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Press Conference

Browns WR Josh Gordon press conference - 8/27

WR Josh Gordon:

On how is life:

"Life is good."

On if his focus is preparing for the season opener:

"Yes. Week 1 regular season, that is my focus. That is what I have been told to do. That is what I play on doing."

On returning to the team and if he feels accomplished what he needed to do while away from the team:

"In relations to football, it is good to be back. It is good to be in this atmosphere and right where I need to be. Yeah, I am glad. I am good."

On how he is mentally:

"As it relates to football, I am doing well. Glad that I was able to have the opportunity. Good to be here. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have the chance to come back out here and be with my teammates, and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere."

On having the support of the team and organization:

"It is awesome. It really is. From a standpoint of the organization, front office, administrative people and my teammates, especially good friends of mine, family members, it is a resounding positive effect that I have been getting. It is great to see that. It is great to see that love, feel that love and give it back."

On if his absence from the beginning of training camp affects his optimism about 2018:

"No, not at all."

On if there is a 'new level of Josh Gordon' after seeing him at his best:

"Best yet. There is better to come, always better to come."

On if he is at a point where he knows himself well enough to ask the team for support or to take time off:

"As it relates to football, I have a great group of guys here and people here that I can lean on no matter what is going on. Outside of here, focus and stay grounded. The objective is to win games. The objective is to play football."

On how much he needs football in his life:

"It is a part of what I do. It is not who I am, but it is a big part of that. I am definitely grateful. I love it. You need balance. Too much of one thing outweighing another is not healthy for you."

On if returning to the team on Aug. 18 was his original plan:

"I had no plan."

On coming back to the team before the regular season, compared to last season with five games remaining:

"It is huge to have that advantage of learning the playbook. Being back now, it is almost as if I never left in knowing exactly what I need to do, where to be at. The plays are somewhat similar. The lingo and verbiage is really familiar. It has been easy to hop right back in and pick up right where I left off."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying he didn't have to earn back Jackson's trust and if he felt he still needed to do more to earn Jackson's confidence:

"I think the only thing you can do is walk it out and live out those actions on a daily basis. I can't make anybody feel any type of way about me. That is going to be on them. For me, I have to keep doing me."

On if it is disappointing to not play in the final preseason game to eliminate potential rust:

"No, not at all. These nice football fields back here is where all of the rust needs to be shaken out at."

On if he can get ready for the season on the practice field:

"Oh yeah. For sure."

On Jackson saying he would not start the season opener:

"I have no hard emotions, feelings or thoughts about that. That is up to him to decide. It is his team. He is the leader. I want to come in and help this team and organization win any way that I can. Any way that they seem fit to apply me or put me in this system, that is what I am going to do."

On preparing for a 16-game season:


On how the hamstring injury occurred:


On the injury as a setback:

"Not much of a setback. Not really frustrating. I have been through many other injuries just like it before. It does not take that long to bounce back from. It was nothing to really deter me from my motivation. I know that there is plenty of time and plenty of opportunity to showcase my abilities."

On if he will be 100 percent for Week 1:

"For sure."

On what he saw from the Browns last week against Philadelphia:

"Offensively, room to grow. I think we all know that. In preseason, I think that is a given. Defensively, incredible. Incredible performance across the board. Likes of which that I have not seen before. Amazing. Overall, a turn of events and a resilient defense. Offensively, we know that we have room to get better and that we will get better."

On having the Hard Knocks crew in the building:

"I have had my fair share of cameras and interviews. It is alright. Not bad."

On the Hard Knocks camera crew being at the airport when he arrived:

"It is a part of the show. It is a part of the business. Entertainment comes with the territory. It is what I signed up for. That is alright."

On Dee and Jimmy Haslam and the Browns organization sticking by him throughout his career:

"I am just grateful to have the opportunity to play professional football. Grateful for Jimmy and Mrs. Haslam and what they have helped do for the community and the City of Cleveland, here locally and abroad, not only for me but for many of these other teammates and people in this facility and their families in what they do. It makes a huge difference and it impacts many people's lives. I am very grateful for them. I hope that they know how big of a difference they have made here in Ohio."

On QB Tyrod Taylor and learning about him in the spring:

"We spent a lot of time after practice and in between practice and workouts talking about what we going to do in the film room studying. It never really stops with Tyrod. That is just how it is. He is a hard worker. He is instilling that in all of us, something that we admire and something that is contagious. He is definitely the guy that we look towards to pull us into that direction."

On the impact DL Myles Garrett can have against the Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger:

"Hopefully, the type of impact that can change the game. I think he is capable of doing that. I think more than anything, that is something the Browns want to see is Ben Roethlisberger on the ground. He is a hard guy to tackle, and I think we have the defense to do it. Give him the hardest day so I am excited to see it."

On if that is the biggest difference in the matchups against the Steelers:

"I think there are a few differences – stability in the organization, offenses and defenses being switched here continuously. Those guys kind of stayed [consistent] six or seven years or so. It has its advantages."

On how much he needs his teammates to check up on him:

"I just need them to be themselves honestly. That is it. If they feel like hearing from Josh today, great. If not, great. I am going to be alright and things will go as they should go. Like I said, I am definitely happy to have them in and around my life in any type of way possible. Anyway they want to be a part of it, I love those guys and I am grateful to have them."

On if he is behind after missing the beginning of training camp:

"Behind? Not that I know of. I feel pretty good, yeah. I feel great."

On if he ever bristles when people say he is a quiet guy since he has something inside him people might not see:

"Not at all. Not at all. People can perceive you to be million different types of ways. I think we all know that. Depending on how well you get to know a person, that might change your opinion of them."

On if he has something burning inside of him that makes him want to uplift the Browns and lead them to a championship:

"As far as from a production standpoint? Yes, that is where my passion lies in bringing wins to Cleveland and getting us to the playoffs and championship. Hopefully, I am one of the people in the forefront that can help do it, whether it is vocally or it is out here producing and leading by example."

On working with WR Jarvis Landry as leaders in the WR room and balancing who is WR1 and WR2:

"He is a leader, I know that. I do not necessarily even see anything depth chart wise as ones and twos. To me, the group of guys in there as a collective, we are all the same. We are all equals. We share everything. We work together. We grind together. We get excited, and we celebrate together. If one person does well, we all do well. There are no ones, twos or threes. We are all ones in my eyes."

On the biggest reason for excitement this season:

"It is a team excitement. Overall, you can feel it from not only the players but the staff, training staff, strength and conditioning, upstairs and anywhere really. It is purely just a different aura and presence that it has that I have not felt before. I think people know that something is coming, and as players, we know we have a lot to do with that."

On reports that an off-field situation impacted his decision to not report to training camp and confidence that off-field situations will not affect his ability to remain with the team:

"I know I am going to be here playing football, and anything outside of these walls, I think I have the right people in place to help me in any way in which I need them to help."

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