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Press Conference

Browns QB Baker Mayfield press conference - 10/10

QB Baker Mayfield:

On improvements from Week 5 to Week 6:

"Getting the ball out, but there are still too many sacks. Checking the ball down, getting the ball into our playmakers hands more often than not. When the plays are breaking down, we had guys doing more in scramble drill. We saw a difference in that as the game went on. The biggest thing to take away for me in improvement is that we made the critical plays when we needed them this time. We were in a very similar situation in overtime again, and we came out with a victory."

On the difference in pressure from college to NFL:

"A little bit, yeah. At the same time, I have an NFL offensive line in front of me. That is nothing against the guys that I had at Oklahoma, but as you step up to the next level, everybody's performance steps up, as well. The windows are a little smaller, but it is just that the speed of the game pick up a little bit."

On his next step for development:

"We have to get rid of the sacks. Looking back on it, we were one of the most sacked teams in the NFL. We have to take care of that. With that comes being on the same page with communication, getting the ball out quicker and just taking care of it."

On differences facing the Ravens defense:

"They were a very talented defense. We did a very good job of matching up and trying to take out their playmakers. You want to eliminate the guys that are going to make game-changing plays. We felt like we did a good enough job to put ourselves into a position to win. Anytime that you play a defense like that, it is a great challenge and you look forward to it."

On rebounding from the early interception, which seemed to be the result of a miscommunication:

"Simple as that. It was similar to what we started out the game at in Oakland. The plays early in the game are not going to decide the game, but they very well change them. Those are manageable mistakes that we can fix and move forward. It is about keeping your head up and pushing forward after that. Those are things there were many any in that game – that we can fix and learn from, which is the good thing."

On WR Rashard Higgins being week to week with a knee injury:

"It is going to hurt our offense. He is a guy that has been in there since Day 1. We have had the next man up mentality. I love Higgie, but (WR Derrick) Willies stepped in there and made plays. That is the kind of mentality that we need, and we are going to be counting on those guys to do that."

On if defenses are focusing on taking away WR Jarvis Landry:

"You see it a little bit. I would hope they would try to do that to one of the best receivers in the NFL. At the same time, that is what opens up some stuff. Like when Hollywood (Higgins) scored, the safety came down on Jarvis' end. When you see that, you just have to take advantage of the matchup. That is why we preach that you have to win on your one on ones, and you have to have the next man up mentality. Does not matter who it is, you have to do your job."

On addressing if the Browns are good enough to compete for the playoffs, specifically as a QB:

"We are at a one week at a time mindset. We have moved on form the first four games of the season. Now, we are onto the second quarter. We are looking at a chance to go 2-0. If you win each quarter, you are looking at a great possibility of going to the playoffs. We just have to take care of business one game at a time. Obviously, the end goal, yes, is to win the division and make the playoffs, but you do not do that unless you take it one week at a time."

On preparing for the Chargers defense:

"We will see what they will try to do to a rookie quarterback. They are playing well and getting to the quarterback, but they are also not allowing a lot of rushing yards. To keep harping on it, we have to establish the run game. It is something that we need to get going and continue to have. On top of that, they are letting their playmakers do their work. They are trusting the guys on the outside. Obviously, you have to keep your eyes on where No. 54 (DE Melvin Ingram III) is – allowing him to get different pass rushing looks, moving him around the ball. We just have to stay in tune, similar to last week's gameplan of we just have to follow our rules when they are trying to mix up their looks."

On the Browns offense scoring 42 points and 12 points in back-to-back weeks:

"I think that we are more than capable of scoring 30-plus points per game, but when you play a defense like [the Ravens], any mistakes that we make, you are going to see the outcome of it. I think that if we fix some of the things that we did against the Ravens, we would have scored a lot more points. When you play a defense like that, they are going to take advantage of your mistakes and they are going to force you to turn the ball over or punt it. We just have to do our job. I think that from there, the sky is the limit for this team."

On starting five out of the team's six opening offensive drives from inside its 11-yard line:

"It did not help, but that is also more yards for our offense to pick up if you drive a long way."

On his mindset after the reverse late in the game created a second-and-long situation deep in Cleveland territory:

"Just chip away. It is not over until the clock runs out or the points are scored in overtime. For me, chip away, get some of it back on that second down and then after that, just put us into a manageable down on third so that we can make a play. Our guys did that, and we were able to protect and get the ball out."

On if Willies' route and read:

"He had a curl, made it work, kept coming open when he saw me moving a little bit and broke a tackle and ran. He did a great job."

On the Browns developing a home field advantage at FirstEnergy Stadium:

"That is what we are hoping for. I touched on it a little bit after the game. We feed off of the crowd's energy. Our defense does, as well. I think that we need to continue that, and this needs to be a place that people need to fear coming to play. It needs to be so loud that they can't communicate, and it needs to be a harsh place for an offense to come in. It needs to be exciting when our offense goes out there to keep the crowd in it. Keep building momentum. Keep stacking wins."

On if he watched Saints QB Drew Brees break the NFL passing yards record:

"I caught a little bit of it. It was pretty special."

On conceptualizing 70,000-plus career passing yards:

"I keep talking about consistency. That is consistency for a long, long time. That is obviously one of the all-time greats. Congratulations to him. It is an unbelievable feat for him to do. Right now, he is on pace to break the touchdowns record, as well. That is a guy that I can definitely admire and model my game after."

On establishing connections with Browns receivers, specifically TE David Njoku:

"Those are things that we work through during the week, but also just being able to watch them throughout the first couple of weeks, realizing what type of receiver he is when he is running routes. Obviously, he is a big bodied tight end so you want to put the ball within his frame to where he can box people out. That is the kind of mismatch stuff that we have been doing with him. We want to continue to do that. I have learned from watching him. Then also, the extra reps help and talking through it at practice."

On if he interacted with Chargers S Derwin James much during the draft process:

"I did not."

On James' performance:

"He is a guy that is playing very similar to (NY Jets S) Jamal Adams right now – similar safety, big bodied, aggressive. They like to blitz him. He is a guy that you have to keep your eye on where he is at on the field because he can do it all. Obviously, for a rookie to be doing that, it is very impressive. We have to continue to look out for him."

On the Browns defense creating takeaways and how that helps the team:

"We can really put a stamp on a game when the defense gets turnovers. We need to take advantage of when they do get those turnovers. We need to turn those into points and really take the life out of the other team. We just have to continue to feed off of that because it is very rare that you get a defense like that that has 15 this early. Just keep feeding off of it."

On the Browns being competitive in all games this season, including several against teams predicted to make the playoffs and if that is a sign the 'Browns aren't bad':

"I have known that the Browns were not bad since the second I stepped foot into this franchise. We had a special team from the get go. Whoever we are playing has nothing to do with this team. We believe in this team that we have. Management has put together a great group of guys. It is on us to learn and move forward."

On if the team has the mindset to 'go for the jugular' following turnovers, if the moment is right:

"Absolutely. You have to feel that foot on their throat mentality of really taking the life out of them. Whenever an offense is in the red zone and they turn the ball over, that is already a huge mistake for them. On top of that, if we turn it into points, that is really flipping the switch. You feel that and you want to be able to turn it into points, and that is the big mentality.

On a need to be aggressive on that first play following a turnover:

"Not the first play right after it, no. You just need to make sure that with the emotions, you do not get caught up in it. You just have to do your job and make sure you do turn it into points."

On Ravens S Eric Weddle's postgame message to him:

"On the field, we were chit-chatting back and forth. He just said congrats on a great career so far and keep working. That is a guy I have tremendous amount of respect for. He has been playing consistently for a long time so a lot of respect for him, enjoyed watching and look forward to competing against him as the years go on."

On stating he knew the team was special the first day he walked into the Browns' building:

"From the people they are putting together in this group but then also the belief I have always had in myself. I said it back at the combine when everybody said I was a short quarterback that could not do much, I said if anybody is going to do it, I believed in myself to do that. That is something that I carry with me, and I hope our guys believed in themselves as well."

On keeping confidence from turning into arrogance:

"Have to do your job."

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