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Press Conference

Hue Jackson postgame press conference - Browns vs. Steelers

Opening statement:
"Obviously, disappointed at the outcome – a tie game. I am proud of the guys fighting, coming back and giving us a chance there at the end. Obviously, the defense did some good things. Some things we have to continue to clean up, but getting six turnovers was really good. The last play, I can't wait to see it. I am talking about the blocked field goal. I felt like somebody was offside over there on the other side. Obviously, they did not call it. The ball got blocked. We have to execute better. Obviously, we have to play better on offense, especially early in the game. We ran the ball OK, quarterback (Tyrod Taylor) made some plays but we have to play better all of the way around. That is what I told our football team. It is just not where we want to be yet. It is not preseason football. It is the National Football League. It is the regular season, and we have to continue to get better. I think the guys can see that we are an improved football team, but there are some areas that we have to clean up and clean up fast, and we will. The guys fought. Disappointed for our fans. Did not want them going home without a victory. I did not want our players to go home without a victory. We were not able to get it done. Did not finish it, but obviously, a tie. A tie."

On if there is any consolation with a tie:

On if the reason he does not feel consolation was because there were chances to win:

On coming back from down 14 points to take the game into OT:
"I think the football team has grit. They are tough minded. They fought through it. No, we were not playing as well offensively early in the game. We made a commitment here at halftime, made some adjustments, guys came back and we fought hard. I thought defense, offense and special teams – all three [phases] – they did that in the second half. That is what gave us the chance to be 21-21 at the end there."

On the Browns defense's improvement with takeaways today:
"They are playing better. I said that earlier. That is what I asked this defense to do. We have to take the ball away. Obviously, we do not want to give up the yards that we gave up. At the same time, we are getting the ball. You get six turnovers, you think you have a chance that you should win the game if you turn it over one time. You are plus five [in turnover margin]. I am impressed with what they did in that way. There are some others that I am sure we are going to feel like we had opportunities, too. We just have to keep getting better."

On if the weather conditions impacted the missed FGs in OT:
"The miss at the end I think had nothing to do with the conditions. I would like to see the play because I thought someone was offside. The ball got blocked. The ball did not get up. The trajectory of the ball was kind of low. They were able to make a play. They made the play when they had to for this game to end in a tie."

On QB Tyrod Taylor running the offense and if Taylor needed to take more deep attempts in the game:
"I thought he did a good job with that. I thought he handled everything. We turned some things loose protection wise. We had some mental errors that we have to continue to clean up and get better. I thought he handled the game as well as you could expect him to in the first game – the elements, first game at home, Pittsburgh Steelers and all of that. Just as football team, we have to get better."

On Taylor's interception:
"I think with where (WR) Josh (Gordon) was and how he felt where the defender was, he was trying to put it into a situation where Josh could make a play on it. That is time on task together. We can't throw an interception in that situation."

On if OL Desmond Harrison struggled in his first start, particularly in the first half:
"I would like to see the tape. I think there were some other areas too that we have to do better at, too. It was not as well as we could play on offense, and the guys know that. We will go back, watch tape and get better."

On DB Denzel Ward and signs he can continue to be a strong player, in addition to the two INTs:
"He is going to compete. His hand was right in there on the touchdown catch to (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown. He had a chance to get that ball out, but against a really good player, the guy made that play on him. He came back and kept fighting, kept competing. I think Denzel is made out of the right stuff. He keeps going even though he gave up that touchdown. He put his head down and said, 'Come on, let's go.' He made plays there at the end so that is good to see, but we can't let them in the end zone on the one."

On if changes to the Browns OL suggest it may struggle for several weeks:
"No. No. No. We can do that better. We will."

On gives him optimism on the OL, despite 'moving parts':
"I think there is only one moving part. The rest of those guys, they are the same guys. We changed the left tackle. The guy that was playing left tackle (OL Joel Bitonio) was back playing his normal position. There are not a lot of moving parts. We are not going to make excuses. We did not play as well offensively. We did not protect as well. I give Pittsburgh credit. They had a good gameplan. We have to do better. It is just that simple."

On if he complained to the officials about the potential offside at the end of the game:
"I complained half of the game. There were some other calls that I did not like neither. It is what it is. It is a tie game so I have to watch the tape. There were quite a few times I talked to the officials about things I saw and calls that they made. The call on (DL) Myles Garrett, I do not get that."

On clarifying which penalty on Garrett he did not understand:
"They said that it was roughing the passer. That led to a touchdown. It is all of these things. We talk about the rules probably more than any team in the league. We show tape. We do all of that, but obviously, we are not understanding to the degree that we need to in order for it not to hurt us, and that is disappointing."

On if Gordon's touchdown is what he envisioned when talking about him making plays:
"Yes. Yes."

On if Gordon played more than he anticipated:
"Yes because he is healthier. He is healthier and he is threw the hamstring. There is no question about that."

On Gordon starting despite saying he would not start:
"The personnel group got him out there. The personnel group got him out there in the first play. I saw it just like you did. Not what I wanted, but we will get through that, too."

On Garrett's ability to impact the game and bringing the team back:
"Yes, he did. I have said it before, I think he is going to have a great year. He is showing that he was worthy of being the first player drafted a year ago. A healthy Myles Garrett means a ton to this organization and football team. He just has to do it week in and week out and be this player every week. If he will do that, good things will happen on defense."

On the team's penalties:
"Disappointed. Disappointed. Our team has got to get better. That is what I told them after the game. It is not good enough. You take the turnovers, and the penalties that we had and our inability to do some things early offensively, those are huge keys to a tie game. We have to do some things better."

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