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Press Conference

DeShone Kizer press conference: Browns vs. Titans

On if being taken out of today's game felt different than the last time:"A little frustrating. I felt as an offense we were playing pretty well in the first half. Obviously, end [the first half on] a tough turnover. To start the second half, obviously a tough turnover. As an offense, I felt like we were starting to head in the right direction to winning the football game. When an adjustment like that is made, of course, I am going to be frustrated." 

On his development despite not completing the game:"You continue to take every rep for what it is and make sure that anytime you have the opportunity to step in there that you learn as much as you can because in the position that we are in right now, you never know how many reps you are going to get." 

On his two interceptions:"A high ball to (WR Rashard) Higgins on the out cut and the ball got away from me there. Then the safety made a really good play following the underneath guy to make a pick on the [pass] to the right." 

On a video of him at a bar on Friday night:"I am not here to talk about my personal life right now." 

On if the video shows a lack of discipline:"I am not here to talk about my personal life." 

On if the video shows a lack of commitment:"Absolutely not. I was out. I was at the facility the next day, preparing for the game and the game right before that. Once again, I am not here to talk about my personal life." 

On OL Joe Thomas's injury and the end of his consecutive snaps played streak:"It is heartbreaking. A guy who has done everything right, consistently for years and years and years, and to see him go down, it hurts. He is the cornerstone of this organization and of this team. We are going to continue to rely on him to be a leader for us. Most importantly, we are going to do whatever can as an organization and as his teammates to help him as he continues to develop and get us back out there." 

On if there was an emphasis to throw more underneath passes this week:"As always, we are just trying to find completions and find positive plays, and we were able to do that in the first quarter there. We kind of showed a glimpse of what this offense can do when we string together positive plays."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying that it is not known who will play QB next week :"You can only control what you can control. I just look forward to learning from this and being ready whenever my number is called."

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