player that Gordon could be compared to:

"No. He is in a league of his own."

On possible expectations or roles for the upcoming season:

"I think Todd does a great job of just getting playmakers the ball. Whether it is in space, whether it is a gadget here or a gadget there. I am confident enough to know that he is going to spray the ball around and put the ball into guys' hands that give us the highest chance of winning."

On what stands out to him about this quarterback group:

"The accuracy. The leadership, obviously, but the way that these guys take the field every day and have been throwing the football. When the pocket is breaking down, their eyes are still down the field. You take these guys that are dual-threat quarterbacks that want to run as soon as everything goes bad in the pocket, but these guys are looking to extend the play with their arms. But they can with their feet, as well. That is the beauty of this whole thing."


WR Josh Gordon**

On WR Jarvis Landry, and Landry's welcome into the receiver group:

"I think that, naturally, he is just being himself and that makes it a lot easier for anybody. As a receiving unit, we are a close-knit group if guys. We are all together, normally, and he came in and made that group more tightly knit. He is a natural fit for us."

On how much does adding Landry help him:

"Tremendously. It does make a huge difference, as far as competition level within the same group of guys, making sure we are stepping up every rep and every play. We want to be out there at the same time. Instinctively, I think we are just competitive by nature, which is what makes it better for me—I think it does the same for him. His football IQ, his awareness to the game, him knowing where he is supposed to be at—it is just a benefit to not only me, but the entire offense."

On how things are going for him:

"Pretty good. I am excited to be out here more than anything. New offense. I have been able to pick it up pretty well, despite learning a new one last year and another new one this year. It is nothing necessarily new. I have been in this situation a few times, learning a new offense, but it has been really fun and really exciting to work with (offensive coordinator) coach (Todd) Haley, though."

On his last full offseason as an NFL player:

Never. I have never been to OTAs. I have never been to minicamp before. This is my first time doing all of this, so it is like I said a minute ago, it is exciting just to participate in football at this time of year. I have never gotten to do it, so it is awesome."

On if he feels a support structure from the Browns, and on his relationship with rookie WR Antonio Callaway:

"It is definitely night and day, I think, from when I first got here until now. It is a resounding difference from the amount of resounding support that I have received. From upstairs, just from everybody. From the equipment staff, the field crew—if there is any little thing that I may need help on, there is somebody there to help me. With that, I greatly appreciate it. People have gone over and beyond out of their way. Whether I reach out and ask for it or not, people are just checking in. I could not ask for anything more than that in an organization. Just anybody that is a friend or that cares about a human being. I think for Antonio, he is in the best place that he could be. I am not saying that other organizations cannot do that, but I definitely like what (general manager) Mr. (John) Dorsey is doing—he is behind his players and believes in his players 100 percent. The guys that he has brought here have that same mentality. It is a real family dynamic here and I enjoy it."


OL Kevin Zeitler**

On if this offseason feels any different, compared to last season:

"I think so. A lot of new additions, people with experience; (WR) Jarvis (Landry), (QB) Tyrod (Taylor), even the O.C. (offensive coordinator Todd) Haley. There are a lot of different things this year. I think there is a lot of good energy going around about what we are going to be capable of doing."

On how good the Browns offense could be:

"I think there is a chance. I think with any team, you have to be able. We have talent, every team has talent, but what are we going to be able to do to separate us? How are we going to be able to execute? How do we not get suckered into things? How do we make a play when it needs to be made? We will figure that all out when the season comes, but right now it is all about building up and preparing ourselves to do that."

On if there was a sense of relief when the team decided to retain head coach Hue Jackson:

"Yes. I am pumped up. Any time there is a head coaching change, there is a lot of turnover and what not. Even with Dorsey coming in and switching in and bringing in his type of players—and that is great. But having Hue as a consistent factor during this transition, I think that helped us a lot. There is a lot of familiarity all around, and I think that is going to help us."

On if he sees winning capabilities in this team:

"Yes, definitely. We definitely have talent. It is all about execution now. And kind of like I said earlier, it is all about can we get through training camp and then flip the switch."

On playing next to a new right tackle in OL Chris Hubbard and the challenges that came with that:

"We have had some great work together in these OTAs. Chris is an outstanding player and I am really pumped up that he is on our team now. I am really pumped to see what we can do once we get the pads on."

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