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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 8/3

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On today's scrimmage:

"There was some good, some bad. Some things that we will continue to work through, especially down near the goal line. Just need to understand the situation and with the ball. I try to put them in tough situations. I know that we are running out of some tight ends, but I want our quarterbacks to make great decisions down there because they have to. Those things do happen. There was some good, some balls completed and some competing going on between the offense and defense. We just have to get back to our fundamentals and keep working. I am looking forward to watching the tape, that is for sure, just to kind of get a feel for where we are. Overall, for what I was trying to create, getting ready for next week's game, coming out and understanding the process and getting the through a scrimmage where we kind of go through different situations, I think that we accomplished that."

On QB Tyrod Taylor:

"He moved the team. He made some plays down the field with the ball. He threw the ball around. Tyrod did some good things out there.

On how encouraged he is by the connection between Taylor and WR Jarvis Landry:

"Very [encouraged]. Those guys have been spending a lot of time together all throughout OTAs, the offseason and training camp. That chemistry is important. I have seen him hit (TE) Darren Fells and hit some other guys. The ball has to get spread around in our offense in order for us to be good."

On the learning curve on OL without Zeitler and with OL Austin Corbett and OL Joel Bitonio in new positions, specific to the impact offense's goal line performance:

"I think that it is the style that the [defense] plays. Our defense is one of the best in football with the way that they play. We are not game-planning against our defense. We are just kind of running plays against them. You are going to see some of that. I get that. At the same time, if we were game-planning, there would be a lot of things that we would be doing differently."

On if Jarvis' catches every surprise him:

"No. None because he does it every day. He works at it. The guy will stay after and go to the JUGGS machine and catch anywhere from 200-300 balls. That is just how important it is to him. As you see, if the ball is anywhere around him, there is a good chance that he is going to come up with it."

On QB Baker Mayfield's performance starting strong and tapering off as the scrimmage progressed:

"No, people would feel that way because of the goal line stuff when guys are coming at him. That was my point about him still understanding that you have to throw the ball away. I am not going to say that he tapered off. What our defense does down there is tough. We are not game-planning our defense right now. He did get off to a hot start and led the team down there to score, but that is what we expect. He threw some good balls. The guy is throwing the ball extremely well, and I think that you guys see the accuracy. He had a good day."

On what a playmaker like Landry adds to a team:

"You have a guy that you know that in crunch time you can get the ball to and there is a good chance that he is going to come up with it. You have to have that guy on your football team."

On LB Jamie Collins Sr. returning and making plays:

"The more that he practices, the more that we put him into those situations, the more plays that he will make. It is good to have all of those guys back out there. To see him and Kirko (LB Christian Kirksey), (LB Mychal) Kendricks and (LB Joe) Schobert playing and even (DB Jabrill) Peppers out there playing, it was good. It was a good feel."

On if K Ross Martin is challenging K Zane Gonzalez:

"To me, he is. He is competing. The guy has made some really strong kicks. As you said, 50-plus [yard field goal] today. Yesterday, he was very consistent. He has done a nice job. We will take it all in as we evaluate. We are a long way from deciding who is on this team. Is he in the competition? Yes, he is."

On Collins instincts' to make plays:

"He is an instinctual player. I think he sees the game a lot differently than everyone else. That is his skillset. Not that he roams or anything like that, I think within what we allow him to do is he has an idea of maybe where the ball is going and he is able to make those plays."

On Landry having an exceptional catch-radius despite not being a prototypical long and tall WR:

"I think it is his instincts, and he is a tremendous hand-catcher. He can catch the ball with his hands. I do not know exactly how big his hands are, but I would think they are pretty big for some of the catches he makes. Then, I think it is hard work. I think he works extremely hard at it. It is really important to him. I think we all know in order to be a good receiver, you have to catch the ball and make all these uncommon catches, and that is what he does."

On if Taylor will play more in the preseason opener since this is his first year with the team:

"No, I will not do that with a starter. We have not made a decision about [playing time] yet, but I will give it to staff this week and we will make a decision about how they play. I just know myself, I am not going to leave out starters out there very long. It is the first pre-season game. They do need to play some football together against a different opponent. I think that is important, too. We will make that decision as we go. There are going to be some guys that will need to play some more because obviously, if we are going to take those guys out, other guys have to play."

On DL Trevon Coley leaving practice early yesterday and not participating today:

"He is going to be down for a little while. That is one of those ankle sprains that they talk about. It is unfortunate. Those things happen. We will get him back here pretty soon. He is going to be out for a little bit."

On DL Caleb Brantley leaving practice early:

"I think it is his thigh. I think he will be fine."

On if WR Rashard Higgins participated in team drills:

"Yeah, he was in there. 81? Yes, he was running around. Come on now. He was out there running around. He just did not make the plays that you have seen him make every day (laughter). I think the defense was doubling him or something."

On if he deferred the coin toss:

"Either way, I won. I was going to defer absolutely (laughter)."

On if Coley sustained a high-ankle sprain:

"One of those whatever you call those things, those super-duper sprains. It is going to take him a little time. It is. That is part of it. We will get him back, I know that."

On if DL Larry Ogunjobi can play in Coley's spot:

"Oh yeah, we have guys that can play it until we get him back."

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