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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 10/12

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On WR Derrick Willies being added to the injury report today with a shoulder:

"Just in practice came down on it a little funny. We will see where we are."

On LB Joe Schobert's improvement since last season:

"I think just understanding the defense better – how to quarterback the defense, put us in the right calls when we need to be. Obviously, he has gotten his hands on a ton of balls this year. He has made more plays that way. He just has to continue to lead and continue to get better."

On if Schobert's familiarity in the second year of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' system allows him to make more plays:

"No doubt. He has that one, responsibility, and two, obviously, Joe is a guy that has flexibility. Versatility, too, with the way that he plays because he has played in a lot of different spots for us. He has really mastered the things that Gregg has wanted him to, and I think that is what you are really seeing."

On being in the second year of the defensive system has contributed to takeaways:

"I think it has. I also think the players. (DB) Damarious Randall was not here. He is new. T-Mitch (DB Terrance Mitchell), when he was playing, he is new. (DB Denzel) Ward is new. As I said yesterday, I think that the players have had a lot to do with it. Do not get me wrong, I think our coaches, the way that we emphasize it as a team first, and then as a defense, and then the drills that Gregg puts these guys through every week, I think that all of that has made a huge difference to the start on takeaways."

On the competitiveness of Takeaway Thursday:

"Very. Very. It gets a little over the top sometimes, but I love it. If it means that we will keep getting 15 takeaways every five games, that would be awesome."

On how the team will compensate Willies is unable to play:

"We still have (WR Damion) Ratley. There is (RB) Duke (Johnson, Jr.). There are all kinds of ways, if that is the case. Let's just see where we are."

On if Willies' injury happened today:

"Yeah, today at practice."

On if he is optimistic Willies will play:

"We will see."

On if Willies finished practice:

"No, he did not finish practice."

On clarifying if he said that Ratley would start at WR:

"No, I did not. I did not say that. I said that we have Ratley and that we have Duke."

On if the Browns studied Chargers S Derwin James prior to the draft:


On what the Browns liked about James:

"He is a big time pro player. You see him making some of those same splash plays for their defense. He is athletic. He can run. He is tough. He can cover. He can blitz. He is an every-down player. I think they got a fine prospect."

On Ratley's performance in training camp and his skillset:

"His ability to play. He is another one of our young players, a young, talented player who contributed on special teams early but also who has shown us that he can go into games and play. We like him. He has a bright future. He will keep working."

On finding opportunities for RB Duke Johnson Jr. to get more touches, given continued discussion to get him the ball and Johnson expressing some frustration about it:

"We will work through it. I would rather keep those things in house. I think that Duke knows that. I understand everybody's frustration when they are not getting the ball, especially when they are used to getting the ball and making plays. I do respect that. We are going to take care of those things behind closed doors with me and everybody else. He is a huge part of what is going to be our success on offense. He has to continue to work. We have to continue to find ways to get him the ball because he is a playmaker. I think that those things will take care of themselves as we go."

On if the Browns run game can still improve more:

"There is no doubt that they can get better. We are leaving yards out there on the field. We need to continue to stress those things. We want to run the football. There is no doubt about that. We want to throw it, too. We can get better in every area of this football team, and that is my challenge to the team."

On if areas for improvement in the run game mainly relate to blocking:

"I think that it is a combination of things. Sometimes, the backs have to stick the ball in the right spot and sometimes we have to finish blocks. Communication of the scheme and what is happening and how people are trying to play our run game, we have to get that communicated. We have some things that we have to do better."

On what Chargers DL Melvin Ingram III does well:

"Everything. Everything. I think he is one of the better players in the league at his position. He can rush the passer – we all know that – as well as anybody. He can play the run. He can cover people. He intercepts balls at the goal line. He has done it all in his career. That is why he is considered one of the best."

On the fans enjoying the Color Rush uniforms:

"I do, too. We only get to wear them three times so that is disappointing. Maybe they should call the league and petition for those to become our uniforms. I love those uniforms. They are hot."

On the 'Rally Possum':

"Please put that possum out there on Sunday. If that is what it is, then let's find a whole bunch of them and stick them in the stands."

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