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Press Conference

Freddie Kitchens talks Browns' injuries, Mack Wilson and more - Press Conference

Opening statement:

"I think our guys are focused, continuing to have a solid week and getting prepared for a tremendous challenge that we have ahead of us on Sunday."

On an update on TE David Njoku's status:

"We are just trying to decide what the best course of action is right now. He is visiting our doctors and going to determine what the best course of action is moving forward."

On if Njoku's wrist injury will require surgery:

"I think everything is on the table right now. We will see. We will see what the options are."

On if Njoku has a broken wrist:

"Njoku has a wrist injury. I think some of it is what we are trying to figure out. I am not saying that it is not broken. I am just saying we are trying to determine the severity of the injury really. We should know something – I do not know – maybe tonight."

On the impact of Njoku's injury at the TE position if Njoku misses significant time:

"We have (TE) Pharaoh Brown, (TE) Demetrius (Harris) and we have (TE) Ricky (Seals-Jones). They are on the team for a reason. We feel like they are good enough to play. There will not be any excuses in that room. They will go out and compete, and we are going to play at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday. We will be ready to play."

On if Njoku's injury will impact the Browns' ability to run two-TE sets:

"No, we usually carry three tight ends to the game, and we have three tight ends so we will be fun."

On if G Eric Kush brings a certain energy behind the scenes:

"He just seems that way because it is right at the beginning of practice when you guys are out there (laughter). Just kidding. He does. He brings energy every day to meetings. That is probably the thing that does not get seen a lot is the energy that he brings to the meetings every day and carries over to the field, and then of course, on gameday. He is a good guy to be around."

On if he has the same level of energy as Kush:

"I do not. Our quarterback coach may, though."

On spending time with Seals-Jones in Arizona:

"I was with Ricky his rookie year. He was young, and he is still relatively young. He is athletic. He can run routes and catches the ball. I like Ricky."

On an update T Chris Hubbard's status:

"We are going to see where he is at the end of the week and see in the next couple of days."

On if the Browns would feel comfortable with T Justin McCray at RT, if Hubbard is unable to play:

"I do. I have a lot of confidence in Justin. He is competing, trying to get better and understands what is in front of him, and I expect him to go out and perform and perform well. That is the expectation of all them, and they have that expectation of themselves."

On an update on LB Christian Kirksey's injury:

"Christian we are trying to evaluate and see what the best course of action is with him."

On if it possible Kirksey's chest injury will require surgery:

"I think we are talking to other doctors to see what the action is."

On if LB Mack Wilson will fill Kirksey's role if Kirksey is unable to play:

"Yeah, Mack would end up playing."

On how Wilson played during Monday's game:

"Mack did well. I do not know what he recorded stat wise, but I think he had 11 or 12 plays and four tackles or something like that. Do not hold me to those stats but generally speaking. I do not want to read about it in the newspaper (laughter). I guess they do not do newspaper anymore. I am sorry. Hey, I agree with you. I am kind of older than my age is."

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