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Press Conference

Gregg Williams press conference - 12/12

Opening statement:

"Hopefully, the field will thaw out and we will be back outside tomorrow. We raised the doors inside and had a good temperature day. Guys have been a day early all week long, and this is like a normal Thursday to us. We got all of our reps in. Now, we have to get in here and continue the corrections and on to the next installation phase. Tomorrow will be like a Friday to us, but we will travel on Friday, too, tomorrow."

On if Broncos OLB Von Miller gets off the ball as fast as anyone beside DL Myles Garrett:

"He does. He does a very good job with it. He did it in college, and I always smile back and forth about this – is this a Texas A&M thing? They do have a relationship, and I think Von does a really good job in that pass-rush clinic thing that he does with all of those rushers in the offseason. It is kind of cool. Those guys kind of bond. All of the rushers in the league kind of hang out and do some things together that way, but they do a very good job of anticipating the snap count. Last week, he had several offside."

On if Miller and pass rushers are more dangerous in situations when the Browns have to use a silent count:

"It is always better at home. It is always better at home because in those situations, he does not get caught up in the cadence either because he can't hear either. Typically, you do have advantages in those situations at home, typically, yes."

On Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay:

"He has really good vision. We emphasized that a lot here the last two days in the meetings and some of the film that we have shown on him and some of the situational things that we are teaching. You can have everything stoned up pretty well, and he can find the one person. There were several of examples last week and the weeks before where the team the defenses were pretty gap sound, and he has enough vision to press it to the one leak or one area. Then he has the speed and the open field burst to make chunk plays. I think his vision is very good."    

On games where stopping the run is an even more important priorities:

"This would be one, and it is not saying anything about the other facets of the game, but they thrive very well on that and they have had some very good success doing that. Defensively, if you don't start there, then it is hard to play any other place. It is typically each and every week there, but some weeks more than others."

On how WR Breshad Perriman's speed impacts opposing defenses:

"It hopefully cushions them a little bit more, and also, some of the secondary force elements in space plays and the secondary force elements in run plays makes it a little bit less aggressive because people know we do have enough speed to run by you in those situations. Really day by day since he has come in here, he has done very well. It was really good to see the success kind of show for everybody else what we have been seeing in practice."

On how rare it is to sign someone midseason who has a significant impact like Perriman:

"It is not easy, and give the guys credit upstairs for that and give our coaches credit that were talking back and forth when he became available for us to do that. We were all on board with that him getting an opportunity here. To his credit, he has come in and earned his chances here. He has done a very good job."

On Broncos QB Case Keenum being known as a gunslinger and how to balance aggressiveness on defense:

"We have played other quarterbacks like that, too. I think that our guys are doing a great job of picturing it in practice. (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) just gives us an outstanding picture of those types of things. We have to be aggressive. We can't worry about that mentality part of it. We still have to be our aggressive nature, and then the gunslinger parts of it comes out when they dictate the timing of the play. We have to do a good job in our rush element and how rush and coverage work hand in hand, but we can't be surprised that Case will throw it into tight coverage. Sometimes whether maybe it is a relaxation point where you think you have your guy covered and you do not have your head around, that is not right because he will put the ball in a tight window."

On if he tracks defensive stats, given some of the team's rankings are down since last year:

"We do keep track of all of those things, but we are in the top 10 in DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average), which is every situation known to man defensively. We have played the second-toughest offensive schedule in the National Football League. Not that I would be able to keep track of every number, but I have those numbers memorized."

On the defense-adjusted value over average statistic:

"It is probably the most accurate defensively or any analytic statistic for offense, defense and special teams because it takes in everything – time on the clock, plays per yard, first down situations, second down situations, third down, red zone, two-minute, takeaways and it all booms into one. You will see that defensively, we have played the second-toughest schedule to date right now on the offenses that we have played and how well we have ranked up in there. We have to continue to fight, struggle and do what we can do."

On if DB Denzel Ward will play this week:

"I will never ever say it until tomorrow, but tomorrow is a definite practice day. He has been making progress. He has [made progress]."

On how much of an impact WR Jarvis Landry has when he makes big plays:

"I think anytime you have those chink plays [it has an impact]. It is not just Jarvis, but it is everybody. We have taken turns with several different people having chunk plays. Last week, there were quite a few guys that had those chunk plays, and that is when you offense becomes tougher to defend because you can't maybe roll coverage to a certain person, slide a front a certain way or slide a blitz a certain way because there is more than one person that you are having to take care of. I think our offense has done a really good job in how we are taking a look at ourselves and our self-scouting week by week by week, but it was pretty cool to see him jump out there last week, too."

On how long he has been following DVOA metrics:

"The last several of years. The last several of years is when those services and stuff have become pretty accurate and in the league maybe some of us coaches[the statistics] have gotten our respect on some of the things on how accurate that looks at a total defense as opposed to one particular area. The things you look in this area is we have already played more plays and there won't be anybody that will catch up with us in plays this year. When you take a look at just total yardage or total plays and all of that kind of stuff, there have to be other factors to figure in."

On if DVOA takes into account variables like scheme and personnel:

"Everything. They can do everything. If you want it that way, yeah. If that is how you want it, you could, yes."

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