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Hue Jackson press conference 10/4

On WRs Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway returning to practice:

"Yeah, they were [back at practice]. I felt good that we were going to get them back. They were both out there practicing so that was good."

On if communication problems against Oakland last Sunday can be expected in a rookie QBs first start like QB Baker Mayfield's last week:

"As I said to our offensive football team, we have to help him out. We have a lot of young guys playing. Some verbiage that he has to get communicated, and guys have to hear it clearly. You are on the road, you have to hear it clearly and get lined up so that he does not have to re-line people up. From time to time, those things happen. We have to help him out that way. I thought he handled it extremely well. That can be a little nerve wrecking for a first-year quarterback, having to do all of that, play the game, be perfect and do all of those things. We just have to do a better job around him that way."

On challenges facing Baltimore's defense, particularly for a rookie QB:

"They are good. They are good. Let's make no mistake about that. They are statistically good. They are personnel-wise good. (Ravens OLB) Terrell Suggs is still Terrell Suggs. (Ravens S Eric) Weddle is still Weddle. They still have a lot of good, premiere players. This is the AFC North. We get it. We think that we have some good players, too. We are looking forward to the challenge. If we are going to be the team that we want to be, we have to go in our stadium, play against these teams and find a way to defeat them. That is what this is all about."

On what makes Weddle a special player:

"He understand the game. He plays the game as the quarterback of the defense. I think that the guy really studies football. He is a tremendous competitor. I have known him for a long time. Competed against him in San Diego, where he was extremely good there. He has played well everywhere he has been. I think that he adds a different element back there in their secondary because I think he is like a coach on the field. He can see things before they are happening. He has done a good job in that way."

On if there is an extra emphasis on limiting turnovers this week, based on last year's turnovers against the Ravens:

"That was last year. We are going to move on from those games. They get the ball and they do a great job of batting passes. They get their hands up. There has not been a game where they have not gotten their hands on a ball. We have to do a great job of protecting the ball. We have to do a great job in protection and make sure we keep their hands down because they have had some tipped balls."

On the NFL game transitioning toward more passing offenses, specifically in reference to the Browns' ranking in rush offense and what that would mean in an earlier era of the league:

"Absolutely. You said it. The running game is important. I think that we all know that. It is kind of the backbone of your team, offensively and defensively because you teach the defensive principles of tackling. The game has changed, I think we all kind of know it. The passing game has really grown. That is where a lot of the yards come from through the air. Passing efficiency has taken a huge jump in being an indicator of winning. You have to be able to throw the football in this league. You want to be able to run it because you want to be able to control the game when you need to control the game. At the same time, you have to score enough points to put yourself into a position to control the game. You have to be able to throw the football. You have to be able to throw it well and consistently. Your defense has to be able to stop the pass because everybody is going to throw it."

On passing efficiency and passing yards increasing as NFL rules change:

"I think you summed it up. Let's be honest, this is an entertainment business at the end of the day. People want to see you score points. The days of 9-10 and 14-12, people do not get excited about that. I hate to say it, our game last week was as entertaining as you get. We just want to be on the other end of it. Score a lot of points, and both teams did. The defensive coaches do not feel good about it, but the offensive coaches, you pound your chest a little bit. I just think that is what pro football has become. It is 'who can score?' What offense can score? What players can score, score the ball often and make plays while the defenses try to shut it down? That is why there is such a premium on rushers on defense and cornerbacks on defense and good safeties. You have to have them because everyone is throwing the ball at a high level."

On what more the Browns offense can do after scoring 42 points in Week 4:

"We thought that we left some plays out there. I am not going to tell you that we are going to score 40 every week. We are trying to score as many points as we can, I do know that. I made a statement the other day, and do not take it the wrong way, but this is kind of who Baker has been. He has found ways to score touchdowns and get the team into the end zone. That is a good thing. That is a good problem to have. We are trying to score it as often as we can as fast as we can and make sure that we put our players in position to do that because I think that you have to score enough points – especially in our division and especially with the teams that we are facing on our schedule – to have an opportunity to win."

On DB Jabrill Peppers' being quoted referring to 'wishy-washy' fans:

"Jabrill said that? Me knowing Jabrill, he did not mean that it in that way, I am sure. Just me knowing him, he gets a lot of attention having played at Michigan. Being out and around, I am sure that some people probably come up to him and speak to him. I do not think that he means our fans, our die-hard Cleveland Browns fans, they have been with us through everything that we have been through. I just know him well enough that he probably did not mean it in that way. He has to take responsibility for that, and I am sure that he will. I just know the young man. I am not trying to defend him, but I know that, I am sure that, he did not mean it in the way that it came across."

On if Peppers is frustrated with his recent play:

"I do not know if it is personal. As a football team, we have been in some close game. Some chances to win that did not go our way. Any time that those things happen, I think frustration starts to set in for anybody. What we have to do is keep working, keep playing. He has to continue to work and get better. Jabrill has done some really good things. We have to continue to clean up the special teams returns, our punt returns and our kickoff returns because he is the primary ball carrier and put him in a position to have success. We plan on doing that. I think that sometimes a lot of that gets overblown. We are still at the quarter of the season. There is a long way to go. There is a lot of football left to ahead."

On OL Desmond Harrison's development and if this weekend is an opportunity to step back and evaluate his progress, given his matchup with Suggs:

"It isn't going to be a step back; it is a step up (laughter). It won't be taking a step back to see it. I will be seeing it firsthand. I know he has a tall assignment ahead of him. They have good rushers. They have good, athletic long guys who know how to rush the passer. Obviously, the No. 1 guy is Terrell Suggs. One thing I like about Desmond, he is not going to blink. He is going to go out and compete, and I am sure he is going to learn something as he goes through the game about these guys he is playing against and we have to do everything we can to help him and put him in the best position. It is the way this league is. You play, and you have to play against the best. He has to be up to the challenge."

On Suggs' sustained success:

"One, he is a tremendous football player – always has been ever since he came out of Arizona State. He takes care of his body more so than people think. He has had some injuries. He has overcome them all. He works extremely hard. Contrary to what people think, this guy was one of the best practice players I have ever been around. He loved the game, and he loves to study the game. That is something I think he has always prided himself in. Obviously, he has had a tremendous career."

On DB E.J. Gaines this week following DB Terrance Mitchell's injury:

"That is why we brought him here. Obviously, he knows (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) and knows Gregg's system. Gregg felt really comfortable with him, as well. We all did when we brought him here. Obviously, has not played a lot Money Mitch was the guy there, but we feel very comfortable with him stepping in. He is a veteran player. He has played. He has made plays. He has played against a lot of these guys in the National Football League so it is a tremendous opportunity for him. I think he has been waiting for this chance to walk out there first and show what he is worth. He is going to get that opportunity."

On if the Ravens receivers have improved since last year:

"Yes. Yes. They have that guy (Ravens WR John) Brown that can run. Oh, can he run (laughter). He can really run. (Ravens WR Michael) Crabtree is really solid, very consistent and makes a lot of plays. They have some young tight ends. All of their backs can catch. They have some skill guys that can play. It is a fun challenge for us as coaches, the chess match back and forth in how we slow them down. I am sure they are feeling the same way about how they slow us down. It will be fun."

On being surprised WR Antonio Callaway did not score on his long catch, given his speed:

"Me too. I said that to him. 'Why did you not score, man?'"

On if Callaway's fatigue resulted in him not reaching the end zone on the play:

"No, I do not know if he was. He was hurt a little bit. He was making that left hand turn but just run. It was not like he was fighting a guy back behind him. Just run and score. I do not think he was shocked that he was so wide open when he caught it. He was like, 'Oh my gosh. Now some guy is chasing me.' He did a good job and that was a heck of a play by Baker, a heck of a play by offensive line and the young man making the play, but I would like to see him finish that because he is fast enough to do that."

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