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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 10/5

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On how QB Tyrod Taylor has handled recovering from injury, QB Baker Mayfield starting and Taylor's role as backup QB:

"I think that he has handled it as a pro. I am sure that he is still disappointed, but he has practiced and he has led the scout team. He has had some work a little bit with the offense. He is ready to go. It is good to have him back. He has played a lot of football for us. I think our players know the rhythm that he plays in as I mentioned before. If he had to play, I think it would be OK. Obviously, we want Baker to go play the game, finish the game and play well, but I feel good Tyrod being the backup."

On LB Christian Kirksey's status and availability for Sunday:

"He is sick. He is alright."

On if Kirksey will have an opportunity to play Sunday:

"Oh, my gosh. Yes. He has the flu. Really? Questionable, 50 percent. I have never seen that."

On if Kirksey is secluded from the team:

"We have him quarantined, trust me. I went in like a dummy. They made me wash everything. He has it."

On adjustments on special teams during practice this week:

"Oh yeah, we have done some things different. I feel better about it. We just have to go do it on gameday. We made a few adjustments here and there, and we will see if those things pay off this weekend."

On expecting DL Myles Garrett to make big plays at the end of games, including late in the fourth quarter last week:

"Absolutely. That is what your great players have to do. He gets it. They were chipping him and all kinds of stuff at that time. It was smart on their part. We were so close a couple of times of guys being there, but we just did not make the play. That is when those guys have to really rise up and make the plays. Our good players, our great players have to play great in those situations."

On Garrett having a big play in the fourth quarter last week:

"Yeah, he did. Obviously, I think that the sack-fumble that we did not get was huge. Between him and (LB Genard) Avery, that ball was out. That is over with and done. We have to do it this week if that is what it calls for."

On Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale comment saying Mayfield is this generation's version of Pro Football Hall of Fame QBs Brett Favre and John Elway:

"Tell Don, 'Thank you,' but I am not buying that. Don is a good man. I have known Don for a long time. Tell him that he is not buttering us up that way. That does not work. Baker is going to be what he is going to be. He has a lot of football ahead of him. The guy has played one game. Let's let it all take its course. You just mentioned two names that are off the charts. If he is, that will be good for everybody, true? That is the way that it works."

On the Ravens defense's points allowed in the second half:

"They are trying to finish. They are a good football team, a good defensive football team – probably the best that we will have had played all year. We are going to find out about who we are and what we are this weekend, as well."

On if the Browns have prepared for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

"Yes, he has played in every game. They have used him in a variety of different ways in every game. We anticipate that he will be out there, and we have to be ready for it."

On if Lamar Jackson has attempted a pass in a game yet:

"No, they have not had him throw it. I think that is the next situation for then to put him in. No, he has. I take that back. He has one pass, and he overthrew it. Hopefully, he will throw one to us if that happens."

On how his past coaching experience has benefited his work with the special teams units this week:

"As a matter of fact, it was fun. Just fun helping and doing those things. When I first came back to Cincinnati, I spent time with the special teams. That is what I coached. It was good to go back out there and help and see some things. Me and (special teams coordinator) Amos (Jones) talked through some things, and (special teams coaching intern) Josh (Cribbs) and (special teams assistant) Sam (Shade). Hopefully, we will be better in that area. It will not be because of me. It will be because of wat that staff has done and what the players are doing, but I am just doing everything that I can to assist and help to get it better."

On if he has seen a pattern for WR Antonio Callaway's performance starting slow and then picking up throughout the game with a big play, including preseason:

"You said it. I do not think that there is anything to it. I think that you are right, what you just said is what I have seen. Does not play as well early and starts making plays later. He has to start faster. We are talking about a young man that had not played football for a whole year. I think he is getting back into it. He understands that he needs to start faster for our football team."

On if nerves factor into Callaway's performance early in games:

"No, I do not have an explanation for it. I do not think that he does. I just think that in those situations when you have not played, when you are just getting back into the groove and you are out there playing, here it is. The anxiety probably kicks in a little bit. That is all I can think of. I do not want to make it more than what it is because I think that he can make plays. He needs to make plays for us whenever we call his number."

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