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DeShone Kizer press conference: Browns vs. Jaguars

On the game and the difficulty of the result:"It hurts. I am trying to do whatever I can to string together some games and continue to prove my development to my teammates and to continue to earn the respect of them. This is the first game that I have come off of the field feeling as if I didn't prove that I have developed yet."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying that he is going to 'ride out the season' with him and if that makes him feel good:"It is a bad feeling knowing that it is a question, but yeah, I think that knowing where you are at going into next week at least allows you to have some sort of peace of mind going into the following week."

On missed throws and interceptions:"On an out route, I missed. You get paid not to miss in this league. I missed on that one. On the other one, it was one heck of a play by the backside linebacker for playing through his coverage into where the ball was going to."

On the out route sailing on him and resulting in an interception:"Yeah, I lost it."

On Jacksonville's pass rushing ability:"It is very good, but it is my job to make sure that the ball is out of harm's way. When you fumble as much as I did and you take the sacks that I take, those are on me. The ability that I have with my legs, I need to find a gap to make the play positive."

On potential positive takeaways from the game:"Obviously, the emotions are up right now fresh off of the field. I think that we came out and battled pretty hard. We continue to show that the fight that we have in this team. (WR) Corey Coleman came out and showed us exactly who he is as a receiver. The pass game looked pretty decent throughout the game. Just need to make sure that I am not missing. I think that is the big takeaway from this game is that once again, I get paid to be a professional passer. Today, I missed a couple of throws and I can't miss those."

On the decision to throw the ball deep downfield late in the game instead of running with the ball:"I took a drop. I rolled left. I had my eyes down the field. I threw the ball down the field to try to give our guy a chance to make a play."

On the play looking like he had space to run from upstairs in the press box:"Downstairs on the field, I saw a guy with an opportunity to make a play for us. I tried to give him a chance."

On scoring on the Browns' first drive of the second quarter to bounce back from an interception:"I think there are positives out of this. We had some history in the past of us coming out and starting slow, starting slow in the first half. We have had to try to rally back in the second half. I think that drive in particular is one showed that we fought back in. We took a blow to the face in the first drive, and we were able to go right back out there and punch back on our own."

On if the Browns defense kept giving the offense chances and the offense feeling confident:
"Yeah, I think the whole game, every time that we stepped onto the field, we felt that we could score. We never though that there was a point that which they had the opportunity to stop us. We game planned pretty well, and they played right into that game plan. It is just on us to make sure that we are executing and me in particular to make sure that I am executing."

On WR Corey Coleman and their connection and it providing excitement for the future:"That connection has been there since I have been here. We will look forward to continuing to develop it. When you miss the other guys the way that I missed no matter how well you do with one receiver if you are missing the other three, you are not going to win games."

On the playing conditions and the Browns being unable to establish the running game:"That is something that I have to work on. We play here in Cleveland. We play in the AFC North. You are going to have to deal with weather for the rest of the year and every season to come. It is on us. We have to make sure that we are executing all 11 guys within the run game to make sure that we are moving the ball down the field. I think it is obvious to say that the performance we had in our run game is not exactly who we want to be."

On the wind impacting throws:"You have to cut the ball through the wind. I have played in this weather my whole life. It is on me to make sure that I don't miss my target."

On mentality throughout the rest of the season, given Jackson's comments:"Right now, it is not about proving to be a guy. It is not about trying to become some franchise [quarterback] or any of that stuff. It is about winning a football game. I am going to do whatever I can this week with this opportunity in front of me to make myself better, not miss the balls that I missed and do whatever I can to get this city and this club a win."

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