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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/26

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On WR Josh Gordon going through the injured players' workout with a helmet:

"Helmet and shoulder pads. Getting closer. Every day we get a little closer. He is working hard. He wants to be back out there. We want to make sure that hamstring is right before we put him out there, but I think that he is very close."

On wearing the helmet in preparation as a sign that he is getting closer to returning to practice:

"Yes, just to get a feel for wearing those things. That is how you play the game."

On if TE Seth DeValve practiced today:

"No, I am sure that he is going to run here pretty soon. See where he is and kind of go from there."

On OL Shon Coleman's knee wrapped after practice and if he was injured during practice today:

"No, I think that this has been going on for about a week and a half or so. He has still been out there practicing. Every now and then, it gets a little sore. We wrap it up with ice. Shon is going to be fine."

On Coleman competing for a roster spot:

"He is battling."

On if Coleman is 'on the bubble':

"I am not going to say anything. He has to go play. Guys got to earn the right to be here. Remember, earn your stripes. I am not going to say it. I think you guys know who the starters are. After that, we have to make some great decisions about who stays and who goes. There are going to be some tough choices."

On if some position group decisions are dependent on performance in the final preseason game:

"There will be some. As we talk here pretty soon, I am going to meet with (General Manager) John (Dorsey) here probably today or tomorrow. We will see. I am sure there are going to be some. There are going to be some tough decisions here at the end about who stays and who goes. That is part of it. That means that we are getting better as a football team."

On position groups in particular that may be dependent on the fourth preseason game:

"I would rather not say that this second."

On how much experience impacts the competitions at K and P:

"I think that is makes a difference. Obviously, Gonzo (K Zane Gonzalez) kicked a 54-yarder. That was huge. Today, he missed a couple. We will go back and watch the tape. I still think that he is in the lead. He has to solidify that, still needs to go kick well and finish that. These guys are in competition. (P) Britton (Colquitt) knows how to play. I respect that, but again, he has to go finish this thing the right way. I think that is important."

On if game performance is weighed more than practice when evaluating the specialists:

"Out here is important. We really should not miss many kicks out here. The game obviously says it all. Obviously, practice leads to the game. I would like to see them make them in practice and for sure want to see them make them in the game. Our team needs that and depends on it."

On who is the No. 2 QB behind QB Tyrod Taylor:

"I think that I already proved who that is. It is (QB) Baker (Mayfield). Baker is there. We have not played a regular season game yet so we will see how that all unfolds. I feel good about the things that Baker went in and did in the game."

On if the final preseason game will have any bearing on the No. 2 QB:

"I pretty much have my mind made up on where that is. I have not set it officially so you guys can write it (laughter). No, I do not. I like to tell my team first before I make those decisions on what we are doing. We will kind of go from there."

On if the Browns will keep three QBs regardless of the depth chart:


On if K Ross Martin has brought out the best in Gonzalez:

"I would hope so. Anytime that there is competition, you have to be at your best. There are jobs on the line here now. If you want to keep kicking for the Cleveland Browns, you have to step up and make those kicks in the key times. He (Gonzalez) did last week. That was good to see. We just need to continue to do that. We are not going to have that pressure in that way the rest of the year after this week. At the same time, guys know that we will always do anything that we can to put the best players on the team, whether it is not or whether it is later."

On if it is difficult to evaluate K when opportunities may not present themselves in games:

"That is tough sometimes. You said it. Practice is important. You like to see it in a game. We have not had that many opportunities. You kind of go on the history and what guys have done. I trust (special teams coordinator) Coach (Amos) Jones and his experience and his experience in dealing with the kickers, but I also trust what I see. Gonzo has done a good job. Martin has done a good job. Let's see how this thing unfolds."

On Colquitt holding for Gonzalez and P Justin Vogel holding for Martin:

"Colquitt has always held for Gonzo. That is just consistency. Since Martin has been here, it has been Vogel that has held for him. I would not read anything into that. That is just consistency and who those guys have been with and who they have kicked with."

On DB Terrance Mitchell:

"He has been outstanding. He is competitive. He walked in here, and obviously, he was not a starter. He earned the right to start. He went and grabbed ahold of that position because of the way he performed in training camp and he has shown that in the games. Obviously, that was a great play he made last week in the game to create a turnover for our defensive football team. I see him every day competing and getting better."

On the balance for Mitchell to take risks while not be susceptible to big plays:

"If you take a chance, you better make a play. I think he gets that. I think there is a certain flavor that we play with back there in (defensive coordinator) Gregg's (Williams) defense. We will give guys opportunities to make plays, but you also have to be smart. Football intelligence is paramount in what we do on defense. There are times to take chances and times not to take chances."

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