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Hue Jackson press conference - 12/15

On if he has an idea if DBs Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Jamar Taylor and Darius Hillary will be able to play on Sunday:

"I don't right now today. I wish we would get some of these guys back. We will see and know a little bit more tomorrow, but all of these guys have some nicks. We just have to work through it."

On if General Manager John Dorsey saying the team needs to get a QB affects QB DeShone Kizer:

"I would hope not at all. When you are on the team and playing quarterback, I don't think you can worry about those things. Just me knowing DeShone, he would tell you he can only worry about what he can control. What he can control is playing well against Baltimore, finishing the season strong. Right now, none of those things matter. Like I said, John is doing an outstanding job in doing what he needs to do to continue to as we move further put better talent on our team. I think he will look at every area of our football team and see how we can become better, but at the same time, we are in the midst of this season. I don't think any of that talk bothers any of our players."

On evaluating Kizer's pocket awareness, given he has had bright spots but has also surrendered big plays to recent opponents:

"It is inconsistent. H needs to continue to grow that way. I think as a young player, you forget how good these guys are. They are specialists at getting the ball out. The guys you just mentioned, the three guys, they are really good at getting the ball away from the quarterback that way whether it is a tipped ball or a tackle or a hit on the hand or something. That is what these guys get paid to do. I think he is starting to see that they don't just rush passer; they are paid to also get the ball and get the ball away from the quarterback, so that is a little different."

On DL Myles Garrett appearing to only be fractions away from making big plays in games:

"That is just part of it. You go through that rut a little bit sometimes where you know you are almost there. It is just one more step. Like you said, a fraction of a second. I'm sure he feels that, but one thing I know about Myles, he is going to keep coming. Eventually, it is going to break through where he gets one of these multiple-sack games because he is due. He just has to stay after it and keep playing, and that is what type of person he is." 

On if it is difficult for Garrett to stay true to the defensive scheme as opposing QBs release the ball so quickly:

"Sometimes. As I said earlier in the week, I think you just have to find ways, different ways to get there. Maybe you start there and you get a feel for it, you jump and you knock a ball down, something. There are all kinds of ways of affecting the quarterback that are different than just going back there and rushing the passer when people are throwing the ball that fast."

On how Garrett has handled the coaching staff challenging him to make more splash plays: * *

"I think he has handled it. He doesn't blink that way. I think he has given more. There is more effort, more tenacity. He is doing it. Obviously, the numbers are not what we all want and what we all look for, but he has done what we have asked him to do. There is no question about that."

On if RB Isaiah Crowell has done anything different during the past four weeks, given his increased production:

"No, I don't think he has done anything differently. Like I said before, I think the offensive line, consistency, you lose (OL) Joe Thomas. We were just coming into. Things were going. Then you lose Joe. Then you have to find out who you are again a little bit. Then you get in that lull a little bit again. Then you hit a stride again. I think Crow has done a good job of handling this and managing it. Hopefully, we can get the ball to him more and let him be who he can be."

On if the Browns will need to make a transaction to acquire a CB, given injuries:

"We will see. We have until tomorrow before we have to do something, but we will do whatever we need to do to make sure that we are taken care of that way, supported that way and that we have enough people to go out there and play."

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