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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 7/28

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Work to do. First day in pads. We saw some things that were good and some things that we have to continue to work through. Get up and watch the video tape, and keep coaching."

On WR Corey Coleman's practice having high and low moments:

"He made some plays. I did not get to see it all myself, but I know he made some plays, one time in the team period, making some catches. I will see those other plays that you are referencing. Corey just has to work at being consistent and making plays for us, being in the right sports for the quarterback. It is Day 3 so we will keep working at it."

On Dee and Jimmy Haslam stating confidence in him and that he will have an opportunity to show the 'real Hue Jackson':

"First of all, I want to thank Dee and Jimmy for saying that. As I said all last year, I felt like I had their full support. They were always in communication with me, and I thank them for that. I am glad that they feel that way. My job is to go out and coach this football team and get them better. We have to do it better than we have ever done it since I have been here. We have some players that I think are going to make a difference, but at the same time, it is all talk right now. We have to go do it. We have to keep working. I do thank them for that."

On if OL Greg Robinson is in the concussion protocol:

"Yes, he is. That is where he is from a concussion standpoint, and we will go from there. I did not see it. I was out on the field. He just kind of took a shot when he was blocking on the side of the head. We have to protect him that way, and we will get him back."

On if OL Austin Corbett was scheduled to practice at LT today prior to Robinson's concussion:

"The plan was to play him there some. Obviously, he had to take more [reps] today with Robinson not being here."

On OL Joel Bitonio saying he would be willing to play LT if it was best for the team and how far down the line it is as an option:

"Once I really get a feel for where Greg (Robinson) is – (OL) Shon (Coleman) is doing a good job – and I get a feel for when (OL) Desmond Harrison is coming back, then as a group we have got to make a decision how to continue to move forward. I know that Joel will do anything for the football team. Hopefully, we do not have to go to that, but if we do, we do. I feel like we have some guys, we just got to get them healthy and get them out there."

On how much Bitonio would have to play LT in the preseason to be comfortable enough to start there Week 1:

"A guy needs to go play in a real game against No. 1 starters. Hopefully, by that third preseason game if we were going to do that, he would need to go out there and play and do it. We will just get a feel for where we are. That is where we are today."

On if he watched much of Corbett at LT today:

"I saw a little bit. I was mainly focused on the effort of what we were doing not so much the player. I will see him here pretty soon because I watch every bit of tape we have. I will know more about how he did when I watch the tape."

On QB Baker Mayfield and his on-field charisma and leadership:

"They all come in different shapes and different sizes and leadership ability. This guy has something to him. He is going to be fine. He is just working each and every day trying to get better. I see some things that he is doing a lot better. He is improving, but he has a lot of work to do, and he will be the first to tell you that. I think he feels good about the first three days of practice. I do, too. I think that he is growing."

On working with multiple groups during practice:

"It is fun that way a little bit. I have coached on defense before and almost every position on offense other than line. I feel comfortable being in a lot of different places and seeing things. I think for the coaches, they would say that I have been more of a help because I can see some of the things that maybe they do not see. It is different, but it is also fun."

On DB Denzel Ward not playing towards the end of practice:

"He is fine. I think he will be fine."

On WR Jarvis Landry coming out for a few plays:

"He is fine. Just got stepped on."

On if it was nice for LB Jamie Collins Sr. to return to 11-on-11 reps:

"Yes, it was. I was glad to see it. I asked him, 'Hey, how many plays did you go?' He goes, 'More than I was supposed to but it was good.' That was good. He was fired up about it. It was good. Any time you get your good players back out there competing in a situation where things are live and going is good. He is putting it behind him. We will just continue to slowly integrate him back in there."

On free agent WR Dez Bryant's tweets yesterday:

"I do not Twitter."

On if he was aware of Bryant's tweet:

"No, I am not. I hear people laughing about it, but I have not seen it."

On if Bryant's tweets could impact how he is evaluated by the Browns:

"I would have to understand the context of what it was, where it came from and those type of things before I could make a comment. If it was something that I would need to address, I will. There is no question about that. That is not something that we do. Our players understand that, but he is not on our team. I don't know why I am sitting here talking about Dez Bryant."

On if the Browns will practice in pads everyday:

"We will not have pads every day, but we will have them on tomorrow. We play in pads. We have to get used to carrying our pads, running in our pads, blocking, tackling and doing all of those things. We will have them on tomorrow for sure."

On if the Browns will have a scrimmage-format practice:

"Yes, we will have it here. Next Friday we will have it here. We will do that. We have to continue to get better that way."

On the format of the scrimmage:

"It will be like how we had it at FirstEnergy (Stadium). We will just do it out here."

On the new camera system and replay screen at the facility:

"Isn't it beautiful? That is pretty isn't it? Big TV where you can see everything. You guys get better information now (laughter). There you go."

On how much he uses the system during practice:

"It is very beneficial because now when the play is happening, the people who are getting the mental reps who are not doing it can turn back and really see what is really going on, understand the defense, where the offense might have broken down or why we executed pretty well. I think it is a really good thing to have for both offense and defense. Defensive players can see themselves as it is happening. I think it has benefited us pretty well."

On if it is similar to how the Browns use Microsoft Surfaces on gamedays:

"Yes, somewhat. That one is a lot bigger. I thought you guys would need to be able to see a little clearer so that is what that was (laughter)."

On if coaches are allowed in the QB RV:

"Anytime I want to go in, I am going in. That is my parking lot, so I am going in (laughter)."

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