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Press Conference

Cody Kessler press conference: Browns vs. Cowboys

On how he feels physically:
"Oh, I am alright. I took a couple shots but nothing bad and felt fine. Had a little tweak with my leg there in just a freak moment but nothing. Nothing serious. I feel fine."

On if it was his leg or ankle that was affected:
"It was my leg. I was under… It was a weird thing. Just kind of got rolled up on a little bit.  Luckily, came back in and moved it around a little bit. Just kept moving it and it felt fine."

On if he had an X-ray on his leg:
"Yeah. [It was] negative. I am fine."

On what hindered the offense in the second half:
"I think just putting drives together, getting consistent. We hurt ourselves a couple of times getting into some third-and-longs. We got a little momentum going and then had a penalty, something that would just push us back a little bit. It was unfortunate because they were putting drives together and capitalizing. That was on us offensively to continue to do that in the second half. It just didn't go our way. We have to keep going back to complete games and finishing games. We give ourselves a chance there at the half, cut it close, and then came out in the second half and unfortunately, couldn't capitalize and keep the momentum going on our side."

On if he will be able to play on Thursday night:
"Yeah, I feel fine."

On the difficulty of playing with shorter possessions as Dallas' offense kept the ball for longer possessions:
"That was a big point. They're so effective with running the football and they have a great offensive line. (Cowboys RB) Zeke (Ezekiel Elliot) has done a great job at running back. With the time of possession, they have extended drives. They run the ball and they move the ball down the field really well. You have to capitalize on the drives when you have the ball. Offensively, you can't go three-and-out. You can't have short five-, six-play drives then give the ball back. That's on me to continue to put drives together and be more efficient."

On having WR Corey Coleman back in the lineup:
"Corey got to come back out and made some great catches today. He is just a playmaker. Even when he doesn't get the ball, you have to count for him. He just has that speed and that instinct. He is just a great competitor. He is a guy out there that wants to win just as bad as the next guy. He is out there working hard. He had some great plays today – (WR) Terrelle (Pryor Sr.), as well. Terrelle did a great job and got (TE) Gary (Barnidge) and (WR) Andrew (Hawkins) involved. Our backs did a good job and our offensive line did a great job. We just have got to continue to put these drives together and put full games together."

On if it can be put into words how difficult it is going 0-9:
"The way I was brought up was through adversity. Different things that happen in your life you can't control. This team, I think the best word I know is just relentless. These guys come back to work every day. No matter what the circumstances are, this is a great group of guys and I love playing with them and playing for this team and this city. It's tough. You want to win every game. When that doesn't happen, you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, 'Ok, let's go.' You have got to take it in. It's supposed to hurt. It's going to hurt because if it doesn't then you don't care. It's going to hurt, but you have to move on. You have to keep going. These guys in this locker room are great – great character, great athletes, great guys that prepare as hard as they can every week. Obviously, we have come up short, but that's not going to stop us. We are going to come ready to go. We've got a short week this week, come get ready for Thursday."

On the tough throw that he almost completed to WR Andrew Hawkins on the Browns' first possession and why he seemed so animated after the play:
"Yeah, I was just trying to make a play happen and threw it to him and missed him a little bit short. There was kind of a bunch of guys over there, but I saw him kind of sneaking around Gary (Barnidge), getting to the back corner, and I tried to put it low and away in case the guy followed him, and it was just a little bit too low. Those are opportunities that you have to make, and that is what is frustrating is rolling right going back left and trying to make a play happen and put some points on the board but not obviously throw to the other team and not make a mistake there but try to make something happen. I just missed him a little bit short there and tried to get it to him."

On losing OL Cameron Erving after an ejection:
"Obviously, you never want to see your center go out and it was an unfortunate situation. I know Cam was upset and we came into the locker room at halftime and he was still there, involved in everything which was great to see. It was an unfortunate situation, but (OL John) Greco is a great player, great offensive lineman and he has been at guard, center, guard, moving back and forth. (OL) Spencer (Drango) got to come in again. That is just the game. Things happen that you can't control or something might happen like that, and you just have to move on. You have to continue to trust the guys in front of you and whoever goes in there."

On if Erving talked with him about getting ejected at halftime:
"No. No, we didn't talk about that. He just came in and was being encouraging, pumping us up getting us excited."

On if the Browns can rally and get prepared for the quick turnaround against the Ravens on Thursday:
"Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. The will of this team and the way these guys fight and just that relentless effort is something that – and you don't see it outside the building, but I see it inside the building – the guys in the locker room see it. It is tough and it is supposed to hurt. You care so much about this game and this sport, and it hurts when you put everything you have into it. These guys come ready to work every day, and I know tomorrow is going to be the same way. We are going to show up – obviously, it is going to hurt tonight a little bit and you are going to think about it – but you are going to come ready to go and clear your mind and get ready for Baltimore."

On if he felt any rust today after having not playing against the Jets and if it affected his play:
"No, obviously, getting back into it, [the rust] was a little bit there but no. We had some big plays on the first drive, which was obviously good and kind of settled me down and the offense down a little bit. No, I felt comfortable getting back in there. Being out for a week, coming back in was fine."

On getting 'slammed' on one of the Cowboys sacks and how his head felt after:
"No, I felt fine. There was, I took a couple shots but that is part of the game. I did not feel any more symptoms come on or anything like that. I felt and just move on to the next play."

On what Cowboys QB Dak Prescott said to him after the game:
"Just continue to do what you are doing. We told each other we are proud of each other. He just said, 'Hey man, you are playing great and continue to keep working hard.' I told him the same thing. Like I said before the game, it is cool to see another rookie have success, a guy that you know and a guy that has become a good friend of yours. We obviously are big fans of each other and continue to push each other and compete."

On the 44-yard pass completion to RB Isaiah Crowell on the Browns' first drive:
"It was just something we saw gameplan wise and it was a check play if we got up there and we got the look we wanted. It was on me to check the play to that, and fortunately enough, we walked up and they gave us the exact look. We worked on it a couple times throughout the week. We got the look we wanted and checked to it, and Crow did a great job of catching the ball and getting some yards after the catch."

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