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Press Conference

Hue Jackson postgame press conference - Browns vs. Chargers

Opening statement:
"That was disappointing. Obviously, give [Los Angeles] a lot of credit. Came in here, and they played well. We did not play as well. I take full responsibility for that. We are going to get back to practice and get back to meetings. We are going to watch the tape tomorrow, and we are going to get better. That is what we are going to do."

On how today's game got away from the team:
"Did not play well. Like I said, it starts with me on down through the coaches and to our players. I do not ever think that it got away; I do not know if we ever got our hand on it. We just did not play well."

On emphasizing earlier this week that the team stays grounded and if the team did not stay grounded and got ahead of itself:
"I hope not. I do not want to say that we did. I just did not think that we came out and played the way that we played in the first five games rather. We have some work to do."

On QB Baker Mayfield having seeming to limp after a scramble and how it impacted his play throughout the game:
"I do not think it impacted him to where he could not play. Obviously, it is an ankle. He fought through it and played. There were some thigs that I am sure he would like to do better. I am sure there are some balls that he would like to have back. Just as a unit – it is not just Baker, it is the whole unit – we did not play very well."

On how changes to the WRs this past week impacted the game:
"I do not have any excuses. That is the National Football League. Next guy is up. They have to get up and play. (WR) Derrick Willies is a rookie himself. We just have to take what we have, keep coaching and get better."

On the Browns run defense:
"Did not play very well. On the edges, they were able to exploit it. We had no force set. That team ran the ball for a lot of yards."

On WR Jarvis Landry only having two receptions on nine targets:
"We just have to find a way. Have to find a way. Obviously, that is not good enough. I would like to see how they were covering Jarvis, but we have to find ways that he can catch it and the rest of our guys. We have to catch them. We have to give them a chance to get open."

On if Mayfield did not release the ball quick enough:
"I just need to see the tape, see if we had guys open and see what the rush looked like and felt like to him. It was not one of his better days. At the same time, I thought that there were some other things that he did well. We have to take the good and grow from that, and we have to take the bad and get it fixed."

On if the Browns' youth at WR was evident today:
"I am not going to make any excuses. We just did not play well. We did not play well. Period."

On message to Mayfield about bouncing back:
"We are going to bounce back. I am not worried about Baker that way. Baker is going to bounce back and play well next week. We are going to play well next week."

On WRs Antonio Callaway and Damion Ratley having opportunities on potential TD catches:
"Have to get better. Have to make those plays. We expect them to make those plays. They can. They had chances to make them. I did not see them totally. I will watch the tape. I know they were close, but we will see if they really truly had a chances to make those catches."

On if he was surprised by the team's performance:
"Disappointed. Disappointed. I take responsibility for it. Myself and the coaching staff, I have to. Have to play better."

On if the officials explained the missed false start call in the first half:
"Yep. Yep. Missed it. Yeah, I was told they missed it. Was very honest on my side. It sure wasn't the guy on the other side. It was definitely the guy on my side. That was [a false start].

On if the missed false start was challengeable:

On if the officials told him they missed the false start call:
"I just said that."

On if the gameplan was to primarily use three WRs before and after WR Derrick Willies' injury:
"Yeah, we were going to play three wides anyway. We thought that was the best way to attack this team." 

On how problematic are the injuries to LBs Joe Schobert and James Burgess Jr.:
"We will see. We will see how bad it is tomorrow. Obviously, (WR Rod) Streater has a neck. We will find out more about that tomorrow, as well. You mentioned Burgess. You mentioned Schobert. (OL) JC (Tretter) has an ankle. We will find out a little more about that tomorrow. Ratley obviously his hip/back area so we will find out more about that tomorrow. He was able to finish the game, which was good." 

On RB Duke Johnson Jr. being more involved in the offense today:
"I thought it was better. Duke is a good football player. I have said it all along that he is. He will continue to make plays. That part was good. Have to continue to build on it."

On if the Browns need more from the WR corps:
"We do, but nobody is going to cry about it right now. No other team cares about what our issues are. We have to fix them, and we will. We are just getting off of a game where we did not play as well. We will look at every avenue to fix whatever we think the issues are as we move forward so I am sure we will do that."

On if the Browns can succeed with the current WR corps:
"If those are the guys that we put out there, I do. If there are other guys we put out there – obviously, we just signed another player to our team. He had no idea what any play is called here so he was down today. We will get him going this week. We will find a way to put the right guys out there to gives us a chance to win."

On if the Browns can use Johnson split wide:
"I think we can. Yeah, I think we can. Obviously, as I said before, Duke has a different skillset. We can exploit some things there and give him a chance, and I am sure we will look into all of those things."

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