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2020 NFL Draft

Cal QB Jared Goff: 'I think I'm going to improve a team the day I get there​'

INDIANAPOLIS — Jared Goff laughed off "comical" concerns about the size of his hands — which was measured at 9 inches — and other criticisms Thursday afternoon at the NFL Combine.

"I just heard about that yesterday. I've been told I have pretty big hands my whole life. I heard I have small hands yesterday apparently," Goff said, smiling. "I've never had a problem with that or expect it to be a problem at all."

Goff, the California quarterback who is regarded as one the top signal-callers in the league's draft, appeared confident and poised during his meeting with the national news media, saying he wasn't about to rest on past laurels.

"I always want to go out there with something to prove. I always have a chip on my shoulder and I always want to go out there and prove people wrong, prove people right, whatever it is," Goff said.

"I just go out there and try to do my best. By no means am I complacent at all. I want to go out there and do my best and hopefully play well."

The Browns hold the second and 32nd draft picks and will use those selections on the best players available, regardless of position. Of course, that includes quarterback.

"We have a chance to draft some really good players on our football team coming up pretty soon," Cleveland coach Hue Jackson said Wednesday.

Goff said the prospect of playing for the Browns was "absolutely" exciting.

"I'm confident in my abilities wherever I go, honestly. I'm very confident," said Goff, who helped the Golden Bears go from 1-11 his freshman year to 8-5 last season. "I'm not going to stand up here and tell you everything about myself, but I'm confident and I think I can be successful anywhere."

Goff also heaped praise on Jackson, who is known for his past work with quarterbacks as an offensive coordinator.

"I think it starts with coach Jackson. I think he's a great coach, and that if he ends up choosing me or whatever quarterback he ends up choosing or whatever way he ends up going, I think he's going to be able to make the guy successful. I think he's a great coach, a great offensive mind and a great quarterback guy," Goff said.

Jackson on Wednesday outlined what he looks for in a quarterback.

"I think it's hard, but you can see situations where a guy does display courage. You know, standing on the field under duress, his poise under pressure. Being able to handle the rush. Being able to handle third downs. Those are some of the things that give you clues about that. Do you truly know? You never really know until you get him and he's with you and you put him in those situations before they happen," he said.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pound Goff said he thinks he can make an immediate contribution.

"I think I'm going to improve a team the day I get there, honestly. I think I can be the guy who can play right away, the guy who can sit if I need to and learn," he said. "Honestly I'm excited for whatever team wants to draft me and I'm excited to make an impact right away."

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