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Press Conference

Gregg Williams press conference - 11/2

On Browns players listed as questionable on the injury report and if they are expected to play:

"I always feel like guys are going to be pushing through, but we have another day to see. It is what it is right now. We have one more day to make that decision."

On when LB Joe Schobert is expected to return from injury:

"It is getting closer as I am hearing. I have him back every day right now – he is coaching, and he is doing a great job with that. It is getting closer. It is."

On if it helps OL Desmond Harrison's probability of playing on Sunday, given his experience in the first eight games:

"That does help. It does help in our decision process. We will see how it unfolds tomorrow, but yes, it does help."

On who would play LT if Harrison is out:

"Those are the things that were in the discussions. How we practiced today, we rotated quite a few guys is what we did. Tried to make sure next man up. We really do it every day. It is not just today. We do that every day."

On the mindset of the team heading into Sunday, given the past week's activity:

"The big thing is the focus of now, and each day, taking it one day at a time. Each day, it has improved. I was impressed with Wednesday, I was impressed with Thursday and I was impressed with today. Can't wait to play."

On discussions of eliminating 'outside noise' as former head coach Hue Jackson conducted multiple interviews in the past 24 hours:

"I am not privy of all of that. The message is that we have to control today. That is the message."

On staying patient with K Greg Joseph after missing kicks last week:

"The big thing is he is a Cleveland Brown. We have to continue to help coach the Cleveland Browns. I have coached special teams before, too – punters and kickers for many years. Right now, we have to do everything we can to help him improve and help him be the best that he can be."

On his 'fiery personality' and if that has to adjust given on the player, specifically in reference to Ks:

"It is fiery with different kinds of people. You are not the same with a quarterback as you are with a kicker. Although with (QB) Baker (Mayfield), you can be however you want to, which is kind of fun. Sometimes, receivers are like that, too, but (WR) Jarvis (Landry), you do not have to worry about that either. Jarvis has that 'let's go get some.' I change it up – whatever the player really needs. The fiery part of it is from a focus part of it."

On establishing the right environment for the players this week:

"I really have just taken it day by day by day and have done whatever I could to make sure that the players felt good about today – make them feel good about the meetings, make them feel good about the practices, make them feel good about the corrections and include opinion, make sure that they have opinion, too. Really, no different than I do every day as a defensive coordinator. No different. Now, just being able to help it all in every area."

On if his messages addressing the team on Saturday night will follow the mindset he has taken all week:

"Really, there is a format. I have a philosophy for each and every day in how we go about a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday – I have been doing it for so long – and how you go about it on Saturday nights, too. It will be the same way. There will not be any changes with that. Defense, they already know."

On implementing offensive components that cater to Mayfield's game:

"We all do that. I do that on defense. We are doing some things that (DB) Denzel (Ward) does better. We are doing some things that (DL) Myles (Garrett) does better. We do those types of things. As coaches, we take a look at all of those types of things. (Special teams coordinator) Amos (Jones) does a really good job of that with special teams, just like (offensive coordinator) Freddie (Kitchens) is doing that in the offense. The answer is yes, we look for those type of things. It is not just about what we like to do – it is what they can do."

On slowing down the Chiefs offense:

"It is tough. They have had a really good year. One of the things I have always tried to do is take a look at the division teams. It is not just the Chiefs, but if you take a look at the familiarity of teams within the division and how they are going about doing it because they get more opportunities each and every year and for a consistent basis in how they do that. We take everything. We take a look at every part of the schedule. Go back to last year to look at it. Think about certain things back when (Chiefs Head Coach) Andy (Reid) was at Philly, and I was at the Washington Redskins at that time. We take a look at those things, too. Try to mimic some of the really good things that have gone on some of the other teams of his and try to minimize some of the stuff that has been explosive to where they have exposed other teams. Our job as coaches is to look at every side of the film and build great videotape for our players to look at, too. It is not just the coaches; it is the players. It is not just going home and playing video games. It is going and studying the stuff that we prepare for them. That have done a really, really good job this week of that. I have been impressed with that. I have kind of walked around and tried to see it from the other sides of the ball and the other areas. I am always in contact with how that stuff is being done on defense. I just wanted to see it on the offense. It has been good."

On responding to Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill's speed:

"It is hard, but there have been a lot of other guys in the league that have been as fast as or faster than him throughout the years. I think the big thing that we have to do is understand the space plays and minimize the opportunity for the speed in space, make him have to try to play more in tighter areas and that type of stuff. There will be times when hopefully there is more than one guy coming in his direction. He is a really good football player, a very explosive football player. If we were not playing against him, I think it would be fun to watch. You have to have a smile on a few plays that he has been able to make. It is pretty cool."

On coping with the rotation for Browns WRs, players potentially returning from injury and WR Antonio Callaway listed as questionable:

"It is never easy, but more importantly, from a quarterback's standpoint, how Baker has to cope with it, his feel and continuing to do things the way that he feels things can be done, too. Coaches are helping him and supporting him with saying the same things. One of the things that I have talked to Baker quite a bit about is him having exact say in 'This is the route. This is how I feel the route. I want you to feel the route the same way.' They were already doing that. Everybody was already doing that. I just wanted him to feel the support that I have for that and the feel that I have for that. He has done a good job with that. He really has."

On his reaction to Kitchens' joke after yesterday's press conference about not being offered head coaching jobs:

"I have to tell you, it is a smile, and I think about all of the misinterpretations of that kind of stuff. That is Freddie every day. If you all could hear him upstairs, the things that he says all of the time with dry humor and the things that you miss and you have fun in the locker room and the hallways, this is a tough business, but you have to crack a smile. I think that is really cool. You know what? He came straight upstairs, came straight to my office and laid it on me. I thought that was funny as all get out. I need to laugh, too."

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