Rookie Tackle


About Rookie Tackle

Rookie Tackle is a modified game to introduce tackle football to youth players. Designed by USA Football, the Rookie Tackle model is part of the Youth Football Player Development Pathway, which serves as a bridge game from flag to traditional 11-player tackle football.

Unlike traditional 11-player tackle, all players will have the opportunity to learn and play multiple positions. A 7-on-7 format allows for higher coach-to-player ratio leading to advanced player skill development. Another noticeable difference is the smaller field (40 x 35 1/3) to fit the right age, right stage of the player.

Current List of Rookie Tackle Leagues

Chagrin Valley Conference (CVC)

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Cleveland Muny Youth Football League

Great Lakes Youth Football League


Lake Erie Youth Football League

Little Southwest Conference Youth League

Ohio Gridiron Youth Football League


JR. LC8 Youth Football League

Start Your Own Rookie Tackle League

Start Your Own Rookie Tackle League

There are multiple Rookie Tackle programs around Northeast Ohio, but it is our goal for you to join one or start your own league. Each program receives the following:

  • Game Tickets - Invitation to Cleveland Browns Preseason Game (PlayFootball Month)
  • Invitation to Cleveland Browns Training Camp as a special guest
  • Opportunity to play during halftime of a Browns Home Game
  • Opportunity to have your program and kids highlighted on our website and social media platforms

Contact Us to Sign-Up or Start Your Own League

For more information regarding Rookie Tackle, contact Browns Youth Football at 440-891-5069 or via email at

Player of the Week

Player of the Week

During the season, Rookie Tackle players from each conference were spotlighted as the Cleveland Browns Rookie Tackle Player of The Week. The league directors selected the player of the week from their conference. The individual was highlighted on our website and social media platform, for their outstanding work on the field, in the classroom, in the community, and overall being a great kid.

Kevin Stefanski on Rookie Tackle