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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 11/17

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On if OL Shon Coleman is out of concussion protocol:

"He still has to pass the independent neurologist. Hopefully, that will get done here soon. I think there will be a good chance he will be playing."

On if it would be beneficial to have Coleman play to keep consistency on the OL:

"Oh, absolutely. No doubt. The guys have been playing together all year. To be back there playing again that would be good for our football team."

On if it will be especially beneficial to have consistency on the OL facing the Jaguars defense:


On what it would mean to have Coleman back against the Jaguars:

"It just means we have our unit. We still have to stop what they do. Combat what they do. That is our job. You want to have all your best guys out there playing. It is still a tall challenge. We get it. It is a good football team coming in here. We are looking forward to it."

On if DB Jamar Taylor's ankle injury occurred in practice:

"Yes, towards the end. I think he is fine. I really do. You guys know normally – I think he will be fine."

On Taylor's injury occurred yesterday or today:


On if Jaguars DL Marcell Dareus has changed the Jaguars run defense, given the statistics:

"He is another good player that they have added to their arsenal. We know at one time he was one of the most dominating defensive tackles in football. He can play. I am sure he is going to help their team. He has helped their team. I am sure they are happy to have him."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr. and if he is surprised by his toughness, particularly given his size:

"No, not at all. Duke is pound for pound one of the best players I have been around. He is tough. You said it. He makes plays. Sometimes you are trying to figure out how he got out of certain things, but he finds a way. That is what good players do. I get disappointed because he does not get as much notoriety as some of the other guys that play the position because of our record, but he is playing extremely well for us."

On the backup QB:

"It is still (QB) Cody (Kessler) this week."

On if QB Kevin Hogan is healthy:

"Oh yeah, I think he is totally healthy. I have gone this direction. As I have said before, it may switch back again before the season is over."

On if he expects Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette to play Sunday:

"I do. I do. I am sure they are going to come in here ready to go with all of their good players. They are playing for something. They are a 6-3 team. They have playoff hopes on their horizon. They will come in here with all their guys ready to play."

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