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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 11/9

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On the Browns waiving DB Ibraheim Campbell with an injury designation today:

"I think the injury. He got hurt. I think it was a hamstring injury. Probably was going to be a while before we got him back so I think we felt as an organization it was best to see if we can get another pair of legs in and move on at this time."

On DB Jabrill Peppers' performance in his first six games before sustaining a toe injury:

"There were some things he did really well. There were some things he had to clean up. He did good in special teams returning the ball. He is a young, good player in our program that is learning how to play in the National Football League. I think his arrow is up. He just has to keep working at it."

On if he likes that Peppers takes responsibility for mistakes:

"You do, but again, he is that kind of kid, too. He is going to take responsibility, maybe too much responsibility for the things that go on so you like that. At the same time, I think he is learning. He is learning what it takes to play in our secondary and the position we are playing him in this league. One thing about him, he doesn't want to be that guy that is making mistakes so he will get better."

On Peppers lining up predominately at FS and if he sees him playing more SS in the future:

"We have to play with what we have, and he has been our best free safety back there thus far, but I think we see his skill set as being closer around the ball, too. I think he is versatile and can do both. I think those positions sometimes are very interchangeable, but I do understand that that guy in the middle is more of a ball hawk and a guy that is a little bit lower is the guy that goes after the ball a little bit more. He can do both, but I think how we see him is that he is versatile. If we need him to play in the post, he can. He is going to get better at that, but his tenacity, his quickness, his suddenness is probably more fit for being around the ball at strong safety."

On if he understands some of the areas of improvement and growth for Peppers at FS:

"Oh, no doubt. Not just that, it is just he is a young player. He is playing in the National Football League. First year and starting and playing on special teams and he has a lot of responsibility. We get it, but we want improvement. There is no question about that."

On WR Kenny Britt's status, who was not listed as a starter on the unofficial depth chart for the first time this season:

"He has to go make plays. I haven't seen that depth chart. Is that you, (Senior Vice President of Communications Peter (John-Baptiste)? OK, it is not me. I haven't seen that one. I would not read into that too much. He just needs to go play and continue to make contributions to the offensive football team and this football team."

On the extent of injuries to DBs Jason McCourty, Jabrill Peppers and Briean Boddy-Calhoun:

"I think I can say this fairly confidently: all three of these guys have a good chance to play. I feel good about them. They practiced. I understand what limited is, but they were out there practicing and participating. There were probably some things they didn't do everything, but they did enough that I feel like these guys are going to be ready to go come Sunday."

On if he is surprised that Boddy-Calhoun looks to be healthy this quick, given comments in London that he could miss some time:

"Yes, I am. The bye week, some guys heal a little bit faster than others. Normally when you hurt a hamstring like that, it takes a little while. Some guys, they get back. I think he is going to be fine. I have seen him out there running around making plays so he is going to be fine."

On if he talks with K Zane Gonzalez regarding missed FGs:

"No. No, that's Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) – I do talk to him so I shouldn't say that. I just think the less people that get in his head, the better. I think he knows what the expectation is. I give him that stare and that look, but he understands that he needs to get better and he needs to do better. That is what we expect from him."

On the decision not to bring in other Ks:

"I think probably two fold. There probably wasn't anybody out there that we felt really good about, and then No. 2, again, we felt comfortable that this guy can work through where the issues are if Tabes spent more time with him. That is all Coach Tabor has been doing. I know we are opening ourselves up to this yo-yoing of going up and down, and hopefully, the guy can kick consistently and stay that way for the rest of the year, but he has a job to do. If we have to move forward as we go down the road here these last eight games, then we will do that, but right now, I think we feel very good that he is making progress and that he is going to do better."

On what he needs to see from the Browns in the second half of the season:

"Fight. Fight. Play consistent football. On offense, take care of the football better. On defense, do a better job in the scoring zone. Let's get after the quarterback a little bit more. I think (DL) Myles (Garrett) is back playing. Let's showcase his talent and ability. Let's have (QB) DeShone (Kizer) play consistently over four quarters. Let's have our skill players play some dominating football. If we can do those things and really shore up the issues we have had, which were turnovers and penalties, then I would feel better about where we are headed. Obviously, the score is going to take care of itself. The ultimate in this thing is we want to win. That is what it is all about. That is why they keep score. That is what we are chasing, but there are some things that lead to winning that we need to do better."

On what sets Lions QB Matthew Stafford apart from other QBs:

"Pinpoint accurate. Tough. Does a good job of improvising. I don't think people really recognize or recognize him for the athlete that he is. He makes more plays with his legs and outside of the pocket than I think anybody would have thought. He is a really, really good football player and that is why he is paid like he is paid. He is good."

On if Stafford throws the ball as well as any QB in the NFL:

"No question. He has a top-flight arm. He can put a ball anywhere you want to put it. Everybody has different motions and all of that, but this guy can throw a football."

On Lions WR Marvin Jones' performance this season:

"Really good. He is a tremendous football player. He brings a lot to their offensive football team because of his ability to make acrobatic catches and stretch the field. There is not a route that he can't run and there is not a catch that he can't make so we have our hands full with him. Him and that young man (Lions WR Golden) Tate, those guys are really good players. We have to make sure that we slow them down."

On challenges playing Lions FS Glover Quin:

"He is tough. He is a tough player. He is smart. I think he studies football and understands the game. He is their quarterback on defense. Obviously, it starts with their front, and I think they have some good players there. Their linebackers, the young linebacker (Lions MLB Jarrad Davis) is playing well. They have good players, but I think they are manned by him – by Quin. I think he is the straw that stirs the drink for them. He gets these guys going, and they play well. He can track a ball. He can cover out and play man. He is a really good tackler. He will go out and cover your best tight end or running back so he has the ability to displace and cover guys all over the field."

On if QB Cody Kessler remains the backup QB:


On if opposing teams have been discouraged from running the ball against the Browns defense and if he expects opponents to stop attempting to run against the team:

"No, I think teams will still try, but once they find out that we are real up there, teams become one-dimensional. You are not going to spend your time just hitting your head up against that wall. I think we have done a good job that way. We just have to continue to improve, to make teams not want to run it and make them one-dimensional. We would love to be able to make teams do that."

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