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David Njoku to act in first national film featuring Harvey Keitel, Tyrese Gibson

Njoku will appear in "The Wrecker"


Browns fans are accustomed to seeing TE David Njoku on TV on Sundays. Soon, everyone will see him in his first national movie.

Njoku is set to shine in "The Wrecker" alongside Hollywood heavyweights Harvey Keitel and Tyrese Gibson. The movie, directed by Art Camacho, tells the story of Tony, an ex-marine and car mechanic. When his reckless brother catches the attention of a notorious crime boss, Tony's life takes an unexpected turn.

The seven-year pro will portray the henchman for the bad guy in the movie. Njoku started filming for "The Wrecker" in March in Las Vegas and ended in April – with the start of training camp looming on July 12. Now, seven months later, he is eager to watch it.

"I want to see how it looks on the big screen," Njoku said." It's one thing to act and then see the rough draft. Seeing on the big screen will definitely be different. I am very excited."

Njoku enjoyed watching his two favorite actors, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Idris Elba, growing up. Their performances inspired him to try acting, piquing his interest to explore another option in case football didn't work out. While a student at the University of Miami, Njoku took acting classes and gained experience acting in smaller Miami productions.

Njoku is unafraid to explore activities beyond football and has a variety of interests. When football is done, he could look to explore more of his passions.

One of those passions comes in the form of fashion. Njoku can envision himself on the runway in the future with a style that ranges from streetwear to traditional Nigerian clothing. On his Instagram, he mixes conventional African clothing like Dubaku and Dashiki with streetwear such as Adidas, graphic tees and hype beast clothing when he's not showing off his workout routine.

"I can see myself doing a runway," Njoku said. "It will be fun, but I have to get the proper people to represent me. I just have to make sure I enjoy my outfit. I am not going to put something on just because so and so says, and now I look like a (jerk)."

The official release date for "The Wrecker" hasn't been announced.

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