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Press Conference

Greg Joseph postgame press conference - Browns vs. Ravens

On his mindset preparing to kick the game-winning FG:
"Trust in my abilities. You play that scenario over, over and over in your head and practice however many times you do it, whether you are alone or with the team. Awesome feeling. Super happy for my family, but obviously, I have stuff to work on. I missed that PAT and that 55-yarder. If I had made those, we would not be in the position that we were in. Great job by the Ravens for pushing us to the end. Super happy for the guys in there, my family and mainly the guys in the locker room because they deserved that win. It has been a long time coming."

On if the final kick was partially blocked:
"I heard it. I felt good and felt like I hit it good. I was ready to look up and see it go in. You hear the thud on it real quick and just saw it luckily saw it still carry through. Three points is three points. You live, you learn and you move on."

On if he know who approached him first the game-winning kick:
"No, I was excited once I saw it go over the bar. Then I made the rookie mistake of taking off my helmet. Got a little [excited]. It was just everyone jumping around and I was just trying to see if I could pick out my family to be honest, but there is so much going on. It was awesome to hear how loud the stadium was as well. The fans deserve it, as well. It has been a long time coming for them. I still have work to do. Enjoyed it, but now it is behind me. On to the next. Not even looking at the next game, have practice to do. Have to kick, have to get better and take care of my body."

On if he thought 'oh no' after he heard the thud on the final kick:
"It happened too quickly, but obviously, when you hear the sound of your foot and you hear a quick [thud] after it, obviously, it is not always the best result. It was awesome to see it go through and then hear the fans erupt."

On how hard it was executing the final kick after missing previous attempts:
"The guys on the sideline did a great job of rallying around me. That is why this game ball is not just for me. I am just 9.1 percent or however the math works out of that field goal unit. Guys have to block, guys have to snap and guys have to hold so that game ball is for that whole unit. They stuck by me, and I would not change anything on that PAT. I felt like I hit it well. Obviously, the result was not what we wanted, but that is just fine-tuning I think my follow through a little bit. It is a make your next kick. Kick your best kick. I do not focus on the last kick because I cannot do anything about it. That is why I would be wasting my time focusing on that game winner because it is in the past and ready to move on and get ready for next week."

On if that was the most range of emotions he has experienced in one game:
"I try to stay fairly in the middle – not too emotionally high, not too emotionally low, but it was definitely one of the crazier ones. It is the first game winner with the dying seconds that I have ever had to hit so just an awesome feeling."

On if he does the math for yardage of kicks as the offense moves down the field:
"No. Visualizing. I am seeing that ball go through the up rights. Going through my process in the net and hitting the ball I want to hit. At the end of the day, I have to make the kick no matter where it is from. That is why that 55 (-yard attempts), felt a decent connection but obviously got to be better on it. Not paying it too much mind because it is in the past. Just same process every time."

On his range today:
"Wherever they were going to have me kick from to be honest because I do not go that far back in warmups. I let coach judge it from how far it goes over the bar or whatever so I do not push it too far back in warmups because I try to just stay smooth."

On how good it feels for the special teams units to seal the game:
"It feels great. Absolutely awesome moment to hear over 60,000-65,000 strong celebrating and cheering is something that I will never forget. I will never forget anything about this game, the low points or the high points, but I am happy to be able to deliver for this team. I am going to keep harping on the fact that I missed two. I missed two and not harping on them – I should not say that – but there is work to be done. I am going to put in that work, and you guys are going to watch me."

On the closest kick he has to a last-minute game-winner like today:
"About two or three minutes left at ODU (Old Dominion University) to put us up two. We were down one."

On if he ever considers that he is with the Browns because another K missed kicks:
"Sure, but people can focus on what they want. I tend to focus on I am here for a reason. I believe I belong in this league. I am going to work every single day to prove that, whether it is on recovery, kicking, being a better man or being a better athlete. I am here to show that I belong here in this league."

On the final FG being partially blocked:
"Yes, I definitely heard some contact after I hit it. I am not sure who I am not sure where he go through. I got to go watch the film on it, but three points is three points. I was super excited to see it go over the bar."

On the feeling in the locker room after the game:
"Awesome. Everyone is cheering. Everyone is coming up to me. I was just trying to relay the message, I have just been here – this was my third game – this was for you guys who have been here all offseason, months, years. They have been working. They have been fighting. They deserve it, especially because of the start of the season."

On if he ever got a game ball in college at FIU:
"AU? Florida Atlantic (laughter). Yeah, I did. I remember certain games. Florida Atlantic. Go Owls."

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