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Press Conference

Browns QBs Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield press conferences - 8/7

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On WR Corey Coleman being traded:

"It is a part of the business. It opens up opportunities for other guys to step up and make plays. That is what we are looking for. The competition is wide open in that room. We want to see guys step up, make plays and show the players, as well as the coaches, that they know what they are doing and ready for the opportunity."

On the Browns WRs being a younger group, except for WR Jarvis Landry:

"A bunch of talented guys. They make lack some experience but very talented. We are going to count on those guys throughout this year. The quicker that they are learning and learning how to make plays, the better off we are as a team."

On WR Rashard Higgins:

"He is competing at a high level each and every day. He has been a very good route runner. He is confident in his hands. The main thing is he is going out and competing each and every day. He is not getting too high and not getting low if he is having a bad day or anything. He is being consistent. That is what you are looking for in that position."

On if this is similar to what he experienced in Buffalo with WR Sammy Watkins getting traded from the Bills in training camp last season:

"Yes. I do not really let things surprise me in this league. I understand the business side, as well as the football side of it. Things happen. Decisions are made for the betterment of our team. You have to trust the management staff. I do that fully. It is a part of the game. Corey is a great kid. Management and the coaches thought different as far as whether he needed to be here or not. I wish him the best. As far as building chemistry with the guys here, I have been getting a bunch of reps with those guys, even when Corey was here. I just have to continue to keep building chemistry with the guys that are here."

On WR Antonio Callaway:

"His route running is definitely something that stands out. Of course, he is a younger guy in his rookie year, but he is confident of course in his hands. He has great route running ability. He just has a natural feels for the game and knows how to get open."

On if Callaway's route running ability is surprising for a rookie:

"I would not say that it is surprising because I saw some tape of him in college. I did not necessarily watch him while he was in college, but when we drafted him, I watched some tape. We kind of knew what to expect. Making plays throughout training camp has built his confidence, and he has been going out there and playing at a high level day in and day out."

On changes to the OL with OL Joel Bitonio and OL Austin Corbett:

"I think that it is coming along very well. Those guys are competing and playing at a high level. They have a great task ahead of them in blocking (DL) Myles Garrett each and every day. It will be great practice and work. They are finding their own and getting comfortable at both of those positions. As far as the decision made, that is something that the coaches make. I trust in their decision making when it comes to that. The guys are going out there and having fun playing ball."

On if he can run the offense affectively with this current personnel:

"Absolutely. We have a ton of playmakers on offense, at the receiver position especially. We have different guys that do different things. I am excited to play with these guys in the preseason, as well as getting ready for Week 1, too."

On if he has been told how much he will play in the first preseason game:

"No, I have not. I think that discussion is tonight. I will welcome all opportunity to go out here and showcase what I can do, as well as this team. I speak for each and every one of us."

On his first career preseason game:

"It was against the Philadelphia Eagles in Baltimore."

On the differences between his first preseason game and college games:

"It just was faster. It was a part of the lockout year so I did not really get any spring rookie minicamp or anything. That was my first live action going against the Eagles. It was definitely fun. It is something that I remember to this day. Just probably a little bit faster than normal. As you continue to keep playing and as you get reps, things slow down for you."

On message to rookies entering their first preseason game:

"Go out there and trust in your instincts. You are here for a reason. Go out there and play ball."

On being the first Browns QB to gather a large number of teammates for individual workouts during the offseason:

"I really do not know what has happened here before at the quarterback position as far as offseason programs. It is something I was used to doing in my time at Buffalo. Like I said, I have learned that from other guys, other teams I have been on and just other quarterbacks. I think it is definitely key just to build chemistry, to get to know one another and get ready for the season."

On if he expected his teammates to come to the player workouts in LA:

"Yeah, I know it is offseason time. Especially before training camp is a time where you will be able to get around your family and around your loved ones before you get back to the grind, but I thought it was necessary for us to get together, especially with the new team and new scheme, and wanted to try to get a head start on things."

On if he senses if WR Josh Gordon will return:

"I hope he does, but we can't necessarily plan around that. As far as the talent in the wide receiver room, everyone is capable of going out there, playing well and getting us to a level we need to be at each and every week. Of course this talent adds to that, and I would love to have him back, but that is not my call."

On if he has talked with Gordon recently:

"I have not had contact with many people outside of training camp. There is very limited time. I have reached out to him. I know (WR) Jarvis (Landry) has talked to him a couple times. My mind really has been to focused on each day."

On goals for his play during the first preseason game:

"Positive plays. Of course, you do not want to get in the habit of having negative plays. Getting the ball out of your hands. We have tremendous playmakers so the more we can get those guys the ball and allow them to go out there and make plays, the better off we are as a team. Of course, putting points on the board is definitely a key factor to success. It is just the first preseason game. You want to take it game by game and go out there and improve on something different each game."

On if he was encouraged by the offense during last week's scrimmage and lessons from it:

"Yes, guys went out there and competed at a high level. I think we showed some flashes of some things we can build on. There are definitely some things that we can correct, but to see guys go out there and compete versus our defense, whichever unit it was, we made plays. That was something to build off of. Just the starting point, but it was definitely something to build off of. I think it was a great step in the right direction."

On the upgraded QB RV:

"What RV? (laughter)"

On if his excitement grows as WR Jarvis Landry continues to make big plays in practice:

"Absolutely, I have been on the other side of the ball facing them two times a year for the last three years. I am excited to play with him. I know what he brings to the game. I know his energy and playmaking ability. I am excited to be a part of that."

On if he has ever seen Jarvis take a play off:

"No, and I think that is a great way to condition yourself, especially for the style of offense that we have. Guys can definitely learn from him, and I think guys are definitely learning from him and his work ethic.

On where he will be during the Hard Knocks premiere tonight:

"I will be sleeping."

On what time he goes to bed:

"Just depends."

On if he shuts it down after he leaves the facility:

"I study, but yes. Rest up for the next day."

On if he will tape Hard Knocks to watch later:

"I do not really watch much TV. I have never seen Hard Knocks. It is an opportunity for us to showcase our team, but I am here to win football games. That is what I am here to do – to win football games."

On what if he is the star of the show:

"That is fine (laughter)."

QB Baker Mayfield:

On his first preseason game this Thursday night:

"I am excited. You can tell that the guys are pretty excited to get out there Thursday and compete against somebody else besides ourselves."                    

On his expectations for the first preseason game:

"Another chance to compete. I think it is going to be a good test for us to see how we translate what we have been working on, take it out against somebody else and see if we can execute."

On if the chance to potentially play a significant number of reps Thursday:

"Anytime I get the chance to play ball, I get excited. However much I play, I have got to take advantage of the opportunity. That is for sure."

On the expected level of difference between an NFL preseason game and college games:

"I do not know if I have the right answer for that one. For me, I am going to go out there and compete, do the best job of executing our gameplan and competing against them. It is not looking at it like I have to handle it any differently. I still have to go out there and I want to lead our offense and lead our team. I am not going to handle it much differently."

On WR Corey Coleman being traded:

"It obviously caught some people off guard. At the same time, we have said it I do not know how many times that it is the 'next man up' mentality. It is one of those things that you have to have somebody step up. We are counting on a couple of guys to fill that role and pick up the pace."

On last week's scrimmage:

"When you get the energy level up, you have to be able to execute. That is why I am excited about Thursday, as well. When you get people hyped up and you actually get some contact, can you focus in and can you do your job when there are distractions around? I think that we handled the first one pretty well, but it definitely can go a lot better."

On if playing against the first team defense and if that creates a more challenging situation and adversity, and if that is a good thing for him:

"I would not necessarily say that. Who I am with or what I am going up against, whenever I get a chance to get my reps in, that is a good challenge for me. To go up against a defense instead of just learning out there and seeing what I can translate onto the game field, I think that is a good challenge for me. Whoever I am with, I still have to do my job, and the most important thing for me is raising their expectations and their level of play, as well."

On opportunities to go against the first team defense:

"Anytime that you can get better competition level, that is always better for you. You want to get the best out of yourself and you want to compete against the best. Anytime that you see some of those guys – (DL) Myles (Garrett), Kirko (LB Christian Kirksey) and (DB) Damarious (Randall) – that is a good challenge for me."

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