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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/25

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On WR Josh Gordon's hamstring:

"He just tweaked it. You guys know that I am not going to put him out there until I think he is totally ready to go. Hopefully, we will work through that. A little minor setback, but we will get him out there soon."

On when Gordon sustained the hamstring injury:

"About two days ago."

On if Gordon will play in the final preseason game:

"More than likely not. I do not want to stick him out there if there is a chance that we will not have him for the opener. I want to make sure that he is ready to go."

On how Gordon's hamstring injury occurred:

"Just trying to run. Getting ready for football and getting ready someplace else are two different things. He just tweaked it a little bit. It is not a major pull. We will get him back here soon."

On if the hope is for Gordon to play in the regular season opener:

"Oh yeah, no doubt."

On value Gordon receives participating in walkthroughs:

"A lot. We are running the plays, hearing the calls and breaking the huddle. He can do all of that, for sure. He will back out there sooner rather than later, that is for sure."

On if OL Kevin Zeitler will play in the final preseason game, given he returned to practice:

"I just want to see where he is. I would like to get him in a game before we play, but let's see where he is. After practice today, let's go in and see how the injury held up and all that stuff."

On projecting if DB Denzel Ward will be ready for the regular season opener:

"Oh yeah. He should be. No doubt. He should be there."

On if QB Tyrod Taylor was limited in practice due to his left, non-throwing hand:

"No. He practiced. He did everything that he needed to do today."

On if adding versatile defensive players was a priority this offseason:

"Yeah, we wanted guys that fit (defensive coordinator) Gregg's (Williams) scheme and how he sees things and how we see things as an organization. That is what we did. We have a lot of guys that do a lot of different things. There is a lot of cross-training that does go on. That is good for our players."

On if it was nice to see Ward return to practice:

"Absolutely. That is what we expected him to do. It was spasms in his back. I would suspect that he would be out there today."

On the level of preparation that is currently being put into Pittsburgh:

"Obviously, we are taking a look at them. We will make sure that when Sept. 9 comes, we will be ready to play. I do know that."

On if preparing to play the Steelers is different with offensive coordinator Todd Haley on the staff:

"Sure. Obviously, he was there for quite a while here recently so there are certain things that we will ask him. I think some of that is kind of overrated. Our team has to play their team. That is what it comes down to. I am sure that they will do things differently. We will do things differently when we play other teams that we know and that know us a little bit. That is just the way it goes."

On if he wants to see QB Baker Mayfield play more in the preseason:

"Yeah, I definitely want to see Baker play. We will see as I make the decisions closer to the end of the week where we are."

On if he has made a decision on if the starters will play in the final preseason game:

"No. Today is Saturday. We play Thursday so no. We are going to practice. We are going to keep getting better."

On if there is value seeing Mayfield play most of the game at Detroit:

"There is value in seeing Mayfield play. I do not know about most of the game. I have seen quite a bit of him. I like what I have seen. He has done a good job."

On feeling DL Myles Garrett's presence against the Bills and if that occurred again playing the Eagles:

"Yes, I did. The speed. The speed, the tenacity and the relentlessness of him rushing, you could feel it. The fun part for me was there was another guy I felt, too – (LB) Genard Avery. Genard, we have to get him back healthy. The way that guy played the other night, we need him on the field for us."

On what DB Terrance Mitchell brings to the Browns defense:

"He competes. He is a competitor. He has played in the league. He has played against some of these good receivers before. He is a heady, smart player. Obviously, to get the ball out from the back the other night was a smart football play by him. We put guys back there that know how to play. It is exciting."

On TE David Njoku and DL Larry Ogunjobi not practicing today:

"David has an ankle. Larry has a shoulder. Those guys will be fine."

On if P Britton Colquitt has moved ahead in the punting battle:

"I think he has done a good job. Obviously, we have not made a total decision yet, but I feel good about what he is doing and what he has done. We are coming down to the end here. All of that stuff is going to play itself out."

On if it is standard to carry six receivers on the active roster, given that is what the team has done in recent years:

"I think that is pretty standard, yes. Good number. Good number"

On if the Browns are still open to adding receivers to the team, given 'uncertainty' involving WRs Antonio Callaway and Gordon:

"It will never just be because of just those two. I know what you mean, but obviously, Antonio (Callaway) is out there today, and Josh is out there for a little bit. They both will be back very soon. I just think anytime we can improve our football team, we are going to look to do that. I think we have to. We owe that to our fans, to the organization to get this team to be the best it can be."

On if TE Seth DeValve's status with the team is dependent upon other players:

"I am not going to say it depends on others. Obviously, we know Seth is a good football player and he can play. We just have to get him healthy. His health has been an issue. He has had to work through it. It is tough. How it is going to unfold at the end, we are going to keep the best 53 guys that we can, and I think that is what we have to do. However that shakes out, if he is part of that great; if he is not, it means we found somebody better."

On Taylor's leadership, returning to the game and not missing practice time:

"No, I think that is awesome. I think that is the way your quarterback has got to go about it. He is a tremendous competitor, a good leader as you said, an awesome leader. I think he wants to help this organization win. That is what you want from your quarterback."

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