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Press Conference

DeShone Kizer press conference: Browns vs. Bengals

On the slow start from the Browns offense:
"In order to be successful in this league, it takes all 11 guys on one side of the ball working together to execute their job properly. We were not able to do that across the board from the first snap."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying he didn't want to leave the game in the fourth quarter:
"We have a team who will continue to fight, and you can see it on that last drive there. I would like to be a part of that, but it was best for me at the time to avoid some late hits and stuff like that to try to preserve the health of myself  moving forward."

On frustration with an interception following a tipped pass or ball going through a player's hands:
"You put countless amount of hours into this sport to be able to execute things that we do regularly do throughout practice, training camp and OTAs. All the time you spend not to feel that same success that you feel in practice does become a little frustrating."

On how to maintain confidence after starting his career 0-4:
"You go back in, you learn from the good, you learn from the bad and you continue to try to improve. The message that I live by is every day is a new opportunity to get better. This is once again another learning experience for us as an offense, and we are going to try to do whatever we can this week to work on our execution so that we can continue to grow."

On if he felt the QB hits adding up toward the end of the game:
"Absolutely. Those guys are big. You are going to feel every hit you take. Once again, completely healthy. Got out of there with no bumps or bruises. It is just about executing our jobs."

On the Browns starting 0-4 with today's loss:
"Once again, we put a lot of time and effort into this. We try to do whatever we can to execute our jobs. When we come out and do not execute it, that does become frustrating."

On Jackson's message to the team:
"That we have to continue to fight. We have to flush this as fast as we can. When you grind as hard as we grind, it only gives you an opportunity. It is on to us to make sure that we are executing our job to maximize those opportunities."

On if today's loss is a wakeup call:
"0-4 is a wakeup call. 0-1 is a wakeup call. Each week that you lose is a wakeup call. I think we have responded properly each week with pretty good weeks of practice, but once again, that only gives you an opportunity. It is on us to make sure that we are executing the things that we do in practice on Sundays to maximize those opportunities."

On if Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict's hit knocked the wind out of him or hurt him:
"No. He got a good hold on me and got my whole body and laid on top of me. He is one heck of a player, and you expect from him when he gets an opportunity to hit the quarterback, he is going to hit him hard."

On if his confidence is shaken at all:
"There is no sense of me shaking my confidence at all. You learn from your mistakes. You learn from the good things. You build on them. You do whatever you can to execute the next week."

On being placed in tough situations throughout the game, specifically following the fumbled snap:
"You have to execute all 11 guys out there doing their job every snap. In order to do well in this league, it has to be every rep. It can't be spurts. It can't be here and there. You start to see, obviously, throughout these games how many plays can pile up to turn into negativity. It is on us once again to do our job every time we go step out there to drive the ball down the field and win games."

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