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Hue Jackson press conference - 11/16

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On the possibility for OL JC Tretter and Shon Coleman to play Sunday:

"I think we still have a chance to get these guys back. We will know more today about where we are. Once I leave here, I will get with the medical staff, but I feel confident that these guys both have a chance to be back playing."

On the improvements in the running game and it can continue to improve:

"I think we are making more big plays in the run game, getting more chunk yardage. Just the consistency of when you carry it, just want it to be a little more consistent that way. We are getting the chunks and we have gotten some big yards, but just churning out those four- and five-yard runs on a consistent basis, finishing blocks and doing those things I think is where we are headed next. Don't want to stop getting the chunk yards. Want to continue to get those, but at the same time, just the consistency in the running game is important."

On the importance of establishing the running game with the weather changing:

"Oh yeah, it is. It is getting cold. I'm still trying to thaw out now. It is AFC North time is what it is. This is when you start coming after it a little bit more that way running the ball but still have to be able to throw it as we all know. There are third down situations and scoring zones and all of those things that still happen, but this is a time when teams really start to set their jaw and start running the football."

On how WR Corey Coleman can best help QB DeShone Kizer this week:

"By making plays, creating a little bit more separation, go up and make plays on the ball when need be. You have to make some of those uncommon catches in games at times. Hopefully, Corey can provide that for us."

On if Kizer has been throwing outside of the numbers more compared to the middle of the field is due to opponents stacking the middle of the field:

"Somewhat. We have had some guys in there. We have called them and we just haven't had the connection that way. We just have to continue to work at it and keep working at it. It is not that we aren't trying to do those things. It just hasn't happened for us that way."

On if he is worried about Coleman's hamstring, given his inactivity in games and injuries in past years:

"No, I think that is behind us. I think prior to getting back, like you said, he did a lot of running and being out at practice. I think the routine that they put him through really prepared him to come back the first game and be ready to go. I think he is ready to go."

On expecting Coleman to have a full workload on Sunday:

"Yeah, I do. I really do. He has had two weeks of practice and a lot of running prior to that so I think he can."

On how the Jaguars have had success running the ball more than passing despite a perception that NFL teams can't win that way:

"I don't believe that is true. I think you can win like that. (Jaguars Head) Coach (Doug) Marrone, who is a personal friend, matter of fact he used to play when I was coaching in the World League so we go back a ways. His time in New Orleans and his time at Buffalo, he has always been a proponent of running the football. They run the ball extremely well. They have drafted a team that shows that. The runner is a good runner. They have big blockers. They have big tight ends. They are getting behind those guys and running the football. They are a 6-3 football team, and I'm sure they would credit a lot of to what they have done to running the football. That is what I see on tape. They have done a good job of it."                

On challenges facing the Jaguars defense, who have affected multiple veteran NFL QBs this season:

"It is a challenge. There is no question. They have stymied a lot of really good guys. That is a challenge for our offensive staff and our offensive football team. We have to solve it. We have to do it better than what we have done it. We have to play better than we did last week – two times better – facing this defensive football team."

On the difficulty of Kizer not having an established wide receiver:

"Doesn't matter. I'm being very honest when I say that. I'm not saying that being, I just don't think that matters. That is just the National Football League. Sometimes you just don't have it so you just have to keep playing. I think that is what he has tried to do. I think DeShone is doing a good job that way. He has to continue to do the things better than he needs to do, and as we put more players out there around him, hopefully, more plays will be made. Again, that is not a knock on the guys who have played with him thus far because I think they have done a good job in some areas and some areas they need to continue to improve in, but this game to score points, you have to have chunk plays. You just do. You see the good offenses in the National Football League – they make plays on drives that lead to touchdowns. We just have to continue to do that better."

On WR Josh Gordon and if he expects Gordon to be ready to practice on Nov. 20:

"I do. He is doing well. He is here in the building every day, on time for everything, involved and big smile on his face. He is a pleasure to be around."

On Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone as a player:

"He was our center. He was good. He was tough. We won the World Bowl that year. It was a lot of fun, and he did a good job for us."

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