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Press Conference

Hue Jackson postgame press conference - Browns vs. Ravens

Opening statement:
"I think we like it dramatic. That is for sure. Three overtime games in five games I have not been through that one before. This football team will fight. They will play. We do not do anything perfectly by any stretch of the imagination, but they work hard. They are becoming something. That is what I told them. If they will continue to take the coaching, keep working hard and keep doing the things that we are asking them to do, we will have many more of these victories. I am proud of the guys because things do not always happen the way we want them to but they do not blink at all. They keep working. I can see it in their eyes. They believed, and they wanted to get it done. I told them that it was up to them. They had to decide. We are playing a division opponent, a really good Baltimore Raven football team, but I think that we are pretty good team, too, when we do what we are supposed to do. We still have work to do. We are not a finished product by any means. I am proud of the guys, proud of what they do and proud of the way that they fight. If somebody gets hurt, the next guy comes in and makes plays, like (WR Derrick) Willies did today when (WR) Rashard Higgins went down with a knee. Rashard made some huge catches early in the game, but I watched Willies walk in there and make plays towards the end. That was outstanding. That is what pro football is. We have some things to clean up. A lot of penalties today on our side. We have to continue to look at those and work through that process. We have to find a way to be a little bit more potent on offense. We went last week from 42 points and got it to 12 this week. We want to be better than that. At the same time, we did what we needed to do to win. That is what this is truly all about. Defensively, I thought that there were some good things done. I thought I saw some improvement in special teams. Still some things to keep working at. Obviously, the kick went in at the end, and that is the most important thing. He bounced back from a kick earlier. I told him, I said, 'We are going to need you later on. You are going to make a kick that is going to win it for us.' Sure enough, he did. Proud of the team. Happy for our fans. We played good here at home. We just have a lot of work to do as we keep moving forward."

On if the game-winning FG was partially blocked:
"I think somebody did get a hand on it from their side, yes."

On the Browns ability to close their third OT game with a win:
"Our guys, we have been through it. We have weathered that storm. The guys, they knew that this time we have to find a way to do it. Do not be denied. That is all that we kept talking about on the sidelines is let's finish this. Let's find a way to finish this game. We were able to do it."

On QB Baker Mayfield's pass to Willies in OT with Ravens LB Terrell Suggs closing on him:
"I will say it again, just the things that Baker has done – I gave him a game ball again today – he hung in there when things were not always perfect. He made plays, really good plays down the field. He has some things that he has to get better at, too, but man, he gave us a chance to be put into position to win the game. He is hard to get down – I think that you guys all see that – in the pocket. He is not an easy guy to put on the ground. He has a way about him. He has good pocket presence. He is able to move around and make plays, and he did that tonight."

On the challenge calling plays against a tough Baltimore's defense:
"It is tough. It is tough. We feel like we have good players, too. If we keep coaching them and keep working through the things that we need to work through, we are going to continue to get better. I think Baker will continue to get better. I think that we will continue to get better as an offense. We just have to keep playing. That is what our guys do. They do it for each other. They do it for the coaches. That is the real key to this. These guys never give up. They keep playing."

On Mayfield converting second-and-21 from Cleveland's 5-yard line and what that says about him as a player:
"He makes plays. I told him, I have not been around him a ton, but there is just something about this young man. He has a feel to him. He does not blink at situations or opportunities. Something might have went wrong the play before, and it is water off of the duck's back to him. He is on to the next play. He is ready. 'Give me the next play and let's go.' That is a good quality to have. He is doing a great job for us."

On the Ravens' tackle for loss on the Browns' double reverse:
"In my headset, I was talking to the special teams coach. When it happened, I said a word that I can't say in here, I would not say in here. We will grow from that, too. There are some things that we have to continue to grow from. My challenge is to our coaching staff, as well as our players. It is not just our players. Our coaching staff, we have to do things at a high level all of the time, too, to give our players the best chance to have success."

On DB Denzel Ward's performance:
"I challenged him this past week. Last week in Oakland, we could not get him around the corner to lay out. This guy was very talented in doing it at Ohio State. He said, 'Coach, I got you.' He went and made a [play]. That was a huge block before the half. As I keep saying about our team, we will keep working, keep listening, keep growing and keep working at this thing. Let's see where we are when it is all said and done."

On the Browns defense not allowing a TD and making stops in key moments at the end of the game and OT:
"You just said it, no touchdowns and huge stops. There was that where it looked like we were breaking a little bit one time, but boy, they just bowed up and made some plays and called on each other. It was good to see so many guys contributing out there on defense. We just have to continue to keep working at it. I thought (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) and the defensive staff did a heck of a job. Hats off to Gregg. Those guys are flying around and playing well. Sometimes, we give up some plays before we will bow up and stop you when the time comes."

On Ward's interception:
"Huge. They were on their way in. That is the bend but do not break part of us. Sometimes people are making pays, but somebody on defense rises up and makes a play and stops the other team. We have to continue to do that. We had [two] turnovers today. There are two more. That is 15. Our guys are doing well in that way. We just have to continue to keep getting them and not turning is over on offense."

On if this win gives notice to the AFC North that the Browns are ready to compete:
"As I told our team, they are going to keep seeing it as they see it. We are going to keep our head down and keep working and get ready for the next game. We have a big game next week here at home, and that is all that matters to us."

On if earning the team's first AFC North win is significant:
"Yeah, it is just winning period (laughter). Oh, no doubt. I told the guys that. We have to win within the division against what we think is one of the best teams in our division. It says something, but again, it means nothing if we do not continue to get better, keep growing and keep working at it so we have ways to go."

On if the Browns considered kicking a 57-yard FG in OT rather than going for it on fourth-and-5:
"No, we went for it. I went for it. I thought about going for it. I wanted to put the offense in position to be aggressive and make a play. We felt like we had a great play call. Obviously, there was a penalty there that we thought there was a penalty. Obviously, the officials did not think so I thought it was the right decision that I made there."

On if he sensed Joseph he would be able to overcome the missed PAT after speaking with him:
"Yes, absolutely. I went out there and met him on the field, looked him in the eye and said, 'That one is over with. It hit the upright. You are going to be in position to help us win this game.' That came true."

On the Browns not allowing officiating to impact the outcome of the game or team morale:
"I said it last week. Let's make it to where the officials are out of it. We are not going to blame anybody win, lose or draw. It is going to be about us and what we do and what we do not do. Today, we were able to come out on the right end of it. Our guys are resilient, they listen, they work hard and I am proud of that fact."

On WR Rashard Higgins' injury:
"We will get an MRI and know more about it tomorrow."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr.'s performance at the end of the game:
"Huge. Duke Johnson is a tremendous football player. We are going to have to continue to find ways to get him the ball because he makes plays. He is one of the best players on our team in my opinion, and our job is going to be to continue to find ways to make sure that this young man touches the ball."

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