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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/15

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"It was humid today. Good work by our guys to fight through it and push through it. The guys are working hard."

On how much the starters will play on Friday:

"I know that they are going to start. Obviously, I want to see them play longer than they played last week – a quarter or whatever that is, maybe a little longer. It all depends on how it is going. I definitely want them out there longer than eight plays. If the results are touchdowns, we will keep going. We just need to play a little bit more."

On QB Baker Mayfield's playing time:

"You never know how that is going to unfold. I want him to play again and get some good exposure to another defense. At the same time, I also want to see (QB) Drew (Stanton) play. Baker will definitely go second, and then we will kind of go from there."

On DB Jabrill Peppers:

"I think that he is comfortable in the packages that (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) plays. He has a good understanding of what is expected of him. I think that he is playing to that. I think that he is very comfortable in his second year with his teammates. He has been very vocal, which is good. Here is a young emerging player that is really starting to get it and play really good football."

On Peppers not complaining about his role last season:

"All the guys here not just him, there were some other guys that are team guys. They are here for the right reasons. They are here to come to work. If we feel that we have deficiencies in areas, we put guys there. Look at (OL) Joel Bitonio. We do what we need to do. That is what I like about our football team. They are all in, and they will do anything that the coaches ask them to do."

On potential to develop pocket presence compared to it as a natural ability:

"I am sure that you are talking about Baker and (QB) Tyrod (Taylor). They both have that. Our coaches, (quarterbacks coach) Ken Zampese and (offensive coordinator) Todd (Haley), they try to create environments for them to understand when to run, when to throw the ball away or when to take a sack. At the same time, you have to have an innate feel for that. Obviously, both of those guys have that skill. You saw it on their college tape. You saw it on Tyrod's pro tape. I think that you have to have that in the National Football League. Everything is not perfect. You have to adlib sometimes to be able to make plays outside of the pocket."

On Mayfield's pocket presence against the Giants:

"His poise back there, being able as a young guy to keep your eyes down the field, still have the play processed in front of you and still have the wherewithal to throw a strike to a guy, that is uncanny for a young guy."

On OL JC Tretter not practicing today:

"He practiced yesterday so today is his down day. Sixteen straight [regular season] games is what we are trying to get him to. Hopefully, that will hold true again this year."

On goals for the second preseason game in addition to overall improvement:

"One, having them play longer. Two, let's see what the second week brings in terms of more execution and understanding situational football. We need to be better at substitutions, getting guys in and out as far as from the sideline. It is week two of the staff being together and understanding what we are trying to accomplish. Those things are important. Obviously, the most important is evaluating the team still."

On Browns fans' support throughout training camp:

"I can never say enough about our fans. Our fans are outstanding – some of the best fans in the world. They come out and support the team. Hopefully, our team has given back to them, but nothing will change until we start winning football games. I think that we get it. We are thankful that they come out every day and support us. They kind of pushed us through today. Today was a grind day for our players. I could feel it. They were able to get through because the fans are always out there screaming and cheering for them."

On if WR Jarvis Landry's amazing catches energize the team:

"Absolutely, coaches, players, fans and everybody. He does things almost every day that make us go 'wow.' Those are the plays we are going to have to make in key moments this year as we go. He is going to be one of those guys that has to make those plays."

On how much urgency there will be against the Bills for certain positions while preparing for the third preseason game:

"There is always urgency anytime we are playing for our players because they are putting something on tape that we get to evaluate and say a guy is not playing as well as he should or we have to do a better job of coaching the players. I think there is urgency all throughout our football team. Obviously, there is competition at some spots, and that is going to sort itself out by the way we play. Guys will play. Next week is the dress rehearsal game. We will continue to evaluate in that game, as well."

On WR Damion Ratley's development, despite a dropped pass today:

"Prior to the drop, the last few days, he has been doing some really good things. That is going to happen every now and then. We do not want it to happen, but he has to work through that because those are huge plays and in the scoring zone. Our players are starting to get it. They are working through some things. Some young guys understand just how important it is to make every play that you get because it matters to everybody. That has been stressed to all those guys, and they will keep working at it."

On if the game against the Bills holds more weight than practices to solve uncertainty at certain positions:

"The game does because you are playing against a different opponent. At the same time, practice will, too, and the next game will, too. As long as we still have not decided, it might go into the fourth game. As you said, hopefully after the third game, we pretty much have an idea of how this is going to go other than a couple of spots here and there, and we will figure those out, too."

On wanting to see QB Drew Stanton play this week:

"It is important that if something were to happen, he would might need to play. He has never played for me in a game, Todd or Kenny. It is important that we put him out there with his teammates and play. He is a very valuable person in our organization and on our football team. If something were to happen, we would have to make a heck of a decision on which road we travel. I want to know more about him, and he has been great at practice. You have to put guys in game situations, and let them play."

On DB Damarious Randall leaving practice early:

"I think it is OK, I do not think it is anything serious, but we will see once I get inside."

On clarifying his comment on 'determining which road' as if he would go with Mayfield or Stanton if something were to happen with Taylor: 

"I have said from the beginning that I think experience is important. Right now, Drew still has that experience, and we will see how that all unfolds as we go. I know what you are asking. I have not made that choice just yet, but I think his veteran presence says a lot. He has played in a lot of games against a lot of teams that we are going to start off against and play against so I think that is important to definitely consider."

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