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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/14

Opening statement:

"It was a good, spirited practice. We got after it. Some good stuff out there today on both sides and special teams. Our team always responds. That is good. I think guys are getting better in some areas. I saw some units get better. I saw some players individually get better. That is what you look for. We just got to keep stacking good days on top of each other."

On how 'he scored' the scuffles at practice:

"A draw."

On if he was nervous seeing WR Jarvis Landry and DB Terrance Mitchell involved in one scuffle, given they are starters:

"I did not know who it was. Those things [happen]. This is football. We have been practicing. We have been going after it. It is not something that we want. It is going to happen. We are men. Things are going to happen that way. Guys know as long as we do not start swinging with our fists and we let it go, we can move on from it. It is not something that we want to do every day, but this is that point of training camp when things start happening like that. We will continue to coach them up and coach them through it. We do not want to get anybody hurt that way, but I do know those things happen."

On if he considered bringing the team together after the scuffles:

"No. No reason to. I think that this is the time of year that it happens. I think that our guys know that there is a line that we are not going to cross. They are going to grab and pull and scream and yell, but we are not going to swing on anybody. We will go from there."

On how to determine if WR Dez Bryant could be a fit for the team:

"We do all of our homework prior to. I think that you have open and very candid conversations about what your locker room is, how your team is run, how we go about doing things and see if it fits. The player has to be honest, and we have to be honest with what our expectations are. You just lay it out. I think that is the only way that you can do it at this time."

On if he has a relationship with Bryant:

"I do not personally."

On if it has to be a mutual agreement between the Browns and Bryant:

"Absolutely. It is not just a given. I think that you have to work through whatever conversations we have and feel good about it."

On if he would expect to have conversations with QB Tyrod Taylor if outside noise potentially gains momentum about playing QB Baker Mayfield during the preseason:

"We block out all noise. We do not get it. (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) does not worry about that. I hope that our football team does not. It is something that we will talk about as we go. I do not worry about it. It is not about the noise. It is about the work that we put in as a football team. Tyrod is doing outstanding. (QB) Baker (Mayfield) is doing good things. (QB) Drew Stanton is doing good things. (QB) Brogan (Roback) is doing good things. I just think that as a group, it is a really good group. I think that they are playing well. I will say it again: Tyrod is our starter, and Baker is our future. We are going to keep going. I just want our guys to keep getting better every day. That is what we talk about."

On if he needs to manage Mayfield's patience, given how he won starting QB positions in college:

"I do not feel that right now. We are into the second preseason game. He is going to play, and he is going to compete. Baker wants to play – I think we all know that – but I think Baker also understands that when his time comes, the organization and myself will make the best decision when that is, and he gets that. Right now, Tyrod is our starting quarterback."

On if he expects Mayfield will get as many snaps as he did against the New York Giants:

"I hope so. You just do not know how things are going to unfold. I hope he does."

On if he could sense that Taylor was motivated by getting traded from the Buffalo Bills:

"Honestly, we never talked about it that way. I just think he is a pro NFL quarterback who likes to compete, likes to play, wants to win, wants to be the leader and wants to lead an offensive football team, a football team and our organization. He was the right fit for us at the right time. To me, he has been everything that I think he should be when he walks in and more. The guy is a tremendous leader, tremendous worker and he is trying to do everything the right way. That is a great example for a young player to follow. I think he is a great example for Baker."

On if he believes Taylor is underappreciated throughout the NFL:

"I do. I do. I saw Tyrod back when I was coaching in Cincinnati and played against him when he was playing in Baltimore. He started a game I will never forget, he was running around – I told him this the other day – and I said one day I hope I get a chance to coach that guy, just because he was tremendous then and he is tremendous now. He is a really good football player."

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