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Corey Coleman Conference Call - 4/28

On joining QB Robert Griffin III as a Brown, given their Baylor ties:
"It's crazy. I'm so happy. It's a blessing. I'm ready to roll. I know RGIII is a great quarterback."

On his skillset and how he can help the Browns:
"I am versatile. I can play inside or outside receiver. I can do punt returns, kick returns. I can play a lot of positions to help the team."

On his draft night and if he had an inclination he'd be selected by Cleveland:
"I kind of did when they kept trading back. I felt like they were going to get a receiver but I didn't know who. I kind of figured that. I'm just happy and I'm ready to roll."

On his impression of the Browns after his visit:
"I like it. They're building. They want to be great; I want to be great. They're doing things that other people aren't doing. They're making big moves"

On being the first WR selected in the 2016 NFL Draft:
"Like I said before, I feel like I can do a little bit of everything. I can play inside and outside. That helps me out a lot. On my film, I have good film. I produce, I'm competitive and I just want to win."

On if changed his running style at all, considering he was a kinesiology major:
"No, sir, not at all. I just really stretch a lot and really just do the things I need to do to be at my best by eating right and sleeping right."

On if he agrees with the Browns' comment that he plays bigger than his size:
"I do agree with that. Everyone thinks I'm 6'3" or something like that when I am 5'11". I'm just really passionate about football so when it's up in the air, I just go up and get it, just try my best. I play with physicality. I am really physical. I feel like that is what they mean when they say that"

On who from the Browns talked with him before the selection and their conversation:
"Man, my eyes just got big when they called, the Ohio number. They called me and I answered, and they were like, 'You ready to roll?' I said, 'Yes sir, I'm ready to rock.' They asked me, 'Did you work out today.' Yeah, you have my heart over here beating and that's a workout (laughter)."

On he had recent conversations with Griffin, given their Baylor ties and Cleveland's interest in him:
"No, not at all, I don't think he had no idea. You now I wasn't there with RGIII. I was just coming in. I was just coming to games because I was getting recruited by Baylor. I watched him play and he was spectacular. He's a great player and a great person. I respect him a lot."

On if he has spoken with his godfather, Ray Crockett:
"He was just telling me to be patient, don't get nervous, enjoy it and stuff like that. I'm going to text him back once I get done with everything."

On if there is an NFL receiver he tries to emulate:
"Definitely, I look up to (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown and (Ravens WR) Steve Smith. I got a lot of respect for their game, the way they play, their passion and stuff like that."

On some analysts' comments that he hasn't shown the full NFL route tree on film and if that is an area he will need to focus on when he enters the league:
"You know I am always going to have to get better at everything I do, but I don't think it will be a main thing. I ran NFL routes out of high school. I came to Baylor. I had to make an adjustments running routes, and in the NFL, I'll have to make an adjustment and figure out everything all over again. It's a process."

On if he knows WR Josh Gordon:
"I do know Josh. He played for Baylor. When I came up there, I used to like to watch him and RGIII and (Titans WR) Kendall Wright and all of them. He's phenomenal. He's a great player."

The Cleveland Browns selected Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman with the No. 15 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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