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Press Conference

Browns QB Baker Mayfield press conference - 8/23

QB Baker Mayfield:

On his performance:

"Not my best game by any means. Whenever you turn the ball over, it is not your best. We just have a ways to go. Disappointed in myself. I got in there with the first team and have to get the ball out quicker. Also in the second half, just [make] right decisions. Even on the play where I threw an interception, the shallow got bumped over the middle, but there was a nice one-on-one that I think with where we are at on the field and also how the game has been going to take advantage of those one-on-one shots when we get them. They are a team that played pretty much off the whole game and tried to make us throw underneath. Those are the types of shots that when you get them that you have to take advantage of them. Things that I will look back on tape, I will definitely improve from, but not my best work at all."

On if the pace of the game with the first team offense was quicker than he has seen:

"No, I just think that the amount of time that I had with a D line like that, they are pretty good. You have to have an even faster time clock when you are playing guys like that."

On the play in the second half when he appeared to stay down momentarily:

"I will see it on film. After I threw the ball, you will see that I was throwing to where the shallow was going to be. I saw him get bumped, and then the lineman got backed up into me so I followed through, hit him and hit the ground. Nothing serious. Doctors are doing their job."

On if he was surprised that QB Tyrod Taylor returned to the game:

"That is who he is. He is a competitor. He wants to be out there. He is the same way that I am in regards to that. He wants to be out there and playing with his guys."

On Taylor's injury:

"I did not see it. I do not know."

On how he was feeling after the play that took him a second to get up:

"I was good. Yeah, good to go."

On going through the concussion protocol:

"I did all of the stuff on the sideline. They got a call from upstairs to review it based on the video. That is just how it works."

On if he wanted to return to the game:


On he put in a bid to play more in the game:

"I was fixing to go back into the game. They decided not to put me back in. Not my call. Not worried about it. I should have taken advantage of the time that I was in."

On goals for the final preseason game:

"I think continued focus of taking care of the ball and getting the ball out quicker. Anytime that you can get it into your playmaker's hands, you put yourself in a good spot to win. The defense had a bunch of turnovers tonight, and we did not have the points to show. We have to take advantage and feed off of that. We have to play well on all three phases of the ball. Tonight, the offense was lacking a little bit. I think that we just need to capitalize and get consistent with it."

On the Browns' defensive performance:

"Zero points. Does not get much better than that. Making plays on the ball. We could have had a couple of more turnovers honestly, which is unbelievable. That is great to see. They are getting their hands on the ball and making plays. That means that they are in the right spot, they are making the right reads and they are playing well as a unit."

On if there was any exchanges to try to come back in after being told he would not return to the game:

"No. Nothing like that."

On getting ready to play with the first team offense quickly:

"It was pretty quick. Anytime that he gets up slow, something is bothering him; he is a tough guy. I just wanted to see how it was going and then knew that it was my time to go in. Just kind of take a deep breath and go play and go do my job. That is the first thing."

On if he knows if he will start in the final game of the preseason:

"I have no idea."

On if he wants to start the final game of the preseason:

"Would love to. Anytime that you get a chance to get better."

On speaking with Pro Football HOF QB Troy Aikman:

"I met him yesterday at the production meetings before [the game yesterday]. That was the first time. Small talk. A little bit of trash talk about UCLA and Oklahoma playing this year. Other than that, not much."

On his exchange with Aikman and if he talked about his skillset:

"Just kind of kept it short and sweet, [talked] about the game, how I was doing, how camp is going for me. Kind of the same stuff that we have been talking about with you guys." 

On if Aikman provided any advice:

"Just to keep pushing. Make sure of that. Keep getting better. He said to just keep being myself and just to keep working."

On if he watched Aikman growing up:

"I loved watching Troy play. He is just a great player, one of the best to ever do it, a Super Bowl champ. I have a lot of respect for him."

On being a QB who appears to not want to checking the ball down when available:

"There is a time and place for stretching the field and making a play. There is also a time and place for checking it down when you do not have anything. It comes with knowing the situation, knowing how the game is being played and knowing where you are on the field. That is just something that I have always had the ability and knack for doing is if I break a tackle, keep your eyes down the field and go take care of the ball. If that is throwing the ball away or running out of bounds, it does not matter what it is."

On if Taylor's injury was a good opportunity for him to get first team reps:

"I would never say it is a good opportunity when our leader and captain – Ty – goes down, but getting out there with the ones, that is something that I need to do. I did that tonight, and that is why I am disappointed in myself. I didn't take advantage of it and play my best game so it is on me. What we do with the reps, I just have to play my best when I get them, and that is plain and simple and how it is."

On if the shallow pass getting bumped was after he threw the ball:

"As I am releasing, that is one of those routes on the run you want to make sure you are leading him. Right as I am letting it go, you see him get bumped. That is not a good feeling."

On if he knew it was going to be a pick right away:

"Yeah, yeah."

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