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Press Conference

Browns QB Baker Mayfield press conference - 10/3

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the Raiders game and areas for improvement:

"Obviously, the most important thing is taking care of the ball. No matter if it is communication or decision-making, the most important thing is the football and making sure that we give our team the most opportunities to win, chances to score and putting ourselves into a good position. That is the most important thing. After that, it is the little details. It is all the little things. We are very, very close to being a great team. That is it. We are not there yet so we have a lot of work to do."

On if he was able to manage the pace of the NFL game:

"Yes, I think that (QBs) Coach (Ken) Zampese and (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley prepared me enough before the game to slow it down, even when I went in for the Jets game. I am prepared to be able to go in. Now, I just have to do my job."

On if his college starts helped prepare him for starting in the NFL:

"Yeah, fortunately, I had a lot of experience in college. Now, it is just about translating my experience – things that I have seen and different keys that I have used – but also then learning and growing from that. Having an open mind about it. Not saying, 'I have played a lot of ball. I have it all figured out,' but having an open mind and realizing that I have a lot of room to grow."

On lessons from the Raiders game:

"Making sure that we are all on the same page. Any time that you are on the road, do not let the crowd get to be a factor. Once they become a part of the game, the other team gets momentum and stuff like that. I think that communication is very important with that and just the little details. I keep harping on that, but that is the most important thing. We have to be fundamentally sound because we have all of the talent. We just have to do our job."

On if he was pleased with the way he read the field:

"There are definitely things that I could have seen better. There is always going to be give and take. Whether you win or lose, there are going to be plays that I would like to have back or do differently. It is what it is. Just have to learn from it."

On expectations for what the Ravens defense will show and do with more film, compared to the Raiders:

"I expect Baltimore to kind of do what they are good at. They are two completely different teams. Baltimore has obviously been historically a great defensive franchise. They trust what they are good at, and they are going to run it. They are playing well right now. I expect them to continue to do what they are good at and also throw a couple of wrinkles in there for me. We will have to see that on the fly, but if we do our job and we see our keys, they can't throw anything that we have not seen. We just have to be prepared and just do our job."

On the Ravens LBs:

"Athletic. Talented. You see guys that want to intimidate you. They are physical. The Ravens defense is known for being physical and trying to out-physical the other team and set the tone for the whole game. On top of that, they can run. They have guys that can do it all. It is going to be a good matchup for us."

On the OT drive against Oakland:

"Little details. I think that we have to have everybody on the same page. I keep saying that, but we have to have the right routes. I have to have my eyes in the right spot. The last play, it was a situation where we had something that we had converted earlier in the game. We threw (WR) Jarvis (Landry) the ball out in the flat, a swing route, but then they covered it up this time. They adapted to it. That was a scramble play. It was not like [RB Duke Johnson Jr. deep] was my first option. You could tell that I scrambled out and it was a last effort."

On if he saw options on the interception at the end of regulation:

"Yeah, even though we tag a deep route on it and we are trying to take a shot – we had been hitting some of those plays underneath – you have to go through your reads no matter what the play call is. No matter if you want to take a shot, you have to go through your reads no matter what it is. You can never let the game and your emotions get the best of you. You just have to do the fundamentals."

On the Browns' nine dropped passes and if he needs to change his throws at all:

"I have to put it in a better spot. I think that I can put it more in their chest, more on their eyes and make it easier for them to catch. We just have to be more detailed. I keep saying it, but when you are playing on turf like that, it is a little more slippery. You have to have your shoulders over your toes when you are cutting. You have to do the right things. We talked about it. We just all have to be more detailed when it comes to stuff like that."

On if he has always been supportive of his teammates following dropped passes:

"Absolutely. Drops are going to happen. Physical mistakes are going to happen. The mental errors are what we are trying to get rid of. Stuff is going to happen in a game. You are never going to be perfect. That is just human nature. We want to eliminate everything mentally so that we can just go out there and play."

On if his emphasis on little details was similar at Oklahoma and if that allowed the team to play as fast as it did:

"Absolutely. The reason that we were able to go fast is because everybody knew what they were supposed to do. When you do that, you get a team on the same page and it gets dangerous. On top of that, when you fine tune the details, everybody realizes what we are trying to accomplish, where the ball needs to go. A receiver, even if he might not be getting the ball, might run his route in a way to get somebody open. It is stuff like that we are trying to get accomplished, and I think we are heading in the right direction."

On if being on the same page will help eliminate turnovers from Sunday:

"Absolutely. Communication, details and all of that, I think once you do that, you take care of the ball."

On how realistic it is to resolve those issues by Sunday:

"We are very close. It just so happens that some of those little errors cost us the ball on my part. We are very close on it. That is the positive outlook on it. Obviously, disappointing to lose when we can fix a couple of things and come out with a win. It did not turn out that way so we have to get it fixed."

On grading himself on mental factors during the Raiders game:

"It was not perfect. That is for sure. Did some good things but did some bad. I would love to have some plays back. To go through it, like the interception at the end of regulation, just go through my read, even though we had a double move just to put us in a good opportunity to win. Do not push too much. Do not try to do too much."

On who he leans on to get extra advice about the Ravens:

"We have two veteran quarterbacks in this franchise that have seen a lot of ball, and one of them in (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) that was in Baltimore. We are going to use every opportunity we can get and every advantage. That is exactly what they are doing. We are going to do the same thing."

On having international interest in Japan and his journey during his rookie year:

"That is awesome to hear. Something that is pretty surreal. I definitely… My mind can't really wrap around that. I am still living my dream and having fun with it. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, but rookie year has been fun so far."

On opportunities to help Callaway develop and Head Coach Hue Jackson's comment about potentially needing to give him less snaps for his benefit:

"Keep pushing him along. That is the coaches' decision – playing time – but any opportunity we can get to help him realize. We talk about the details and anything like that – I keep saying it over and over – getting on the same page, making sure he knows what we are trying to do and just letting him know that we trust him. We believe in him. He has a lot of talent so we are going to be right there for him."

On if throwing the 59-yard pass was a sign he trusted Callaway, despite previous drops:

"Oh, absolutely. It is never about one play. The most important ones is always the next one. You have to keep pushing. Stuff like that, you just got to continue to do your job no matter the situation of the game."

On starting his first game at FirstEnergy Stadium:

"It will be exciting. I am hoping we get a good crowd atmosphere because this game is a division one. For us, it counts as two. We need the fans to come alive. When they bring the energy, it helps our defense especially, but it helps out the momentum. You build confidence. Things start to flow after that so looking for the crowd and hoping they bring it on Sunday."

On if Jackson has stressed the history between Baltimore and Cleveland, specifically the team's relocation:

"No. New year. New year so we are focused on a one-week mindset at a time. Sunday, it is the Ravens."

On the fumble and play call when the Browns were up 28-14 against the Raiders:

"We had tried to run the ball a little bit, but they had started loading up the box. The mentality was to get the ball out quick. Things happen. I have to get the ball out quicker, but we are not going to block everybody every play. That is one of those things that is going to come with it. We have to battle back, and that did not change the whole game. We still battled back and found a way to tie it so it was not about that play."

On his touchdown to TE Darren Fells:

"That is the kind of thing I am expecting to make – a guy that is running down the field and he is a big body. He is in front of a safety. Put it in his range and he has to make a play, and he did. After that, that is the longest I have seen Darren run in a while so I am happy for him (laughter)."

On if Milwaukee Brewers OF Christian Yelich has a Mayfield jersey and when he will start wearing it:

"He does. I think I have seen a picture of it in the clubhouse, but he has been on a tear. I do not know. I am hoping the Indians make it to the World Series and wind up playing the Brewers."

On what connected between Yelich and Mayfield while working out in the offseason:

"Just the professional athlete world, you go in the same grind and you are working for your dream. He is just a guy that I think he has an interesting story and he has worked really hard. I am happy for him. He has earned it."

On improving with WR Jarvis Landry as they connected on only four of 10 targets Sunday:

"Like I said, put the ball even closer to him, put it in more of his range and just do my job better. Do not shy away. Even though we did not have the highest percentage to each other on Sunday, keep going because the floodgates will open up eventually. Like you guys saw against the Jets, we can connect very quickly so I am just going to keep hammering at it."

On Ravens S Eric Weddle:

"Weddle is a very talented guy. Knows the game of football very well. He is a guy that he is going to try to give me different looks. For me, I have to pay attention to where he is at on the field but also get keys from everybody else because he can give me a different look and really try to trick me. I just have to be observant. Realize where he is at. Obviously, they have some more talented guys, but I have to pay attention to where 32 is and 55 (Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs). You just got to know where they are."

On Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs:

"I think his game speaks for itself. He has obviously had a very, very high level of play and consistent for a long time. He is a very good player. Like I said about Weddle, I have to have my eyes on 55, too. Just have my keys, know where they are and do my job."

On if he wanted to go for it on fourth-and-inches late in the fourth quarter:

"That is not my decision to make and from your own 18 is not very smart. Roll with the punches. We just have to be better in short yardage."

On his expectations for the Oklahoma-Texas game and if he has any side bets o the game:

"Bets are illegal, just to clarify that (laughter)."

On if he will be forced seen wearing a Longhorns jersey if Texas loses:

"Well, we are not going to lose so no."

On his expectations for the Oklahoma-Texas game:

"My expectations are that we are going to win. Last time Texas was ranked in this game was 2012 and it was a beat down (laughter)."

On RB Nick Chubb as a boost to the Browns offense:

"Anytime you can get the running game going, that opens up everything. A lot of positives to see from that with Nick breaking a lot of tackles and making stuff happen. Very happy for him. He deserves that so happy for him, and it is great for our offense as well."

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