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Browns Rookie Tackle Program recognizes 3 coaches for Coach of the Year Award

The coaches went above and beyond to introduce the game of football to youth players across Northeast Ohio


The Browns are proud to recognize three coaches from the Browns' Rookie Tackle Program as 2022 Coach of Year Award winners.

C.J. Scarcipino from Ohio Gridiron, Lovell White from Cleveland Muny and Rob Ferns from the Chagrin Valley Conference have all been selected as winners after they went above and beyond in their coaching efforts to grow the game of football in Northeast Ohio to accelerate the Rookie Tackle Program, designed to introduce football to youth players.

Designed by USA Football, the Rookie Tackle model is part of the Youth Football Player Development Pathway, which serves as a bridge game from flag to traditional 11-player tackle football. Unlike traditional 11-player tackle leagues, all players will have the opportunity to learn and play multiple positions. A 7-on-7 format allows for higher coach-to-player ratio leading to advanced player skill development.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Rookie Tackle Program or starting their own league can click here. Additionally, the Browns are hosting a Rookie Tackle Meet and Greet on Feb. 17 for designated Rookie Tackles leagues to educate potential coaches interested in joining the program.

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