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Press Conference

Hue Jackson postgame press conference – Browns vs. Bills

Opening statement:
"Obviously, another opportunity to evaluate our team. We did not finish it as well as I would have liked us to. I thought the defense and offense in the first couple of drives there both started off hot. Defense had four three-and-outs, and the offense went down and scored so that was exciting. It was good to see the run game get going a little bit. We have to see where we were not able to throw the ball as well as we could. The penalty issue, just like I talked to the team about, that is something we have to get solved, one as a staff and with our players. It is the discipline part of doing things the right. We have to get that part of it squared away. All in all, I think it is going to be some good tape to evaluate our team on and find a way to get better over the next couple of weeks. That is our charge, and I am sure we will do that."

On why the Browns passing game was not as successful as last week:
"I would have to look at the tape to be for sure, but I just want to make sure the protection part of it was right. Sometimes I saw people running free at our quarterback a little bit, maybe an assignment error or something here or there. I thought the quarterbacks still played well. I thought they put the ball in the right spot when they threw it. We just have to continue to make sure as a unit in the passing game that we are getting better and we will."

On improvements in the Browns running game this week:
"Anytime you don't run it the first game as well as you think you can, the next time you come out and you dig in a little bit. That is what our guys did. The runners made some good runs, strong runs – all three of them really. The line did a better job of pushing and getting after it. This past week, we did a great job emphasizing some things and got better. Obviously, the first week the pass game was clicking. This week, our running game was going. Now, we have to put it together where we get offensively where it is both run and pass complementing each other."

On the Browns first team defense forcing consecutive three-and-outs:
"Guys were playing. (DL) Myles Garrett, I can't wait to watch the tape. I could just feel him on the field. I thought the communication was really good with the defensive players within the first unit. That part was really good. When you see other things that go on in the second half with the other units, we have to continue to iron some of those things out. Some of those players are going to be playing for us."

On LBs Genard Avery and Mychal Kendricks rotating in with LBs Christian Kirksey, Joe Schobert and Jamie Collins Sr.:
"That is the versatility we have with those guys and they bring to the table. As you know, (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) has a lot of different packages to play guys in. That is an advantage for us because to offenses, they have to figure out where these guys are playing, where they are coming from and is it zone or is it man. Those guys are very talented. We just have to continue to find different ways to have those guys affect other teams' offenses."

On QB Baker Mayfield's play and facing multiple free pass rushers:
"He did [face open pass rushers], and he didn't blink. That is what I love about him. Baker is still continuing to keep his eyes downfield, and there are a couple of times when he got hit early. That was water off a duck's back to him. 'Let's keep going.' He led us down there a couple of times and put us into position to score. He did some good things. At the same time, we have to finish some drives and finish some other drives by protecting better. We have to."

On being called for three offensive pass interference penalties:
"We have to do a better job of blocking on the edge with our receivers. They called them. I will watch them on tape. At the same time, when you are throwing those quick screens like that, our guys have to understand the timing of it all when you are blocking."

On if the NFL officials said offensive pass interference would be called more closely this season:
"Absolutely. They are."

On expecting RB Carlos Hyde to produce in the first quarter:
"Absolutely. No doubt. He is a big guy who has some wiggle, more wiggle than people think. He can run down between the tackles extremely well. He did a great job seeing things tonight and put himself in position to make some big runs. The offensive line came off the ball."

On Hyde's physical running ability:
"Obviously, (RB Nick) Chubb has it, and (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) has it in a different way. He is a physical man. He is a big guy. He has to always fall forward with the ball. That is what we need. We need a guy who is going to be heading north and south and not going east and west."

On if it challenges defenses to be able to change pace between RBs Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson Jr.:
"Absolutely, you have to make sure that you are able to deal with those guys. We have a guy who can run between the tackles in Hyde and Chubb, and we have another guy who can do a lot of different things in Duke. That is the versatility of the guys we have, and we will continue to put those guys in situations where they can have success."

On Chubb bouncing back with tonight's performance following the preseason opener and if he spoke to Chubb about it during the week:
"No, not really. Sometimes your first game, you start pressing a little bit and wanting to do well. He had a great week of practice and came out and played well. He did some really nice things. I am dying to see the pass protection part of it. We know he can run the ball. He has to continue to work at the passing game."

On his interaction with free agent WR Dez Bryant this week:
"I think it was a good visit. At the same time, he is not on our team so I am going to worry about the guys who are here and coach the group that is here."

On if the Bills 'ganged up on' WR Jarvis Landry:
"I am not going to say they ganged up on him. This wasn't a gameplan game for us. Sometimes people will play that guy maybe a little bit tighter because they saw him start the game last week with a couple of catches. I don't think it was more so that. I think some of the things we were trying to accomplish were away from him a little bit. That is not an issue right now."

On if the team was also trying to accomplish different goals in respect to TE David Njoku not having as many targets this week:
"Yes, absolutely. The things we were trying to do tonight, sometimes based on how they play defenses… That is the good part about it – I said this regarding Baker – is it is going to be different from week to week. Some weeks it is going to be this guy. Some weeks it is going to be that guy. You have to handle it. That is what our guys are seeing. It is not going to always be Jarvis Landry. People are going to try to take him away. Our job when we start game planning is we will put him in position to have success and the same thing with David."

On how Mayfield handled adversity such as penalties and protection in the red zone:
"He was winking at me so I don't think he was worried about anything. That is what you love about him. (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) is the same way, and (QB) Drew (Stanton) is, too. Those guys like to play. They know football is a hard game and sometimes it doesn't go the way you want it to, but you just keep working at it and things turn around. That is what you saw happen with Baker."

On if the Browns OL was more affecting in the running game:
"Yeah, I could feel them on the field. That is what you do as a play caller. I am sure that (offensive coordinator) Todd (Haley) would say the same thing. That is what you look for. You start popping a few runs, and you start running a little bit more because the guys are starting to come off the ball. That is a good thing. This past week, we put our guys under the chutes, and they started getting after it a little bit. I saw that drill show up in the game tonight, which is a good thing."

On reports that Bills QB A.J. McCarron may have broken his collarbone:
"If he did, I'm… He was a player; I don't care who it is, that is tough for any organization. I hope that is not the case. I hope he is OK."

On if the Browns sustained any significant injuries:
"No. We are good. We are going to be fine."

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