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Press Conference

DeShone Kizer press conference: Browns vs. Ravens

On how he did not see the three Ravens players on the interception in the end zone:(No response)

On how tough is the loss:"Yeah, it is very difficult. Obviously, you have 60-plus guys in that locker room who continue to give their effort and put their bodies on the line each week. The reason they do so is to win games. We are unable to do that so far this year. As the quarterback and leader of this team and leader of the offense, it is on me to continue to do whatever I can to put myself in a position to get a win for those guys."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson's comment about not 'getting it' on his second interception:"What is your question?"

On what he saw on his second interception in the end zone:"Yeah, I can tell you what I saw on that second interception. As I scrambled to the left, Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) happened to leak to the back of the end zone there. I was trying to give him an opportunity to get to the ball. The ball came a little short on me and ended up with a good play by the defense." 

On Jackson's comment about going back to watch the film before deciding on a QB for the remainder of the season and if he shared that with him:"He has not shared that with me. When you go out and you play the performance that I had, I am sure you have to go back and reevaluate the quarterback position. Just on me to make sure that I learn from this and continue to take on these experiences and do whatever I can to be the best me I can, the best teammate and the best leader and the best quarterback I can become. In order to do so, I have to go back and watch this film. I will learn from it and continue to myself in a position to potentially lead this team to score points and win games."

On if he wants to finish out the season and if he can continue to bounce back:"Absolutely. These are all trials and tribulations that will lead to my success in the future. I truly believe so. Once again, I have to continue to learn and continue to lean on my support team to continue to have the confidence to lead guys. Obviously, this position is very difficult and I learn that each week. Every time we step out there, every time we have an opportunity to play, it takes a lot to win. For me, it is just about doing everything I can to learn and put myself in a position to become a better player."

On comparing his performance today to games earlier in the season:"I have been in a positon where I have been able to learn quite a bit throughout a full year. With that being said, I think that a lot of the mistakes that were made today were inaccurate balls and locations. We were able to pick up a lot of these odd looks that the Ravens were able to do in protection. We were able to make sure that we had the right run play in when we are out there making calls in the run game. I think a lot of the bad throws in today's game were simply based upon mechanics that I have to make sure that I go back and clean up."

On the miscommunication with WR Josh Gordon on the pass down the sideline:"It was a Cover 2 hole-shot. Josh, with the speed that he has, trusts that he is going to run past anyone who is behind him. I was trying to get the ball out quickly. He had a different mindset at the time. We were able to come off to the sideline and make the proper adjustment. We will continue to move forward on making that adjustment so we make sure that we complete those balls."

On if it was a risk calling a pass play backed up near the end zone:"No. There are some opportunities obviously to throw the ball. A lot of people have had success doing so. It is on us to make sure that we are protecting the right way, make sure that I am in the right spot at the right time and get the ball out as quick as possible. Obviously, your goal as a quarterback is to keep the ball out of harm's way, and in that situation, without keeping an eye on my back side, I had the ball in harm's way. He made a good play on the ball. It ended up in seven points for them."

On if he had enough time to release the ball on the strip-sack:"You always have time to get it out. Anytime that there is a guy in front of a guy, there is an opportunity to get the ball out. Just going through the read, it took me a little time to get through it, and as I was pulling the trigger to make the throw to Josh there, he got to the ball."

On if he could have benefitted from learning from a veteran QB and not playing right away:"Yeah, potentially, but that is not the situation. The situation is one where Coach Jackson and the front office decided that I was the best option to go out there and play in games and learn from live reps. Through that position, we're here. We are 0-14. Having a lot of ups and downs, and I am taking on a lot of experiences. Once again, with my support team and with God at my back, I am learning from these and we are continuing to push forward and continue to put myself in a position to lead this team to score points and win games."

On if the losing might seem overbearing on the task at hand:"No. Part of being a pro is being able to take any situation and learn from it. If we were 14-0 right now, you would probably be asking me the same question. When you are going out and having a bunch of success, are you actually learning from different situations throughout games? Unfortunately, we are 0-14, and I am in a position where I haven't had a lot of success as a quarterback. It is on me to make sure that I am continuing to be a pro and leaning on my support team. Trusting my faith and making sure that I am learning from every situation that I am in."

On how Jackson has helped him become a better QB:"He is one of the best at it. He has done a good job with making sure that I understand the system that he has. It is on me to go out there and play well, but the platform that I have to be a good quarterback is right there in front of me. It is just about me going out and executing what he is telling me to do. There has never been a situation where there was miscommunication between him and me or a situation where he told me something wrong. It has always been on me in making sure that I go out there and execute. Once again, it is on me to continue to learn from these experiences and take what he has given me. Obviously, he has had a lot of success in the past with young quarterbacks – why not continue to put trust in him and stay on the path that he has put in front of me and become a better quarterback?"

On how important it is for him to finish the season as the starting QB:"I signed up for 16 games this year with the potential to go up to the playoffs. With that being said, it is on me to make sure that I give my complete effort and continue to push as far as I can to finish out the season. We have two opportunities in front of us to go out and get a couple of wins to create some momentum going into the offseason. Personally, myself individually, it is on me to make sure that I continue to prove who I am not only to the front office and my head coach but to my teammates. Obviously, they go out and they put their bodies on the line. You have five guys on the offensive line who are going out and taking bumps and bruises and are putting their bodies out there for me. I have to make sure that whatever I do in these next two weeks and show them that I'm putting in the same effort to reward them for the work that they do each week."

On the disappointment of not winning a game at home this season:"Pretty disappointing. This is my first time ever doing so. Those fans are begging for a win. We hear it. We see it. When we are out there and are putting our bodies on the line for them and we come up short, they let us know. It is on us to make sure that we are giving those fans things to cheer about."

On if he is worried about trying 'too hard' and putting himself at risk of injury:"No, you just have to do your job. If your job requires taking on a hit, you take it. If your job requires putting yourself in a position to stay out there for a long time, you slide. For me, sitting here healthy, I will be ready to go next week like it is another week. There is going to be a little bit of rehab. You are going to have a couple of bumps and bruises, but especially in this position, you have to do whatever it takes to get a W for our fans, for our team and for everyone." 

On if his progress may be hard to see on the outside, specifically in reference to turnovers:"Yeah, it may be a little difficult for an average guy watching football to see, but I think that the things that we are doing within our offense, the things that we are doing within our building are heading in the right direction. There is light at the end of this tunnel. It is on me to once again go out there and learn from these experiences and play at a higher level because that is what it is going to take for us to win."

On if he would make the same decision to attempt the pass that led to the second INT:"No, I probably wouldn't make that throw again. I felt Crow at the back of the line. I wanted to put that ball high where there is a position for him to make a play or no one to make a play. The height of the ball wasn't adequate to make that play. I probably would throw that ball away and try to play for a fourth down for either a field goal or another touchdown."

On if he felt like he was pressing because of the winless season or being down at that point:"Yeah, and that is something that I need to adjust. I think that there has been multiple times throughout this year where we are trying to get that big play. In order to do so, unfortunately, I forced a couple of passes. I have to eat that, but it is on me now to make sure that I learn from that and understand time and situation and obviously, having another down in that situation to go up and make a play, it is another learning experience."

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