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Press Conference

Browns QBs Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield press conferences - 8/21

QB Tyrod Taylor

On how he is handling offensive coordinator Todd Haley's new terminology:

"It has been going well. I think we have been progressing in that area, getting comfortable with one another. It is going well, just have to continue to keep pushing the unit and getting better each day."

On if there is anything he still wants to accomplish against the Philadelphia Eagles to get him ready for the season:

"Just to continue to keep improving. I think the first two games – of course there were two different emphases in those games, but it was good football being played. Still clean up in some areas. I know what those areas are, as well as the team knows what we need to clean up. So our focus this week is to just go out and execute in all phases and takeaway some of our minus plays yards."

On how he can gain chemistry with WR Josh Gordon since they have not played in training camp together:

"Yeah, just continue to keep talking through things. Meeting. During walk-throughs or during practice, just making sure he is seeing some of the same things that we are seeing from the quarterback perspective. He is engaged, he is ready to get back out there. I am looking forward to having him out there on the field."

On when he and Gordon will work together off to the side:

"I am not sure what he can do right now. Of course, after this preseason game—hopefully we will find out more, but of course being able spend time after practice and getting ready for the opener. If that is the scenario that plays out for us, then that will be awesome."

On if what he has seen from the Eagles in the Super Bowl can aid him in the preseason game:

"You watch – well I have watched a couple games. I am more so focused on the past preseason games. They played Pittsburgh (Steelers). For sure. Being that they run some of the similar concepts that we run. We have watched some games from last year, as well as the preseason and a couple of the games as well too. So I think after watching cut-ups and just throughout your film study of course those plays come out, but I also specifically watch just the Super Bowl. Try to find out what teams schematically matches up with yours, and some schemes that you can benefit from as far as studying."

On how he can explain why the Eagles gave up so many yards, despite being good enough to make it to the Super Bowl:

"Yeah, we are getting ready for our third preseason game. As far as going back to the Super Bowl, as far as playing it, there are a number of factors that play into that. It really boils down to us, and going out and executing in our run game, staying true to our assignments and executing throwing in the passing game."

On what he hopes to take away from the game against the Eagles, since this is their dress rehearsal:

"Progress in all three phases. Like I said, each group can be better. We have done some things that are good in the past two preseason games, there are definitely some areas that we can clean up in. That is what we aim to do, clean up those areas and take the next step. As far as this team, to get ready for Week 1."

On WR Jarvis Landry's willingness to block:

"It is an attitude and it also shows how unselfish he is and how unselfish our receivers are. For those guys to be able to – or be willing to put their bodies on the line and go out and block and open up lanes on the outside for the running backs – It is a team effort and it takes all of us. As well as myself getting guys to, or getting the offense to the right run, as well as us counting on the receivers to go out there and hold their blocks. And this attitude across for floor, we have to have that every play."

On how good the offense can be with him, Landry, Gordon, TE David Njoku, Carlos Hyde and everyone else:

"It can be very good. There is a bunch of talent that you just named, but it boils down each week to execution and us going out there winning our one-on-one matchups. Of course on the outside, me getting the ball to those guys. Just execution across the board."

On all of the WR drama that has gone on during the preseason and how that is going for him:

"I kind of dealt with that last year (laughter). It is not something that you want to go through, but at the same time, it is the nature of the business. You understand that things happen, that is why we always say next guy up or next man up mentality and I think guys have stepped up to the opportunity, went out and competed and are still doing it. As we wrapped up camp today guys have competed and that is the main thing that I have seen each and every day. Through the grind of camp, guys have went out and put their best foot forward amongst all of the circumstances and went out there and competed. More so proud of those guys for doing that. We just have to continue to keep progressing in football games."

On if he has seen the Browns make the same steps that the Buffalo Bills did last season when they wiped their playoff drought away:

"Yes, I have seen those steps, but it is also still early. The true test is once Week 1 starts, of course right now we are molding and shaping a team to be able to go out this year and do those things that you speak about. But I think this team is headed in the right direction, for sure. The attitude is right, the energy is right and the locker room. We just have to remain focused throughout the full season and be able to withstand the ups and downs of the season.":

On what his morning routine is like and what he does:

"It is different. Not to get too personal, it is just different on the workout side. I like to let my mind listen to some devotionals in the morning, but it is different. I have always been a morning person. My routine – of course like I said the workout is different. The routine is what it has been for a couple of years now, so it is something that I am used to. I am not in competition trying to be someone up here. It is just something that I have grown accustomed to over the years."

On what time he gets in every morning:

"I do not want to turn on the Hard Knocks cameras in front of them."

On what time he goes to bed:

"I get enough rest (laughter).

On how he was able to keep the outside noise from not affecting the team in Buffalo:

"Internally, we knew what we had in the team. We played for one another. A lot of things were going on outside of the players' control, but the players are the only ones that control our execution week in and week out. That is what we focused on. As a team, each game they learned that we could be a special team. It was not a perfect season, but it was something that we came together to a point that I had not seen the previous seasons that I was there. We never really listened to the outside noise. I know that a team that is successful is able to stay focused and keep their minds focused on the goal."

On if leadership plays a factor:

"Yes. There definitely was leadership from coaches and players. The players because we were the ones going out there and playing. That is a big role in it. That is what we are trying to do here. Different leaders have been stepping up and holding each other accountable. Just trying to show some of the younger guys the ropes, and letting them know that it is the week to week. Do not necessarily let the outside noise affect you. You have to remain focused, because there are a bunch of ups and downs in a season. The team that can stay focused through all of that comes out successful at the end."

On Gordon:

"He is definitely excited. After spending time away, he wants to be with the team. He had to do what was best for him. He is ready to get back on the field. We are ready to see him out on the field. We know what type of playmaker he is. The things that he has done since he played have been phenomenal. I'm looking forward to getting that type of talent on the field."

On if he developed a relationship with Gordon:

"I have known Josh for a while now. But on the football field, definitely was able to build some chemistry with him. Even just talking to him throughout our time away, it was definitely key to keep him locked in and ready for a big season."

On the tandem of Gordon and Landry:

"I think that it would be very special. Two different skillsets, but very talented at what they do. Josh is one of the faster guys in the league and one of the bigger receivers in the league. He is definitely a very talented receiver. You do not really run across guys like that often on teams. You have seen Jarvis day in and day out competing and what he brings to the table. Looking forward to having those guys on the field together. Puts defenses in a bind for sure."

On what he has learned about Haley:

"I have learned a lot about him. I really did not know much about him when we first me. We had known of each other, but had not spent much time around each other. He is very smart, for sure. I have been taking in all of the information that I can from him. Just going to continue to keep learning from him. Some of the things that he has done in the past, what I can do to take my game to the next level and help this offense take our game to the next level, as well."

On if he will lobby for WR Dez Bryant joining the team:

"I have said from day one, that I am all behind management and personnel – whoever makes those decisions. Of course, I would love to have him here. If they see fit for him to come here, then I am all behind it. I am confident in those guys in our receiving room, as well as on the team. He just adds to that. It would be awesome to have him here, but the guys that we have here now are doing a phenomenal job and are competing every day. That is what I like to see out of those guys."

QB Baker Mayfield

On reasoning behind dressing like General Manager John Dorsey:

"We had our rookie show today."

On his impersonation of Dorsey:

"I will save it for our team. Had some good parts today."

On his training camp ending:

"We are still going to be practicing. It is still preseason. For me, I am still going to treat it the same way, mindset wise. I think that I have been able to progress each week and work on the little things each day to try and get better. Happy with where I am at, but not satisfied. Always trying to get better. For right now, we are building each day. I think that we are putting ourselves in the right spot come Week 1."

On what he has learned from QB Tyrod Taylor:

"You can learn a lot from him. Seeing how he prepares for little details in certain plays and what he looks for, that has been a big thing for me to take away from him. Just certain things to help the elimination process as a quarterback, going faster at the line of scrimmage. Just hearing what he says about those things."

On if he handled all of the extra obligations outside of football well:

"I think that depends on who you are asking. I am one that during the offseason I can get stuff done, but I can also still work and do my job. That is what I wanted to do, get everything off the field handled and taken care of. It's important to have a say in your off-the-field brand and what you are doing, your sponsorships, what you want to be represented by and the image you want to have. I think that is important. But when it comes down to it, as soon as you hit the football field, nothing else matters. I wanted to make sure that I took care of that. People say, 'Make sure that you handle all of that before.' I knew that. When it comes to ball, that is my main focus."

On his second preseason game:

"We just saw a couple of different looks. Saw some different stuff thrown at us down towards the goal line – blitzes and playing (cover) zero. Something that we have not seen. We have seen it in practice, but that is stuff that you have to adjust to on the fly. Different looks that when you actually game plan you will be prepared, but when it is like that you have to adjust on the fly."

On his personal development in his situation:

"I absolutely think that the guys I have ahead of me and around me contribute to that. Learning from (QB) Drew (Stanton) has helped tremendously. Also, just watching Ty, even if he is not able to directly coach me like Drew is a lot of the time. I am able to watch and learn. That is a huge credit to them for realizing exactly what they wanted to do and accomplish that."

On WR Josh Gordon returning to the team:

"First of all, it is great to have Josh back. It means that he took care of his business off the field and he is back with us. That is great to see. Anytime that you have a guy like that, his presence around the building – the excitement, the potential that he has – it is something that is great for our team, not just our offense. Happy about that. Right now, we are just taking baby steps. He is going to ease back into it. Because we have had the next man up mentality, we have had guys that have been forced to play a pivotal role and step up to the challenge. We are going to have some competition and I am excited about that."

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