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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/28

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On if QB Brogan Roback will play on Thursday night:

"Yes, he will. He is going to get an opportunity to play."

On Roback during training camp:

"He has been outstanding. He is fun to be around. I think that the quarterback room really enjoys him. He works hard. He has the right attitude and makeup to be in that room. It takes a special guy to be in there. I think the guys all respect him. They respect what he brings to the room. It has been a lot of fun. It will be fun to watch him play on Thursday night."

On how much QB Baker Mayfield will play against Detroit:

"It looks like a half, for sure. It just depends on how all of that unfolds, how many plays we get or do not get. You never know what the flow of it is going to be. He is definitely going to start the game and play as long as I want to see him out there."

On DL Trevon Coley returning to practice:

"He is back. It was good to see him at practice. I am not going to put him out there this week [against Detroit]. We are going to make sure that he is ready. His injury was a little bit different. We will make sure that he is ready for Pittsburgh. I feel very encouraged that he will be ready to go."

On how prepared Mayfield is to play in a regular season game if the circumstances came to that:

"Everybody is different. Baker certainly has the characteristics that if called on to play, he could. We would just have to fashion an offense that fits him and gives him an opportunity to be successful. He has done everything that we have asked him to do thus far. Tyrod is the starter. Baker has done some great things, and he is going to play on Thursday night."

On Mayfield going in with the first team offense last week and if it was a good experience for him to know that he could go in at any time:

"Absolutely. You do not want those things to happen, but at the same time, it was good for me to see that. To watch him and say, 'You are up. It is time to go.' He did not blink. He was like, 'OK, let's go.' I know that he was disappointed in himself – that is just him – with what he did in the game. I thought that he did some really good things. I feel good about that as we head into the season."

On goals for Mayfield in the final preseason game:

"Being able to just keep growing in the system. How we call the game, situational football. Execute at a high level because I think that he can and I know he can. Continue to move our offense forward. There will be some other guys that he is playing with that we will be depending on. I just want to see him keep taking steps towards ultimately what his goal is – someday to be playing quarterback here."

On Mayfield moving into a backup role following the final preseason game and that being a new role for him:

"It will be different for him. It is my job to just keep creating an environment for him here in practice. I will always find ways to make sure that he gets extra practice as we go throughout the season. I think that is what is going to get him to where he needs to be. He is going to see a lot of different defenses that we will face. He will see things totally different. It will kind of be like starting over when we head into the season because he will see defenses that he has ever seen before. It will be kind of foreign to him. He will pick those things up quicker now because he has been through it. My job is to keep creating an environment for him to keep growing. We will do that through practice time."

On if running the scout team will expose Mayfield to DL Myles Garrett:

"He has been seeing a lot of Myles Garrett. We all have. Those things will help him. I am talking about even after practice of creating a period for him just where he gets to run our offense, not the other team's offense, but to keep doing the things that we do so that he can keep saying them and keep experiencing those different plays and different situations that we will be faced with."

On rookie QBs getting used to the speed of the game with the first team:

"It definitely speeds up obviously. The first group to the second group to the third group is different. I think he saw that first hand. Now having that experience, I know for him if that ever happened again, he will speed himself up a little bit more. There is nothing without experience. The more you see it, the more you do it, the better you are going to be. I think he will be better for that experience that he had last week."

On DB Damarious Randall's status:

"He is not here today. He went to go make sure that everything checked out. I think that he is going to be fine. He will be back here and ready to go and practicing when he gets back."

On Randall having his knee evaluated:

"Just wanted to go make sure. We gave him the opportunity to go see someone that he knew. We OK'd it and made sure that everything was OK."

On if Randall needed a knee scope:

"No, none of that stuff."

On who he is meeting with:

"He is seeing someone. I forget the guy's name. He is definitely seeing someone and he will be back here shortly."

On handling Hard Knocks during training camp and having the camera crews 'in his shorts all day':

"If they are in my shorts, then that is a problem (laughter). They have been around. They have done a good job. Obviously, I thank them for helping tell our story. Sometimes, the story gets told a little differently. They have to do their job the best that they can. Sometimes, there is always more to it than people know and understand. I think that they have put our organization in a good light. I think that people see that these guys do work hard every day, that there is a process that we go through and that everything is like at home with your family – everything is not always perfect. You have to work through those things, but you work through it together and keep pushing forward. I think that is what everybody has seen. I thank them for the time that they have been here. I do not hear our players complaining. If they do, they do not tell me. I think everybody has handled it the right way."

On wearing a microphone for practice:

"I can take it off. I got that action. I know how to take it off. I have taught some of the other coaches. I think that they get mad at me for that. That is just a part of it. There are certain things that I do not want out there that we do handle."

On if he feels there are multiple WRs competing for a final roster spot:

"I do. I think that there are some guys in a competition when you think of (WRs Damion) Ratley, (Derrick) Willies, (Da'Mari) Scott, (Jeff) Janis and (C.J.) Board. All of those guys, it is going to be an opportunity for them to showcase themselves. We have some battles on our team that we have to decide, but that is definitely one of them."

On WR Antonio Callaway playing on Thursday night after stating the starters would not play and if Callaway is considered a starter:

"I do consider him a starter, but I just think that playing receiver is different. Me having coached on offense, they have to get into a rhythm of playing and being out there other than what the first game was. It is just so important for a young player that way. I see that position maybe a little different than others."

On if OL Austin Corbett will play on Thursday night:

"He will get some snaps. He definitely will."

On if OL Kevin Zeitler will play a full half:

"No, Zeitler definitely will not play a whole half. I just want Kevin to prepare for a full game, to go out there and feel it, be in the game for a moment and then get him out. Kevin is really important to what we do. I do not want to expose him too much, but I do need to make sure that he is ready to play. Obviously, we have a big game coming up on [Sept.] 9. Some other guys will play a little bit more, and then we will kind of go from there. We have a good plan in place, and we are going to execute it."

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