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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/1

Opening statement:

"How's everybody doing today? Good. I'm good. I'm always good if we can keep practicing. I wish we could go another couple hours, but I don't know if our guys can stay out here in this heat. It was another day for us. It wasn't as sharp as I'd like for us to be, but again, that's kind of to be expected when you go after it hard on the first day. I thought there were some good things. Obviously, I think when you don't turn the ball over, that's good on offense, but on defense, we need to get more turnovers. We need to get the ball out just a little bit more. I like the energy of our football team. I like that they come back out. They're in the middle of a lot of installation offensively, defensively and special teams, but I think they've handled that well. I give a lot of credit to our veteran players because I think they understand the process and so they're trying to bring the young guys along each and every day. We're just going to keep stacking up good days, put our head down and keep grinding and keep becoming a gritty group."

On if there is a limit to the number of days a team is allowed to wear pads during camp:

"No, there's really not a limit because once the regular season starts, there is a limit. I think it's important that the guys get in 'football pad shape,' if you want to call it that because I think it's important how you wear your pads and how you play in your pads is obviously how you play the game. At some point in time, we'll back off of that, but we're going to wear them in training camp because I think that's what's needed."

On if the Browns will be in pads during both practices with the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay:

"Oh, I know we won't be in pads every day. We will not. We'll be in pads one time verses them, and then the other time, we'll be in shorts. It's going to be hot and humid and we're going to have a game on that Friday night so we've made that decision."

On if the past two practices have been shorter by design before the session:

"Yeah, it's that. Like I said earlier, I have to have a pretty good feel for our football team. I kind of know when we're at that point where it's getting a little too much and then you back off a little bit. I think that's a feel thing. I have some very good advisors with our strength staff and our sports science staff, who I trust. I feel really good about the information giving to me. We're a collaborative group, work together and make sure our team stays as healthy as we can."

On how well QB Robert Griffin III is coming along in these first four practices:

"Good. Good. There are some things that he's done really well and there are some things that he's got to continue to improve on just like every quarterback that we have out there. They're learning the system, and I wish you guys could see our installation. We're dumping it on them pretty hard and there's quite a bit going in because once we get through about Day 6 of this, all our offense is in, all of our offense, special teams and defense is in. Now, it's just about fine tuning everything. We're getting there and I think every position has that, whether it's perfect right now, it doesn't need to be. We're three days into practice so we'll get better as we go."

On WR Jordan Payton's progression, particularly considering he missed a portion of Browns offseason workouts due to NFL rules regarding schools that are still in session:

"I think he's getting better. Like you said, it's unfortunate that's the rule that he can't be here in the offseason at the time because he hadn't graduated from school so he is playing catch up, but I know he spent a lot of time with our coaches, a lot of time with the veteran players in there and they're all trying to get him up to speed. He's working at it. We'll see where he is when the time comes."

On his impressions of DB K'Waun Williams and the competition between him and DB Jamar Taylor at nickel corner:

"That's a good thing. We have a couple of capable guys there. K'Waun has played. We kind of know who he is. Jamar is new. That's just the way it is. There is competition everywhere, not just at that spot. I think all over the field in a lot of different spots there's competition. Everybody has got to rise up and be the best they can be each and every day when you come out here. Every man out here is trying to earn a job and trying to lay claim to being one of the 53 guys on this football team. I think everybody comes out here with the right mindset to try to get better."


After two days of closed practice, the Browns welcomed fans to the training facility in Berea for the third day of Training Camp.

On using primarily young players today during the siren, live tackling period:**

"Young guys. I think that's how you develop players. That is an opportunity to develop our young players on our football team. As you know, the veteran guys have done it. I had them do it yesterday. I don't think they need to do it all the time, but the young players, they need to get acclimated to what it is going to be like in the National Football League. That is how we as coaches give them the opportunity to get better – coach them through different situations and different opportunities.

On former Bengals WR Chad Johnson working as a guest coach and his impact on the Browns WRs:

"When Chad has been here – obviously, Chad hasn't been here lately. As I said, Chad came down. I think everybody thought he was going to be here the whole time. I knew he wasn't. Chad came as a guest of mine. I wanted him to see what this is going to be like. I knew at some point in time Chad needed to go do what Chad needed to do. I think his time here was very beneficial because guys were able to ask him questions about playing in the National Football League – what were the characteristics that the great players carry and what they were like. I think guys asked him those questions. It was good for me to have him around. Chad is very close to me as we all know. At the same time, I think he found out that this business is rough. There are a lot of hours that we keep, and I don't think Chad's used to that."

On if Johnson's time as a guest coach is done:

"I'm not going to say he was done. He could possibly come back from time to time, but I know he is not here right now, and he let me know that he wouldn't be here. That's not an issue."

On if yesterday was Johnson's last day with the Browns:

"It wasn't so much that yesterday was his last day. There were some things he needed to do. I told him go do what you need to do. He has some kids and he has some other things that he needs to take care of. I wanted to make sure he had an opportunity to do that."

On Friday's practice being held at night and if he has special plans for that session:

"Oh, I sure do. I can't share that yet (laughter). Honestly, I think everyone has talked about the scrimmage at Ohio State, right? That's really a mock game for our football team. Friday night will be the night that we kind of get after it here within our facilities and go practice and really have a scrimmage-type setting. Saturday is more about having a mock game, preparing for next Friday's game. We'll do all the different situations from kickoff to kickoff return, how we come out of the locker room and prepare for a game, 
the pregame, all of that. Friday night, we're going to scrimmage. We're going to put the ball down and play. It'll be like the siren is going the whole time. That is what that is truly all about."

On if Friday's practice will include live tackling and the first team versus the first team:

"Oh yeah, absolutely it'll be full tackling. One's versus whoever I decide to put up against them (laughter)."

On if WR Andrew Hawkins is viewed strictly as a slot player:

"No, I view him as a wide receiver. I think there's nothing he can't do. I just think what we're doing know because we have so guys to evaluate, I know exactly who Andrew Hawkins is and what he can do for our football team. I'm going to find out about some other guys. Right now, where I think he fits today for what we're doing is right there, but I think there is nothing that he couldn't do for our football team."

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