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Press Conference

Gregg Williams press conference - 12/21

Opening statement:

"I do not have to make that decision to put him on IR with the league office until tomorrow with (offensive line coach) Bob Wylie – I have to do that by 4 p.m. That is just a part of the deal, part of the profession. You never know.

"Good day today, and it was really fast. When you get into the locker room, you will probably see them being pretty chirpy in there. It was good competition inside today. We chose to come in here instead of being out there in the rain, and they had a really good fast Friday practice. Now, we have to do all of the meetings here post-practice and go over the stuff that we saw that still needs to be refined."

On if DB Jabrill Peppers was able to practice today:

"Yes, he practiced. We will see how he came out of it today, but yeah, he practiced."

On Wylie getting injured during Thursday's practice:

"It is hard anytime like that. He is a strong individual, too. It shows you again, I will use that example of next man up. We have to do that. The players were involved, and as you would know, it took an awful lot of players to pick him up and put him on the cart when you are that big. They responded well to it and last night to it and will continue. He is in our thoughts and prayers. He will bounce back."

On if it is a benefit to have multiple veteran players on the OL when a coach misses time:

"It does. We also have a sound staff – there is not any one particular position at any position… We have that. I learned that a long time ago. As staffs started to grow a little bit, you have to make sure that you have the type of people and how you are working people to make sure that you are able to handle any type of a situation, be it sickness or be it injury. The offensive side of the ball is sound in that way. They have that handled."

On why is team not talking as much before this Sunday's game against the Bengals compared to Week 12:

"Because they understand about being focused and getting ready for this game."

On if the Browns being favored to win this week is discussed with the team:

"We never do. I have never, ever seen that or watched or paid attention to that in really in my whole career, even when people want to talk about not being factored but yet you still win those games. It is about going out and doing what we are supposed to do. We do not worry about those things at all. We do focus our personal execution, whether it be an individual, whether it be a unit, whether it be a side of the ball or whatever and then as a team. When other things start to creep in, those distractions cause hesitations. At this level, there is not enough time for anybody to hesitate because the ability level and speed at this level gets you beat. We have to be right on with that."

On what the Browns have to do differently to get more rushing production than the previous Bengals game:

"The big thing is we just have to execute on the time that we have it. On those particular plays, we saw what took place on those plays. We have been repping those type of things right now. We have to do our job. Some people have to do some better jobs in those areas on those particular plays, but we had some really, really good plays at the time. It just is what it is."

On if the Bengals' defensive front is a strength:

"They are solid. They are very solid. Have really watched a lot of those guys for years and have used several of those guys with some of the younger players that I have coached other places to show them how to do things. I think they are very solid. They are a good group, a good mix of players there. Our guys up front and even on the back end on the offensive side of the ball know that we have to do our job. You can't be unsound in any way because they will make you pay."

On facing the Bengals offense without Bengals WRs Tyler Boyd and A.J. Green and QB Andy Dalton:

"Where did they list (RB Joe) Mixon? He is a focal part of their offense. He is unbelievable. In that respect, they have done a very good job and they have played a lot of different people. We have had all of those what ifs going. Our advanced scout team, they came in and started 6 p.m. Monday night. We are talking about all of the different people, who could they bring up, who could they move in next. We have watched every snap of the entire season to see, even some preseason film, to make sure that we have that for the matchups that we want. They will do a good job with that. They have been mixing in some personnel anyway from the time that A.J. went down and the time when some of the other tight ends went down. We have to be ready for everything."

On QB Baker Mayfield asking for fans to show up Sunday and Sunday's game now being sold out:

"I did not know anything about it, but it does not surprise me that the fans are jumping on the bandwagon for everything. I think it is fantastic. That is why we love playing at home. You want that. I can't wait to hear them. We have some things that we had to go over today and yesterday to make sure that (LB) Joe Schobert can hear us. One of the things I have said before, in some of the dominant places I have been before, the helmet communication is working and they still can't hear you because of the home field advantage. When they can't hear us, the offense can't hear either – the Bengals offensive guys can't hear the play, either. It is pretty tough to do that and those are why you want home field advantage. I can't wait to hear them. I think it is pretty cool. I really do."

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