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Press Conference

Cody Kessler press conference: Browns vs. Redskins

On the running game:
"I think that they did a good job. We were running the ball so effectively I think we need to just stick to the run game, keep doing that."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr.'s fumble:
"I mean, where I was standing, what I saw was Duke was running – I didn't know he fumbled at first. I kind of looked away getting ready to see what the next play was, and then looked back and I saw a bunch of a guys jumping on the ball and then within half a second Duke stood up and held it up with his hand. And I think the ref was still trying to find out where the ball was and Duke was yelling at me, 'It's right here, hey, I've got it right here.' And unfortunately the call didn't go our way."

On the interception intended for WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:
"He got himself open and that's just on me. I've got to time it out better with him to get it out in front, but he did a great job."

On speaking with Robert Griffin III for encouragement:
"Robert's been great with me the whole time since he's been out. Robert was just giving me pointers here and there, like, 'Hey, this might be loud here,' and what to expect from [the Redskins] on defense and what they do well what they don't do well and things like that. But he's been great this whole process, ever since last week when I became a starter, he's been great helping me out."

On working with FB Malcolm Johnson in practice:
"I think [RB Isaiah] Crowell was a little banged up at points so Malcolm came in and he made a great run. It was an unfortunate turn there, but he does so much that doesn't get recognized as a fullback.  I have a ton of confidence in him and he has a ton of confidence in me. Malcolm is a great player and he does a great job."

On his second game as a starter:
"Obviously it started out a little better. I was more comfortable, but it hurts as bad as the last one. I love this team and they've welcomed me with open arms these last two weeks. I just care so much about these guys and the city and everything, and that's why it hurts me because I've put everything I can into that and so has everyone else on the team. These guys are awesome and there are no other guys I'd rather be playing with."* *

*On Pryor being upset after Johnson fumble: *
"I think we all were on that call unfortunately, but the call was made and there's nothing we can do about it so, we just had to move on. Terrelle is a great player, he really is, and he's helped me out a lot.  He loves the game and he loves to compete and he's a true competitor. Yeah, he can get a little emotional here and there, but he loves the game and wants to win. He puts everything he has into it and I think that just shows the type of player he is, he puts everything he has on the field."

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