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Press Conference

Browns RBs coach Freddie Kitchens press conference - 8/14

Running backs coach Freddie Kitchens:

On if the Browns are working more on the running game this week following last week's performance:

"No more than normal. I think the emphasis has been on doing what we do better. I think that the other night was the first time out for a lot of guys. During our scrimmages here, we have good runs, bad runs and different problems from playing the play. The run game is kind of a collective effort by our running backs, offensive line, receivers, quarterbacks and everybody involved that a lot of people do not see. (RB) Nick (Chubb) missed a few runs the other day that he wish he could have back. Also, you are dealing with a guy who was pressing a little bit when he did not have early success. If you go two [yards], one, two, zero, 15, you think that you had a good game when really you only had one good run. What we are looking for is consistency up front, consistency at the tight end position, consistency at the wide receiver position and of course, consistency at the running back position. We will continue to work and get that."

On coaching points for Chubb and if he needs to give Chubb 'a boost':

"I do not think that you ever have to give Nick a boost. What you have to do with Nick sometimes is maybe slow his eyes down. Like I said in the spring, I am not going to teach anybody how to run the football, but I can teach them where their eyes are and teach them not to press so much if you do not have early success because you never know where the problem is coming from. You just have to read and react to what you see at that moment. I thought that he pressed a little bit the other night. That was the only thing that I was disappointed in was him pressing. He was still physical when he hit the hole. When he hit the hole, he hit the hole. He started pressing and then maybe did not see as many things as he normally does."

On Chubb being hit in the backfield on a few occasions:

"Those guys [offensive line] are out there working, too. I do not think that you can do anything with their eyes when you get hit in the backfield. Maybe someone else's eyes, but in his eyes, he is looking over here, not really looking at the backside 3 technique or whatever. Those guys are continuing to get better, too. A lot of guys, the other night was the first time that they have played in an NFL football game, if that is what you want to call that. At the end of that day, it is a practice with uniforms on and you are trying to get better with each day. That was just one of those days with the opportunity to get better."

On projections for RB Carlos Hyde:

"I project for him to be consistent, to know what to do, to know when to do it and to know how to do it and know where his eyes are and let his physical ability take place and be successful from that point on. In saying that, everybody has to be on the same page. We are still trying to build continuity up front, in the backfield and everywhere. Running the football requires a lot of that."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr. saying he has interest in playing WR:

"I think that he is blowing smoke up all your whatever (laughter). Duke is a running back. He is going to be out wide some, but so is Carlos and so is Nick. Those guys are going to be everywhere. Duke may like to hear himself a little bit (laughter)."

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