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Press Conference

Browns ST coordinator Amos Jones press conference - 11/2

Special teams coordinator Amos Jones:

On handling the coaching changes:

"First off, it is about the players. You kind of get your focus on them. I have two young NFL coaches that work with me so handling it from a standpoint for them because I have been through it before in the college ranks. It is never easy for anybody. You just kind of have to put you attention to details on the little things, making sure that we cross our t's and dot our i's in terms of what we have to get done and that the information we have to get to the players is ready and spot on for them."

On if anything changes on specials teams with Gregg Williams as head coach:

"No, Gregg has been a special teams guy before so he understands the minute details of our job. It has been really smooth in terms of just kind of a normal procedure for us. It is kind of what he wanted to do, which is good because anytime that you keep normalcy throughout the deal of turmoil, it can help you. You know your routine. That is the biggest thing, just trying to keep the routine the same of the players and pretty much for the coaching staff, minus a few things that we do different in terms of how he prepares. He has been a head coach before so that was good experience for us all to know that he had a plan in terms of how it would operate."

On how a midseason coaching change affects players:

"Each guy is going to handle it differently. Some guys handle it internally. Some guys handle it being the same. It is kind of a hard question to answer to be honest because I think each guy in this business handles things differently. We have all been through scenarios before where we had to kind of know what was going on and handle it in terms of trying to keep everything level and keep everything the same. I would hope that all of the players understand the fact that all of our jobs are on the line every week. You kind of have to ratchet up. If you have been soft in one area, you better do something different. If something needs to be improved as a player or coach, you better get it done. That is kind of the message that I tell myself. Just kind of move on. Probably the less said the better in terms of all of the things because there are so many other ways for players to get information nowadays. I have not noticed any difference in terms of how they have prepared and how they have worked form a standpoint of just their daily routine. I think practices have been really good."

On if Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is the scariest punt returner in the NFL:

"(Special teams coaching intern) Josh Cribbs is pretty scary (laughter). I have to throw his name out there, right? The thing that he does is a lot like (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown when I first got him. It might not go the way it is designed, but he might get back to the way it was designed. The lateral-ness along with him being able to stick his foot in the ground and climb on you is the thing, but boy, he is very, very talented. Actually, when he transferred to the West Alabama, it is about 40 miles from where I grew up so I knew about him when he was at West Alabama at the university down there. My brother actually played ball there, but he is talented and shifty, and he is aggressive in his catch procedures. I am just glad he is not on both kickoff and punt because then you have to deal with him like Cribbs."

On K Greg Joseph's misses against the Steelers:

"I think he pushed the field goal in terms of it. It is all about kind of making sure that you get that one little crank to get it inside that goal post on the right hash. He had a good warmup so all of those things. Like last week, we talked about the field situations. There was nothing in that respect that came back to bite him, and the extra point he did not even give himself a chance so that was the biggest thing. I think he pushed the field goal, and obviously, we needed to get that knocked in because that would have been a nine-point swing for us in that respect. As he has been told, you can't really miss two kicks in a row in this league. It is going to be kind of one of those deals that you do not need to let that be a consistent deal for you. I look for him to have a good bounce-back week playing here at home."

On containing Hill as a returner:

"Not punting, (offensive coordinator) Freddie Kitchens (laughter). The biggest thing there is we have to do our job. You obviously take directional punts into this game more so than ever, maybe a little bit wider hit and things like that. The bottom line is he is going to get a ball. We just have to tackle. We have gunners that have been getting down there, and they have to finish their play and then nets have to take care of their responsibility about it. I think also players take a little pride and ownership about, 'Hey, we are going against a great guy.' (Chiefs assistant head coach/special teams coordinator) Dave (Toub) has always had his guy highly ranked in terms of return stuff, and when you face him, you know you better be ready to get to get to tackling and get the circuit ready. That is how I hope our focus is and have a good day protecting because you have to protect before you go down and then getting down and swarm the ball."

On if the team discussed bringing in a new K:

"You would have to check with (General Manager) John (Dorsey) on that. Nobody said anything to me other than coach the guy and get him to work better in terms of making both of those kicks."

On if this game is an opportunity for Joseph to prove he has a future in the NFL by bouncing back following a tough performance:

"Every game – I think I said this last week, he is a rookie so every obstacle he has to overcome, he needs to overcome. Be it the week before where we changed his cleat or be it last week where he missed a makeable field goal in terms of the distance and the extra point, I think every week is going to be something for him that it might be that he goes out and goes 100 percent but there is something be it kickoff or being prepared in practice to do this type of kick or things like that. Every game is something that he has to continue improve upon. This week, he obviously has to put those kicks out of his mind and go play, make his kicks in pregame and do those types of things to get his confidence ready to go. The bottom line is he is a good kicker. He has a real strong leg. I think everybody has kind of seen that now. Now, it is the consistency that we are looking for. That is the thing that you hope he continues to go. He is 10 out of 12 so it is not like he has been bad, but the consistency of being 100 percent is what we are looking for. That is what we strive for."

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