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Press Conference

Browns QBs press conference - 8/28

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On how his left, non-throwing hand has been during recent practices:

"It feels good. It is getting better daily. It has not stopped me. Progressing."

On if he has flipped the switch to prepare for Week 1:

"Yes, we had a chance in the past couple of days to get some work towards Pittsburgh and getting everybody on the same page for that game and probably will continue to keep working up until that game. I think we are getting a head start, which is a good thing."

On if that includes film study:


On if he has played against the Steelers:

"I have played against them once in the preseason in Buffalo (Bills) and once in the regular season."

On how to prepare for the Steelers in and outside of practice:

"Continue to keep focusing in on our plan, as well as watching film. Getting familiar with those guys and just like I said, going out there and doing whatever it takes to execute. We are putting together a plan and it is in the early stages now, but it really boils down to us and us going out there executing things that we know how to do well."

On how offensive coordinator Todd Haley's knowledge of the Steelers will help:

"It definitely helps. He went against those guys day in and day out for a number of years. It is insight. As much as we can learn from him, as much as each skill position of even the linemen can learn just about their personnel and their scheme, the better off we are."

On if he is asking Haley many questions about the Steelers:

"Yes, we have talked. Like I said, we started that conversation the past two days. I think we are at a good place and just have to continue to keep building as we get into that game."

On his chemistry with Browns skill position players:

"Yes, I definitely think it is where it needs to be, and we can continue to keep growing. Communication and chemistry has just been very good. Guys are dialed in and focused each and every day. That is a good sign for us. Like I said, the things that we have worked on in the past couple of days, even the stuff we were able to work on away from [the facility]. Today was definitely a step in the right direction. You have to continue to keep building on that."

On the ideal identity for the Browns offense:

"Of course whatever it takes to go up and put up points. That is going to be different week in and week out. The way we attack teams is going to be different, but of course, we have to be balanced in our attack. That is running the ball well, as well as being able to be efficient in the passing game. Week to week, it is going to change, but at the end of the day, we have to put up points and help our defense out."

On the Browns offense's point production and stats during the preseason and his optimism for the regular season:

"That is three days or not even a day's work of reps in the preseason so you can't really [judge from it]. Of course, yes you go out there, you compete and you build on what you did well and correct things you do not do as well, but I do not think you get a feeling from just the games because you only get three with limited reps so you have to take into consideration the things that we worked on in practice day in and day out, the chemistry that you have built throughout practice and the individual time and put it all together. Guys are excited to go out there and change things around this year, as well as myself. We are all on the same page to do whatever it takes to go out there and make this thing work. We are looking forward to doing that."

On if he is where he wants to be with WR Josh Gordon as Gordon is closer to returning to full speed:

"Of course, next week it will definitely ramp up more. We had a chance to do some things the last two days. More importantly is that we are communicating and talking the same language once we get out there so both of us just being playmakers can go out there and react. Of course, you definitely have to spend time with him throwing. He is a talented guy. You put the ball around him, and he is going to make a catch. Just continue to keep building the chemistry mentally and physically."

On if he played much no-huddle offense in Buffalo and why he is excited about it:

"Yes, the first two years, we did a little more no-huddle than last year. I am excited about the opportunity just because it allows us to keep the defense on their toes. It gives every guy an opportunity to make plays, and of course, I am the one that is in charge at the time. I think that just the feeling that I have working with these guys, knowing what guys are comfortable with and how to get guys the ball and just getting the offense into the right situation, I think it beneficial for us, as well as Coach Haley going out and calling plays, as well, too. There is going to be a place for both of them, and the better off we are as far mixing it in at the right time the better off we are as a team."

On if it was good for Mayfield to get in with the first team offense and experiencing having to enter a game on a moment's notice:

"I am not sure whether it was good or not – I was the one who got injured (laughter)."

On if the Browns can incorporate run-pass options:

"I think that could definitely be a big part of our offense. With the weapons that we have outside, the ability for me to be able to pull things and make plays on the run, as well as giving it to the backs that we have in the backfield, I think that could be big for us. We are going to continue to keep building in that area."

On establishing the Browns WRs room, outside of WRs Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon:

"It is very important. The guys that you are talking about have definitely stepped up to the plate throughout this preseason and throughout training camp. They welcome the opportunity. They realize how big it is. They are looking forward to going out and making plays and helping this team."

On WRs Antonio Callaway and Rashard Higgins:

"Higgins has made a tremendous stride throughout preseason and throughout OTAs. We have thrown a lot at him. He has played just about every position – the F, the Z and the X. He is able to take in a bunch of knowledge and continue to keep playing at a high level, as well as Callaway. We started off the training camp with him at Z and then having to switch to X and having to learn a new role, and he is still out there contributing and making plays. I think that both guys are definitely comfortable in their learning curve. Just continue to keep building confidence in them and going out and making plays."

On if four preseason games are too many and if he would change the preseason structure:

"That is really all I know. I do not know if I would redesign it. I think that it gives a lot of guys opportunities – younger guys and older guys – to get ready for the season. If things were to change, then we would just deal with it that way. I do not really have an answer as to what I would do to change it."

On hosting joint practices with the Bills, including with the Browns:

"My second year. My first year we did not, but my second year we did. Last year, we did not."

On if joint practices or scrimmages could be an adjustment to preseason games:

"I am not sure. With those, you still have to control the practices. Anytime that you have contact to it, you risk injury. You have to be smart in the way that you are practicing. Injuries are a part of the game. It is unfortunate that things happen. Whether that is throughout practice or that is throughout a game, you really can't control it. I do not really know if four is too many or if practices help it or hurt it."

On his supporting cast with Cleveland compared to his three seasons in Buffalo:

"At the skill positon, this is a very talented group. I do not want to get into comparing guys because each scenario is different. The three years that I was in Buffalo, different players, different team and different scheme. We have a talented group here. Excited to play with these guys. I know we have put in a bunch of work, and we are going to continue to put in a bunch of work to get better each and every day."

QB Baker Mayfield:

On starting his first preseason game on Thursday:

"I am very ready. It is another opportunity for me. I have been saying it over and over again, I need to take advantage of my opportunities. This is a great one to come out and show what I can do from the get go. Set the tone not just for the offense but for the whole team mindset- ise and just in executing."

On if it possibly being the last time he plays in a live game this season adds anything to the game:

"No, I take it one day at a time. I always put 100 percent into every opportunity I get. I am going to treat this one the same as I would any other. If I went into it with that mindset that this is the last time, I might try and do something different than just my job. I need to settle in and just do my job."

On his development process with the Browns, knowing he would not begin the year as the starting QB:

"They told me from the get go from back when I was still just doing the interviews and the visits that they had a plan. They had a plan in place of what they wanted to do. They have been very honest. I knew that from the get go. I have been a team guy always. I knew that my role once I got here was to help change this thing around and help us win. Right now, that is getting my reps and getting better but then also doing cards against the defense."

On if other teams expressed to him their plans if they drafted him:

"Not to the exact plan, but you could kind of get the sense of what some teams are doing."

On the experience of having to be ready at all times when called to go into the game last week:

"It is good to know that I can be thrown in there at any time and that I have to be ready, but that is not the situation you want to be in. That just goes to show that I have to be ready. I have had that mindset since middle school. That was just another showcase that I need to be able to take advantage of when I get in there."

On his approach to preparing for the season opener against Pittsburgh:

"Just getting better each day. I am not going to handle that any differently. I am not going to psych myself out. Just get ready and go through the gameplan just like any of our other quarterbacks would. You have to go through it like you are playing, no matter if I was the backup and never would play. You have to go through it like you think you are going to play. You have to go through the different situations so that you are ready for it."

On if there is 'unfinished business' he wants accomplish in the final preseason game:

"Yeah, take care of the ball, get the ball out quicker and quicker. Like I said about starting, it is a good opportunity to kind of set the tone. That means command of the offense but also just being a leader out there for everybody."

On if anything stood out from his performance against the Eagles first team defense:

"They have got some very talented guys. Have to get the ball out quicker. We were not playing complete as an offense. It was always just one guy that we were waiting on. Some of those were on me. I will take full responsibility for that. We just have to be more consistent. That is what it was and what we saw on tape. If we are more consistent, we are scoring a lot more than just three points on offense. That was disappointing to see."

On if not getting the ball out quickly enough had to do with fear of interceptions:

"No, I do not play scared."

On getting the ball out quicker:

"Get the ball into the playmakers hands. Give them an opportunity to make a play. Anytime you are doing that, you are keeping the chains moving and giving your team an opportunity to move forward. It is all about positive plays and eliminating the negative ones. That is what comes with getting the ball out."

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